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Romanian castles that every tourist must visit + the reasons why these places deserve to be on your bucket list

Definitely, every travel enthusiast has a bucket list with several vacation destinations, tourist attractions, and activities that he wants to check off one after the other throughout his life. Well, one more thing must be added, one that you may have never thought of visiting at least one Romanian castle. When we bring up the topic of Romania, Bran Castle is one of the most beautiful monuments, visited annually by an impressive number of tourists from all over the world, wanting to find out the mystery behind the vampire stories. But, in Romania, more precisely in Transylvania, not only Dracula’s Castle is worth visiting, but also the Corvin Castle, which is one of the largest in Romania.

Peles Castle, Romania - Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

Peles Castle, Romania

This article contains information about some of the most special castles in the country, including Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, Romania, which any adventurer must know if he will come here, is already here or plans to do so. If you are not sure why you should plan a trip with the aim of discovering the Vampire Castle or another one rich in history in Romania, this article will give you the answers you are searching for!

Romanian castles: why should any tourist visit such a building on this mystical land?

Everyone has heard of Romania, the mystical land of vampires, right? But, that’s not all! Romania is known worldwide for its astounding castles, rich in history, surrounded by a fairytale landscape. Of course, the best way to convince yourself of this affirmation is to plan a trip with someone as adventurous as you. However, considering the large number of castles in this part of Europe, it is essential to know where to start your journey. From the Cantacuzino Castle in Romania to the castle of Vlad Țepeș, also known as Dracula, and many other similar monuments, all the information you need for some memorable days is presented in the following rows. In addition, if you click on and download the app, you can be sure that you will have an excellent itinerary and, also, that every second of your vacation is well spent. 

Framey Social Travel App

Framey Social Travel App

Why visit Romania?

But, before finding out which are the best castles in Romania, it is essential to find out why this holiday destination is a good idea. First of all, it is one of the European countries with the most beautiful landscapes, with pleasing architecture and, also, with a fantastic culture and history. Even if many have heard of Romania because of Vlad’s Castle, which is famous for being the Dracula House, there are still many tourist attractions that will fascinate any person.

Suppose you’re interested in subjects such as the history of the peoples of Europe or, why not, if you love stories with fantastic characters, such as vampires or fairies, then you must definitely pack your bags and walk from one castle to another to find out the true story of the events. Maybe you want to start at Bran Castle in Transylvania Romania. After all, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

Top 10 most visited castles in Romania: Bran Castle and others that will take your breath away

As you probably already guessed, there is not only one historical castle in Romania but even several, each with its own beauty and mysteries to be discovered by visitors. Although there are many castles in Romania, and Transylvania, not only these will be listed below. Without any other words, read the list of castles in Romania selected especially for those who want to continuously discover new places and have a well-planned vacation and think where you would most like to go with your loved ones!

Bran Castle, Bran-Rucăr Pass

Bran Castle, known as Dracula’s Palace in Romania, is a grandiose historical and architectural monument, located in the Bran-Rucăr Pass. You’re worried that it’s hard to get here? Don’t worry! It is located only 30 km from Brașov. Additionally, this means it is the perfect opportunity for tourists to make great memories with friends and family members in one of the biggest cities of Romania.

A photo with the front view of Bran Castle, Bran-Rucăr Pass, from the official website

A photo with the front view of Bran Castle, Bran-Rucăr Pass, from the official website

What does the myth of Dracula have to do with this castle? If you are unclear about the name of this monument, then it is necessary to know that it has only tangential associations with Vlad Țepeș, voivode of Wallachia, known as Dracula. However, historians believe there is no connection and the leader would never have stepped here. Whether it is true or not, we will probably never know for sure. 

Besides, the Romanian Castle Dracula was built strategically, on a rock, so that everything around could be well observed when needed. Awesome, right? Those interested in Dracula’s Castle in Romania, more exactly in the museum, can admire huge collections of furniture, costumes, weapons, and armor, but also stunning pieces of art. In the end, if you are one of them, you can stop at the base of the hill to buy a souvenir for your loved ones at home, who were not as lucky as you to visit such an imposing castle. But, it’s never too late to organize a great trip here!

Peleș Castle, Sinaia

Built at the request of King Carol I of Romania, Peleș Castle is, for sure, one of the most appreciated historic European castles in Romania. This majestic building, which is the summer residence of the kings of Romania, is located in Sinaia, more precisely in Valea Prahova at 44 km from Brașov and 122 km from Bucharest. It would be a shame not to visit these sublime cities of the country on your getaway.

Peleș Castle, Sinaia

Peleș Castle, Sinaia

Here, tourists can visit numerous halls with unique interior decorations, such as the hall of honor, the royal library, the armory room, the music hall, and so on. All these places tell a story about the old times, which will definitely make you look at the world differently from now on. Anyway, after Bran Castle, Peleș Castle is considered to be the second biggest museum in Romania sought by tourists from all over the world. No wonder why, right? So, if you’ve decided to visit this place with a special aesthetic in the near future, then you don’t have to look back, just think about the date of going on vacation and book a nice room near the place.

Cantacuzino Castle, Bușteni – Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

Of course, the Cantacuzino Castle from Bușteni, Romania, cannot be missing from this list. Clearly, this building, built in 1911 and made from stone and brick materials, has great architectural, historical, and artistic value. 

Cantacuzino Castle - Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

Cantacuzino Castle, Bușteni

Fun thing: did you know that it is one of the settings where the famous series „Wednesday”, produced by Tim Burton, was filmed? Yes, it’s true. Therefore, if you want to see with your own eyes this edifice, used as a place for Nevermore Academy, where your favorite actors played fantastic characters, then you must come here as soon as possible! If you are already here, then you most likely recognized some locations in which Jenna Ortega plays the main role that won the hearts of millions of viewers. 

Banffy Castle, Bonțida – Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

Are you looking for some of the coolest castles in Romania, Transylvania? Then, the Banffy Castle from Bonțida is an ideal place for you. Also known as the Versailles of Transylvania, it is an architectural ensemble near Cluj-Napoca, where you can have fun all day. Although, over time, the appearance of the building has undergone numerous changes, the castle has kept its uniqueness and never ceases to amaze. Therefore, it harmoniously combines the baroque style, but also the neoclassical and romantic ones. The end result: a place that blows your mind, clearly, in a good way.

Bánffy Castle, Bonțida, Romania - Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

Bánffy Castle, Bonțida, Romania

In Transylvania,  Romanian castles pleasantly surprise all tourists every time. One of them is, obviously, Banffy Castle, the place where many people have fun annually at the Electric Castle, a famous festival in Transylvania. So, if you want to feel good during the summer, get your ticket and come dance and sing to the lyrics of the songs of famous artists! Thus, you will be able to admire the castle better, both during the day and at night.

Palace of Culture, Iași

Located in Iași, this monument was built between 1906 and 1925 on the site of the former Royal Palace. Also, regarding why you should visit this building, the following can be found: it is registered in the list of historical monuments of Romania. 

An interesting piece of information related to this building is that, initially, it served as the Administrative and Justice Palace. Later, in 1955, the purpose of the building was changed to a cultural one, which, until now, represents the place where some cultural institutions take place in Iași. 

Palace of Culture, Iași

Palace of Culture, Iași

Although it is not a castle like the other ones presented in this top, the Palace of Culture in Iași, built in neo-gothic style, is an emblematic building of Romania that must be visited by any tourist. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the headquarters of the „Moldova” National Museum Complex, which includes the Ethnographic Museum of Moldova, the Art Museum, the History Museum of Moldova, and many others! You will definitely not regret it.

Hunyad Castle, Hunedoara – Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

Hunyad Castle, also called the Castle of the Corvins or of Hunedoara, is the medieval fortress of Hunedoara and is considered one of the most spectacular castles in the world. Also, Hunyad Castle, located in Romania, is one of the most important monuments of Gothic architecture in this Balkan country.

Hunyad Castle, Hunedoara - Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

Hunyad Castle, Hunedoara

This castle of impressive dimension occupies an excellent position at the top of preferences of foreigners, but also of those of Romanian nationality, because not at every street corner do you have the opportunity to see such a marvel. Then, everyone should see Romania’s Corvin Castle, the place of the most accomplished king of medieval Hungary, Matthias Corvinus!

Sturdza Castle, Miclăușeni – Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

The Sturdza Castle at Miclăușeni, also known as the Sturdza Palace, is a historical monument that, certainly, had to be included in the list of the prettiest and most visited castles in Romania. Located at a distance of 20 km from Roman and 65 km from Iași, one of the most amazing cities in Romania, it can be visited by anyone who is curious, especially if they are looking for a complex experience. More precisely, apart from visiting Sturdza Castle, Casa Macrina, designed in 2009 as an accommodation, is a cute place where guests can relax. Also, they can also dine at the restaurant inside the building, where everything is done with really good taste.

Sturdza Castle, Miclăușeni - Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

Sturdza Castle, Miclăușeni

Nowadays, this historical complex is composed of the Church of the Holy Prince and Good Annunciation, the Miclăușeni Monastery Park, and, of course, Sturdza Castle, and is a perfect spot for a getaway. After your stay, in order not to leave empty-handed from a place as divine as this, you can purchase one of the products made there.

Jidvei Castle, Cetatea de Baltă

The Bethlen-Haller Castle, known also as Jidvei Castle, was built between 1560 and 1624 by the father of Miklos Bethlen, the chancellor of Transylvania. Located in Cetatea de Baltă commune, this ensemble of historical monuments is in excellent condition and, regardless of the season in which you make a visit, it is just as lovely. 

Bethlen-Haller Castle (Jidvei) - Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

Bethlen-Haller Castle (Jidvei)

From the point of view of appearance, it cannot fail to make a positive impression on you. Obviously, it has a special structure inspired by construction on the Loire valley and has towers located in four corners. All around, the scenery is one taken straight out of stories, which will leave you speechless.

Clay Castle, Porumbacu de Sus – Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

Did you know that vampires are not the only magical creatures in the lands of Romania, but also fairies? Yes, you read that right. The Clay Castle in Romania is a superb place, with the unique concept of the Natural Story House, which came into being on March 20, 2014. Also, it is located near Sibiu, in Porumbacu de Sus, and is known to be blessed by the fairies. 

This spot is also known as the Fairy Castle in Romania. Why? Because, according to the legend, the land was inhabited by magical creatures, called fairies.

A photo with the Clay Castle, Porumbacu de Sus, from the official website

A photo with the Clay Castle, Porumbacu de Sus, from the official website

In order to always remember this extraordinary experience, travelers can purchase different handmade souvenirs, made from natural materials, such as clay. This place will definitely conquer your heart and make you want to come back one day with your soulmate, a good friend, or an important relative who is just as fascinated by these small winged creatures as you are. 

Râșnov Citadel, Râșnov

Last, but not least, on this list is Râșnov Citadel. What is this place exactly? Well, it is a fortified complex located on the limestone hill of Râșnov, in Brașov County. 

Nowadays, those who wish to do so can also visit the museum of feudal art within the citadel, where there are various objects from that time, such as weapons, tools, and armor. More than that, the Museum also exhibits some unusual and, perhaps, strange things for some tourists, namely, a torture mask and a yoke used to transport prisoners. 

Another important point, related to the current use of this area, is the fact that several scenes from famous movies were filmed here. One of them was „Cold Mountain”, awarded with an Oscar, in which the protagonists were Nicole Kidman and Jude Law, two talented actors from Hollywood.

Râșnov Citadel Tower, Râșnov - Romanian castles that every tourist must visit

Râșnov Citadel Tower, Râșnov

The capital of Bucharest – nearby attractions

At a distance of approximately 175 km from Râșnov is the capital of Romania, Bucharest, which is worth exploring at every opportunity. If you think it’s a great idea for your route, then, besides some cozy tea houses & hot chocolate spots in Bucharest, you can also visit some emblematic buildings close by you. For example, among the most impressive castles in Bucharest, Romania, and nearby, are Mogoșoaia Palace, Știrbei Palace, and Ghika Palace. All these places have an incredible atmosphere, like no other place in the world has. 

If you spend several days here, in addition to these tourist attractions, you can visit many other popular places among tourists. Do you need some inspiration? Read the article about the most unique museums in Bucharest and 5 niche alternatives!

To conclude, in Romania, there are many extra special castles that must be visited by any travel enthusiast at least once in their life, even more so if they dream from time to time about the old times. Therefore, you should consider all the suggestions for castles in Romania in order to discover unforgettable histories and, of course, to feel, for a few moments, like in a story with princes and princesses. Or, perhaps, from a movie with vampires and other fantastic creatures. Anyway, let yourself be carried away and explore every corner of the monuments that caught your attention! 

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