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Welcome to the nightlife of Bucharest! If you need a break from the monotony of the day, this city is the perfect place to have fun and enjoy the nightlife. From vibrant clubs to bars and cafes, Bucharest is a fun haven for all tastes. So get ready to party the night away and dance till the morning with some cool recommendations for your inspiration! 

1. Nightlife in Bucharest – The annual map of events

Bucharest has a vibrant nightlife, offering a variety of options for those looking for fun and entertainment. The atmosphere of the city changes radically after dark, and restaurants and clubs prepare to welcome guests looking for a party. The city is known for its relentless partying and offers a wide range of venues for all tastes. Clubs and bars are open until dawn, so party lovers can have fun until sunrise. 

There are also a variety of restaurants and terraces that are open late into the night where people can enjoy delicious food and the overall atmosphere of the city. In terms of entertainment, the city offers a variety of options, from nightclubs, bars, and terraces, to concert halls and theaters. 

Music festivals in Bucharest

In addition, many special events take place in the city, such as music festivals, art fairs, and exhibitions. Nightclubs in Bucharest are the most popular destinations for partygoers. Most clubs are open until the morning and offer a wide range of music, from commercial, hip-hop, and R&B to techno and house. There are also many bars and pubs where people can enjoy a drink in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 

Music is an important element in nightlife in Bucharest. Most nightclubs have local and international DJs playing a variety of music. There are also many concerts and festivals that take place in the city. You can find different musical genres in Bucharest, such as jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, and many others. 

Unirii Square

Unirii Square – Bucharest nightlife

Nightlife in Bucharest differs significantly between winter and summer. During the summer, clubs and bars are open late and terraces are very popular as people can enjoy drinks and food outdoors. In winter, most clubs and bars are open indoors, but the nightlife remains just as lively.

Bucharest is also famous for its music festivals, which attract people from all over the country and from abroad. One of the most popular musical events in the city is Summer Well, which takes place every August at the Stirbey Domain near the city. This festival is known for top international bands and artists, as well as for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Another important festival is Jazz in the Park, which takes place in the Capital’s greatest parks every summer. This is one of the biggest jazz festivals in Eastern Europe and attracts internationally renowned artists as well as a lot of enthusiasts. 

1.1. George Enescu International Festival

During the fall, the city hosts the George Enescu International Festival, which takes place every two years. This festival is dedicated to classical music and attracts top artists and orchestras from all over the world. 

1.2. Night of Open Museums

Every year, the Night of Open Museums transforms Bucharest into a cultural paradise. During this night, more than 100 museums and other places of cultural interest throughout the city are open until late, and admission is free. This popular event allows visitors to explore the many cultural attractions in the city, from arts and history to science and technology. 

1.3. Women on Matasari

Another interesting event that takes place every year in Romania’s capital is Women on Matasari, a festival that celebrates female creativity and diversity. This festival takes place in the Old Center and includes art exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, discussions, and many other events. 

Bucharest at night

Bucharest at night

Another interesting event to see is the Spotlight Festival, an annual event of light, art, and technology which aims to transform the city into a theme park of art and light. During the festival, buildings and public spaces are illuminated in spectacular ways, using innovative technologies, installations, and light projections. This is an important event for the city, attracting thousands of visitors and offering a unique experience of art and light. 

The capital city of Romania has a vibrant and diverse nightlife, which attracts people from all over the world. From lively clubs and bars to top cultural and music festivals, the city offers a lot of options to have fun at night. In addition, annual events and festivals add more charm and magic to Bucharest’s nightlife. If you want to know more about this amazing Romanian city, then find answers to 10 questions about Bucharest and many more on our blog!

2. Nightlife in Bucharest, Romania – Top 10 clubs and events for exclusive taste

Bucharest is a vibrant and lively city known for its active and diverse nightlife. Clubs are an important part of the city’s entertainment scene, offering a variety of experiences and musical genres. Whether you like to dance to house, techno, or hip-hop beats, Bucharest has something for everyone. In these clubs, you will meet people from all over the world, and the party atmosphere is always one of a kind. Bucharest’s clubs are a popular destination for tourists and locals alike and have become a symbol of the city’s nightlife. So, if you are looking for a night full of fun and adventure, here are a few recommendations for you.

2.1. The Roof

This is one of the most popular nightclubs in Bucharest, known for its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. It is located on the 8th floor of an office building, offering an impressive view of the city. The music varies depending on the event, but generally, a selection of house, techno, R&B, and hip-hop can be heard. The club is equipped with a top-quality sound system and a VIP area, and the parties last until the early morning. The club is also known for hosting some of the most important events in the city, such as New Year’s Eve parties and Women’s Day. It is quite exclusive, so a stylish dress code can be expected. 



2.2. BOA Beat of Angels

This is a nightclub that offers electronic music, spectacular lights and visual effects, and a dancing experience. The place is known for its extravagant parties that attract both locals and tourists, and in the summer it also has a beautiful terrace overlooking the city. BOA also sometimes hosts special events with well-known international artists, so it’s important to check the schedule before going there. The ambiance is sophisticated, with modern and stylish decor and a high-quality sound and lighting system, making it a popular destination for electronic music lovers and party lovers around the city.


Photo: – Bucharest nightlife

2.3. Nomad Skybar

Can be described as relaxing and welcoming. Located on the roof of a high-rise building in the city center, the restaurant offers a spectacular view of the city, being one of the biggest rooftops in the city. The ambiance is modern and sophisticated, with minimalist decoration and pleasant ambient lighting. During the summer, the location is open to the outdoors and is surrounded by lush vegetation, creating an urban oasis atmosphere amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Nomad Skybar serves a variety of refreshing drinks, creatively crafted cocktails, and a selection of international cuisine. The music is varied, from jazz and lounge to electronic and commercial music, depending on the night. Overall, the atmosphere at Nomad Skybar is suitable for a quiet night out on the town or hanging out with friends in an elegant setting. 



2.4. Interbelic Cocktail Bar

This is a special place due to its concept and design. The atmosphere inside the club is reminiscent of Romania’s interwar era when culture and art were at their peak. This theme is reflected in every detail, from the elegant furniture and decor to the ambient lighting and music selection. It is an ideal place for those who appreciate quality music, with an emphasis on jazz and blues, but also other musical genres that match the theme of the venue. Fine dining and fine drinks, from sophisticated cocktails to premium wines and whiskeys, can also be enjoyed. The Interwar Club is also known for its cultural events such as reading evenings, book launches, art exhibitions, and theater performances. In addition, it also hosts private events such as wedding parties or anniversaries, offering a unique experience for such occasions.


Photo: – Bucharest nightlife

2.5. Biutiful by the Lake

This is a club located on the shore of Lake Herastrau, near Arcul de Triumf, which makes it different from other clubs in the city due to the unique atmosphere it offers. The club has a modern and sophisticated design, and the lakeside terrace is perfect for outdoor parties or enjoying a cocktail at sunset. Also, the menu at Biutiful by the Lake is created by a famous chef and offers gourmet dishes, and the drinks are prepared by experienced bartenders. In terms of music, the club has a varied program, which includes electronic music, jazz, funk, and other genres. Biutiful by the Lake is an elegant and select place, which offers a special and memorable experience for those who want to spend time in a refined and relaxing setting, with an impressive view of Lake Herastrau.

Photo by

Photo by – Bucharest nightlife

2.6. Alt Shift

This is a place known for its international cuisine and cozy atmosphere. Here, people can enjoy a variety of delicious cuisine and a selection of drinks in a simple and pleasant setting. The interior decor of the pub is simple and elegant, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that makes it a good place to hang out with friends or dine after a busy day in the city. In addition to the cozy interior, Shift Pub also has an outdoor terrace where people can enjoy drinks and food in a more natural and relaxed setting.


Photo: – Bucharest nightlife

2.7. Nuba Summer Vibes

It is located in the green area of the city. It is an ideal place for those looking to spend time outdoors while having fun in the hot season. The vibe at Nuba is relaxed and pleasant, with cheerful and energetic people enjoying the music and refreshments. The club has a large terrace with many tables and chairs, but also areas with cushions and mattresses for those who want to rest or socialize in a more intimate setting. The music at Nuba is varied, with DJs mixing current hits and classics from different musical genres. Nuba Summer Lounge is a popular destination among young people and those who want to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in a green setting. The relaxed atmosphere and varied music make Nuba an ideal place for parties, events, or simply a night out with friends.



2.8. Le Gaga

This is one of the most famous clubs in Bucharest, located in the city center, near University Square. The club attracts people of all ages, but especially young people in their 20s and 30s who are looking for a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. The music is varied, spanning genres such as house, techno, R&B, and hip-hop, and is generally pretty cool. The atmosphere at Le Gaga is sophisticated and exclusive, with elegant and modern decor, and the dress code is quite strict. On weekends the club is very busy and sometimes there can be long queues to get in, and sometimes booking is required to get a table or a seat at the bar. Le Gaga has a good selection of drinks and a decent food menu, but the prices are quite high, reflecting the exclusive atmosphere of the club.

Le Gaga

Le Gaga – Bucharest nightlife

2.9. Overnite

This is not a nightclub, but an event taking place in interesting and exquisite buildings around the city, being an excellent choice for modern young people eager to experience something new. This concept offers young revelers a fun and exclusive option for a special night out. Usually, the Overnite parties are decorated innovatively, with a dance area and usually a beautiful view, offering a relaxed and comfortable vibe for all those involved. 



2.10 Guesthouse

It is known for its intimate atmosphere and psychedelic style. Although it is mainly a restaurant, it turns into a select club during the evening with good music and a select crowd. The interior ambiance is pleasant and comfortable, with modern and minimal decoration, creating a welcoming and special atmosphere. In addition to these, the club periodically organizes themed events and parties, which add a touch of originality and creativity to the already special atmosphere. 


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In conclusion, Bucharest’s museums are a unique opportunity to explore Romania’s cultural heritage and discover the history and art of the city. Whether you’re into art, history, science, or technology, you’re sure to find a museum to interest and inspire you. With such a wide variety of museums, Bucharest is a city worth a visit for anyone who wants to learn more about Romanian culture and history.




Therefore, nightlife in Bucharest is a unique and energetic experience. Whether you prefer to dance in clubs or socialize in bars and cafes, this city has something for everyone. From live music to top DJs and a bohemian atmosphere, Bucharest is the place where you can forget all your worries and have fun. So, don’t miss the opportunity to join the party and live the nightlife in Bucharest style!


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