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Cozy winter cabins

We’re talking about Cozy winter cabins. Most people have participated in at least one organized cozy winter cabin with their loved ones, right? A lovely place, hidden in a forest in the mountains, is one of the most extraordinary destinations in the cold season. Even more so if the cabin has various facilities, such as a hot sauna, comfortable beds, and a fireplace where you can drink hot chocolate. You don’t have to worry, because this article will help you decide faster which is the most suitable lodge for you and the rest of the group. This way, you can benefit from the most wonderful experiences.

This article contains a great selection of cozy mountain cabins, chosen from hundreds of winter shelters in Europe. Here, depending on the availability of each place, travel enthusiasts can spend their winter holidays or days off with their family or friends. So, all that remains to be done is to discover what alternatives you have. And after that, decide where you must go before the shiny snow melts for good.

1. Cozy winter cabins: Which are the defining elements of a comfortable atmosphere?

Do you want to enjoy a few relaxing days, somewhere in nature, far away from the urban hustle and bustle? Then cozy mountain cabins in Europe are a perfect choice. Regardless of whether you prefer a rustic-luxury mansion or an ecological cottage. In this article, we will be recommending you some comfortable and elegant refuges in forests and near lakes. Each place deserves your attention because it has a few different elements compared to the others. Surely such a vacation will be a memorable one, which you will want to repeat next winter!

Europe is known to be an extremely mountainous continent. And basically, the level of difficulty in terms of finding a winter cozy cabin with a fireplace and other advantages preferred by tourists is quite high. So, about 20% of Europe’s continental surface is classified as mountainous. And that’s why it is essential to know the exact location of some winter cozy cabins that impress with their beauty. Click on, download the app and discover some fantastic places for adventure lovers, including some cozy snowy mountain cabins!

Framey app - Cozy winter cabins

In the mountain areas, the snow has been present for several days, which means that you can start preparing your bags for a fairytale winter vacation. But, before that, of course, you need to find out about the best options for you in this direction.

Nowadays, seasonal rentals are not a novelty. Travelers can rent various rental units, such as:

  • Hotels rooms;
  • Motels rooms;
  • Cabins;
  • Cottages;
  • Mansions.

Of course, the list can go on. However, one thing is certain: a large part of people are interested in mountain cabins, which represent closed houses. In most cases, they have only one room and can host a limited number of guests, such as two or three people.

Some people love big mansions with a cozy spa mountain view. Others opt for some small wooden houses at the edge of the forest or, why not, right in the heart of it. Anyway, in order to feel cozy in the mountain at „home”, the building must have some important parts. And these parts are important because they can generate an extraordinary sense of well-being during your stay.

hot drink - Cozy winter cabins

Here are some of the features that you can look for when choosing a cabin to charge your batteries:

  • Products made from comfortable and robust textiles, such as woolen knitwear and flannel (for example, woolen blankets);
  • Candles with an excellent smell;
  • Wood stove for the wow factor, to read a good book or to drink something delicious by the fire;
  • Rugs with different designs, materials, and colors (for example a fur rug);
  • Lights for a magical ambiance.

Categorically, the architecture of the cabin and the decorations selected by the owners play a major role in creating a cabin with a cozy vibe. If at least a part of the previously listed exists in such a small building, then most likely the travelers will never want to go home again. What place can be more perfect than a cozy white mountain cabin? Or another color, to spend quality time with your soulmate, with some important friends or family members?

2. 10 unique cozy mountain cabins in Europe that every tourist must visit at least once + other mountain locations with dreamy views less known

In recent years, cozy mountain houses have become some of the most popular guests stays. More than that, the number of interested people is growing significantly as the air cools. Guests long for cozy mountain houses to celebrate the holidays. Some are looking for budget-friendly cabins, while others are looking for luxurious getaways. To help you choose where to book a stay, we have a top 10 of the best cozy mountain cabins. After you finish reading the article, it will definitely tempt you to find out more details about at least one of the noted cozy mountain cottages, cabins, and others houses.

10 of the most beautiful mountain cabins in Europe: impressive constructions, countless facilities, and breathtaking landscapes

2.1. Resort Baumgefluester, Germany

Due to Germany’s impressive number of hectares of forest, it is a worthy destination for a nature escape. A collection of very cute treehouses called Resort Baumgefluster are ideal in this context. What you need to know: they are located in a forest in Ammerland and are equipped with everything a man needs to feel awesome. The interiors are neat, tastefully decorated, and raised on pillars. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the low temperatures, because they are equipped with underfloor heating. Winter is perhaps the best time to come here and explore the surroundings.

2.2. Steinbergdalshytta, Norway – Cozy winter cabin

Steinbergdalshytta is a cozy rustic mountain cabin traditional Norwegian building, built in 1895. Nowadays, it is a warm refuge that annually hosts a huge number of tourists. There are a lot of beds in the main building and also an annex, barn, and two smaller, but cute cabins. This location in the mountains it’s characterized by the spectacular adventures and experiences here, such as fishing, hiking, and running. So, if you live in the city, now is your chance to get a breath of fresh air and do some outdoor exercise.

2.3. Ufogel, Austria

At the top of the most special cozy mountain cabins, it was impossible not to find Ufogel, located in Austria. The construction is an architectural masterpiece, due to the surreal structure in the shape of a flying bird. Moreover, it is built almost entirely from wood.

Ufogel, Austria - Cozy winter cabins

A picture from the website

Not only is it an impressive piece of architecture near a forest, but it is also a cabin furnished down to the smallest detail, with luxury facilities, even with heated floors. This location is ideal for those who want to admire the panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and connect with nature.

2.4. Transylvania Log Cabins, Romania

One of the nicest cabins in Europe is located in Transylvania, an area in Romania known all over the world for its legends. Transylvania is absolutely charming and home to many trendy little cabins, such as Transylvania Log Cabins, located near the village of Pesteana. Due to the fact that there are three cabins in number, all located in the forest, one being right on a hill at the top of a tree, tourists can be lucky and get a free place to book.

If you decide to come here, then you will be able to sit on the balcony and admire the spectacular view. In addition, you will finally be able to listen to the true story related to vampires. Are you curious? Then you need to go to this mythical place!

2.5. Chalet del Capriolo, Italy – Cozy winter cabin

Chalet del Capriolo is a gorgeous place in Italy that offers accommodation, a bar, a garden, and a terrace. Each unit here is furnished with everything a person needs. A comfortable sofa to cuddle on, a relaxation area, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels to watch your favorite shows, a well-equipped kitchen, and much more. 

Chalet del Capriolo, Italy

A picture from the official Facebook page Chalet del Capriolo

Of course, let’s not forget the incredible view right next to the houses. 

2.6. Bieszczadzkie Dworki, Poland – Cozy winter cabin

Who doesn’t love cozy cabins? In Poland, the Bieszczadzkie Dworki cabins are perfect for a getaway. The best part is that it overlooks a forest and, if you rent one, you will have access to a garden or a shared lounge area. It’s worth giving a chance because you won’t regret it!

2.7. Les chalets de Pre Clos en Vercors, France

In France, there are many cute houses, but also huge buildings that can be rented. Les chalets de Pre Clos en Vercors is a very nice place, which those who love long walks can opt for, but also those who want to disconnect for a few days from the problems of everyday life.

Les chalets de Pre Clos en Vercors, France

A picture from the official Facebook page Les chalets de Pre Clos en Vercors

It is amazing that some architectures, such as this one, seem to blend perfectly with nature, which you will be able to observe yourself soon if you come here.

2.8. Chalet Victoria, Switzerland

This cute cabin can serve as a great hideout, considering that it is placed between the mountains. Tourists will be impressed by the appearance of the construction, with a terrace that gives you a spectacular view of the mountains, but also the impressive decor, carefully chosen.

2.9. Chalet Romantic, Slovenia – Cozy winter cabin

Chalet Romantic, located in Slovenia, is ideal for spending quality time with your life partner. If you have hobbies such as hiking, skiing or cycling, then you don’t have to think about them too much, because it really is the perfect place for both of you. Although it has only 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a dining area, a kitchen, and a lovely balcony, it is enough for a couple in love to feel good and make some beautiful memories.

2.10. Chalet Suomukka, Finland

One of the most gorgeous cabins in Finland is Chalet Suomukka. It is located in the middle of nature and ski lovers will be happy to hear that it is close to a ski resort. It is very spacious and beautifully decorated so that any traveler feels welcome during the stay. Considering how beautiful it is here, you’ll want to stay for more than a night for sure. 

A picture from the official Facebook page Chalet Suomukka

Now that you’ve finished reading this article, you’ve most likely set your sights on a cozy mountain mansion or a small cabin, isn’t that right? But, before you make a reservation, here are some more cozy mountain lodges where you can listen to your favorite music and relax with your loved ones:

  • Chalet „In dai Guriuz”, Italy;
  • Chalet Seeklause, Austria;
  • Daos Forest, Romania.

You can spend your winter holidays or days off in many great places. That’s why it’s worth discovering Europe in Winter, more specifically, other places on the continent that impress tourists from all over the world.

To conclude, if you want to spend a few magical days in the mountains, at a comfortable cabin, then you must consider the options mentioned in this article. Obviously, in order to have a cozy atmosphere, at least some of the mentioned elements must be present. So, live to the fullest with your loved ones and admire some of the most fantastic landscapes in Europe!

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