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Greek cuisine, deeply rooted in ancient traditions and influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures, is a captivating surprise for culinary enthusiasts seeking new adventures. Boasting a rich culinary heritage spanning thousands of years, Greek cuisine stands as one of the world’s oldest and most intriguing culinary traditions. Join Framey on a culinary expedition through Greece as we delve into 25 traditional Greek dishes that capture the essence of this remarkable cuisine.

The proximity of Greece’s extensive coastline, stretching over 13,000 kilometers, is a defining characteristic of its cuisine. It blesses Greece with an abundant supply of fresh vegetables, fish, and seafood, forming the foundation of many traditional dishes. The influence of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas infuses Greek cuisine with vibrant and savory flavors that are simply unparalleled.

From street food delicacies to cherished Taverna favorites, each dish we explore tells a story of Greece’s cultural heritage and culinary expertise. Prepare to be captivated by the flavors, aromas, and gastronomic wonders that rival those of its esteemed Mediterranean counterparts!

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Most popular Greek appetizers, dips, and starters – 25 Traditional Greek Dishes

Greek starters, also known as mezes, offer a diverse range of small plates packed with vibrant flavors. From classic dips like tzatziki and hummus to mouthwatering grilled octopus and crispy fried calamari, these appetizers showcase the rich Mediterranean ingredients and culinary traditions of Greece. Whether enjoyed as a prelude to a meal or as a shared experience among friends, Greek starters are the perfect introduction to the world of Greek cuisine:

1. Melitzanosalata – Greek eggplant dip

Discover the irresistible charm of Melitzanosalata: a traditional Greek eggplant dip bursting with flavor. Indulge in the delightful combination of roasted eggplant, garlic, parsley, red onions, and zesty lemon juice, all infused with the richness of extra virgin olive oil. This simple and rustic dip is the ideal starter, pairing perfectly with pita bread or your preferred loaf. Enhance your culinary experience by serving it alongside grilled meats or delectable seafood delicacies.

2. Taramasalata – Greek fish roe dip

Taramosalata, a delightful Greek dip, features taramas (salted and cured fish roe), olive oil, lemon juice, and a base of bread and potatoes. Its smoky fish flavor adds a savory touch to mezze platters (Mediterranean party platters). Combine it with olive oil, lemon, breadcrumbs, and milk to create a delicious result. Don’t hesitate to give it a try, it tastes better than it sounds! For additional flavor, onions and garlic can be included. Pair it with bread for a tasty appetizer.

3. Saganaki – Fried cheese – 25 Traditional Greek Dishes

Capture the interest of cheese enthusiasts with the irresistible charm of Saganaki. This beloved traditional Greek appetizer is prepared in a two-handled small frying pan and takes less than 10 minutes to make. With just two simple ingredients—flour and cheese—Saganaki delights the taste buds. While Saganaki can refer to various appetizers like Shrimp Saganaki and Mussels Saganaki, it is the Cheese Saganaki that holds the highest acclaim among them all.

4. Kolokythokeftedes – Zucchini and Feta balls

Make sure to include this vegetable starter in your list of favorite dishes. It is a highly sought-after Cretan meze, commonly found in Greek restaurants. Prepare to be captivated by its delightful texture, combining the flavors of salty and tasty feta cheese with a hint of refreshing mint. The authentic kolokythokeftedes must possess a crispy exterior while maintaining a creamy interior, providing a truly satisfying culinary experience.

5. Tyropita – Greek cheese pie

Commonly referred to as ‘Greek cheese pie’, enjoys widespread popularity across Greece and is savored as both a starter and a mid-day snack. This delectable treat comes in various shapes and sizes, but when it is rolled into individual triangular servings, it is known as Tyropita. The star ingredient of this recipe is a variety of cheeses, with feta cheese taking the lead. The preparation of this mouthwatering dish involves the use of melted butter and olive oil, adding an extra layer of richness and flavor.

6. Fasolada – Traditional Greek Bean Soup – 25 Traditional Greek Dishes

Experience the timeless delight of Fasolada, a cherished white bean soup that graces every Greek household and holds the esteemed title of Greece’s national dish. This culinary masterpiece is effortlessly prepared using white beans, an array of vegetables, and the richness of extra virgin olive oil. Embracing a protein-rich diet, Greeks favor legumes and beans over excessive meat consumption. Fasolada, a cornerstone of the wholesome Mediterranean diet, embodies health and nourishment. By preparing this hearty meal at the start of your work week, you secure a satisfying and flavorsome option to fuel your days.

7. Tirokafteri – Spicy Greek Feta Dip

If you’re seeking to elevate the flavor of your Greek dips, look no further than Tirokafteri. This delectable feta dip adds a delightful kick to your palate. Prepared by blending a generous amount of feta cheese, roasted red peppers, garlic, and crushed chili flakes, it strikes the perfect balance of spice. Naturally, this recipe features the inclusion of extra virgin olive oil, further enhancing its richness. 

Other delicious Greek appetizers, dips, and starters: Courgette balls, Baked Zucchini with Potatoes, Tzatziki (Origin: Ottoman Empire), Greek Fava (Yellow Split Pea Dip).

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Best Greek Main Courses and Side Dishes – 25 Traditional Greek Dishes

8. Moussaka – Greek beef and eggplant lasagna

Experience the legendary allure of moussaka, the national dish of Greece, known for its creamy and juicy goodness. Found in almost every taverna across Greece, this culinary masterpiece is often prepared by Greek homemakers during big family gatherings. Delight in the combination of flavors as tomato sauce infuses the minced beef, creating layers of savory bliss with sweet eggplants and a velvety béchamel sauce. With its satisfying nature, moussaka stands as a fulfilling main course, requiring minimal accompaniments to complete the meal.

9. Kebabs – Spicy minced meat 

Experience the ubiquitous presence of kebabs throughout Greece, favored as go-to dishes and beloved street foods. These delightful skewers showcase a tantalizing blend of grilled steak, chicken, lamb, mushrooms, peppers, and onions. Indulge in this light and lean option, embodying the essence of Greek cuisine.

10. Pastitsio – Greek lasagna with Béchamel

Indulge in the epitome of Greek comfort cuisine with pastitsio, a heavenly baked pasta dish that will satisfy your cravings. Similar to lasagna, this delectable creation features layers of pasta intertwined with delectable minced beef, tomato sauce, and a luscious bechamel sauce, resulting in a creamy and comforting texture. What sets it apart is the exquisite blend of aromatic herbs, spices, and the use of hollow bucatini pasta, elevating it beyond regular pasta dishes. Complete your culinary journey by savoring it alongside a glass of fine red wine, and prepare yourself for a truly delightful and flavorful meal.

11. Stifado – Traditional beef stew with shallots – 25 Traditional Greek Dishes

Savor the exquisite taste of Stifado, a delectable Greek stew renowned for its flavorful ingredients. This mouthwatering dish features tender meat (beef or lamb) cooked with tomato sauce, pearl onions, white wine, garlic, cinnamon, and oregano. Prepared as a casserole and baked to perfection, Stifado offers a delightful blend of savory and aromatic notes. In Greece, it is commonly served with pasta, creating a delightful combination that will leave you craving more.

12. Paidakia – mouthwatering lamb chops

When it comes to dining out in Greece, lamb takes center stage, and the highlight for grilling enthusiasts is undoubtedly Paidakia, mouthwatering lamb chops. These succulent chops are expertly seasoned and marinated in extra virgin olive oil, resulting in a tantalizing taste experience. To enhance the flavor further, a perfect accompaniment is the vibrant freshness of fresh mint, adding a delightful garnish to the lamb. 

13. Tomatokeftedes – tomato fritters

Also known as tomato fritters, Tomatokeftedes are a must-try vegetarian delicacy in Santorini and Syros. These delectable morsels can be enjoyed as both meze and a satisfying main course. The key to their mouthwatering flavor lies in the careful draining of the tomatoes, ensuring the perfect texture. With their distinctive rough edges and delightful bursts of flavor from mint, tomato, and onion, these fritters are a true culinary delight. 

14. Gemista – Greek stuffed vegetables – 25 Traditional Greek Dishes

Experience the explosion of succulent flavors in Yemista, a tantalizing dish featuring baked tomatoes brimming with a delightful blend of minced meat, aromatic spices, and fragrant herbs. Expand your culinary horizons by incorporating other vegetables into this dish, such as stuffed peppers and zucchini.

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15. Skordostoumbi – Zakynthos Garlicky Eggplant

Experience the distinct culinary heritage of Zakynthos with the flavorful Skordostoumbi recipe. While traditionally made with meat in other parts of Greece, the Zakynthian variation stands out with its focus on eggplant. Prepare this dish by combining one hundred cloves of garlic and eggplants, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. Enhance the taste by adding vinegar and tomatoes to create a refreshing tomato sauce. Baked to perfection, Skordostoumbi offers a savory sauce that pairs wonderfully with bread and feta cheese.

16. Choriatiki – Traditional Greek Salad 



Embrace the Greek culinary tradition with the irresistible Greek salad that accompanies nearly every meal. Known as Choriatiki, this iconic dish consists of a delightful medley of tomatoes, olives, cucumber, and a generous portion of feta cheese, all served in their natural, undressed state. At the diner’s discretion, dressing options are provided, including vinegar, salt, pepper, and olive oil, which can be added to enhance the flavors. While traditionally enjoyed as a starter, Greek salad also shines as a delightful side dish, perfectly complementing a wide range of main courses. 

17. Psari Plaki – Greek Baked Fish with Onions & Tomatoes

Elevate your fish dinner with a delightful Greek touch by savoring the exquisite Psari Plaki dish! This easy-to-make baked Greek fish recipe features a harmonious blend of flavors, as tomatoes and onions are expertly seasoned with aromatic oregano and cumin. Whether you’re seeking a quick weeknight meal or a delightful culinary adventure, Psari Plaki is the perfect choice. To fully enjoy the luscious tomato sauce, consider serving this baked fish alongside rustic bread or over a bed of rice or your preferred grain.

Incredible Greek Street Food Dishes – 25 Traditional Greek Dishes

18. Gyros – Roasted meat served in a pita

Discover the origins of the world-famous Greek delicacy, Gyros, which has gained global recognition. As the most sought-after fast food in Greece, it captures the hearts and appetites of both locals and visitors alike. Prepare to succumb to its irresistible allure when exploring the country. This ubiquitous street food features thinly sliced meat infused with a myriad of spices, expertly wrapped in a warm pita (reminiscent of a Greek tortilla). Accompanied by delectable sides of crispy fries, refreshing salads, and topped with the signature tzatziki sauce, Gyros offers a complete and satisfying culinary experience.

19. Souvlaki – Marinated and skewered chicken

Explore the culinary wonders of Souvlaki, the second most beloved fast food in Greece. This delightful dish consists of succulent pieces of meat, expertly cooked on a skillet alongside flavorful vegetables, with a particular emphasis on onions. Served in pitta bread or as a satisfying sandwich, Souvlaki promises a gratifying meal. Just like its counterpart, Gyros, Souvlaki embraces the tradition of complementing the dish with fresh salads and delectable sauces, enhancing the overall dining experience. Immerse yourself in the world of Souvlaki and discover why it has captured the hearts of many.

20. Spanakopita – Greek savory spinach pie – 25 Traditional Greek Dishes

Discover the delights of Spanikopita, the beloved Greek spinach pie that exudes tradition and exquisite flavor. This timeless recipe offers remarkable versatility, making it a suitable choice for any time of the day. Whether enjoyed as a delectable dinner option, a satisfying snack, or a tantalizing starter, Spanikopita is sure to gratify your taste buds. The combination of feta cheese, butter, and olive oil creates a harmonious blend, baked to golden, crispy perfection. Immerse yourself in the culinary excellence of Spanikopita and savor each bite of this delectable treat.

Other popular Greek street foods to try: Loukoumades (deep-fried dough balls), Koulouri Thessalonikis (Greek Sesame Bread rings).

Delicious Greek Desserts – 25 Traditional Greek Dishes

21. Kataifi – Greek almond and walnut pastry in syrup

A tantalizing Greek dessert that features a unique pastry dough known as kataifi. This delectable treat is created by rolling a filling of nuts, sugar, and aromatic spices into the buttered dough, which is then baked to perfection. The final touch is a generous drizzle of sugar syrup, adding a sweet and luscious element to the already delightful combination of flavors. With its irresistible blend of sweetness, buttery texture, and crispy pastry, Kataifi is a dessert that is sure to captivate your taste buds. Experience the magic of Greek cuisine with this mouthwatering treat.

22. Amygdalota – The gluten-free almond cookie

Discover the delight of Amygdalota: a gluten-free almond cookie, beloved in Greece and perfectly paired with a cup of warm Greek coffee. Whether it’s a family or friends gathering, Amygdalota embodies warmth and joyful connections. While varying across regions, almonds remain the star ingredient in this traditional Greek treat.

23. Bougatsa – A delicacy of phyllo pastry and semolina custard

Indulge in the delightful Bougatsa, a traditional Greek delicacy of phyllo pastry and semolina custard. This popular sweet pie charms with its irresistible flavors and textures. Enjoy Bougatsa as a scrumptious breakfast or late-night snack. Savor the creamy filling and crispy pastry layers of this authentic Greek dessert.

24. Galaktoboureko – A crispy perfection – 25 Traditional Greek Dishes

Another irresistible delight is Galaktoboureko, a Greek dessert renowned for its crispy perfection. Each bite of this age-old delicacy will immerse your taste buds in a symphony of flavors. This exquisite dessert features layers of crispy phyllo delicately brushed with melted butter. To elevate its taste to new heights, Greeks employ the most velvety custard and fragrant syrup. Immerse yourself in the delectable experience of Galaktoboureko and savor the culinary masterpiece it embodies.

25. Feta me Meli – Phyllo-Wrapped Baked Feta with Honey

This Greek culinary delight can be savored as both a dessert and an entrée. It features feta cheese delicately wrapped in layers of flaky filo pastry, then baked to perfection. To enhance its taste, a generous drizzle of honey is artfully added. The harmonious interplay between the savory feta and the luscious sweetness of the honey creates a truly mesmerizing taste experience. Immerse yourself in the allure of this Greek delicacy and discover the perfect balance of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

Other delicious Greek desserts: Galaktoboureko (semolina custard baked in filo), Loukoumades (the Greek version of donuts), Pasteli (honey and sesame seeds), Yiaourti Me Meli (Greek yogurt with honey), Revani (Coconut cake with syrup – Origin: Ottoman Empire).

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Immerse yourself in this captivating culinary journey, where ancient traditions meet vibrant ingredients, and the result is an extraordinary tapestry of taste. The best of traditional Greek dishes await, ready to tantalize your palate and leave you yearning for more. Let Greece’s rich culinary heritage transport you to a world of unparalleled gastronomic delights. Get ready to savor the very best that Greece has to offer, and let the flavors of this remarkable cuisine linger on your taste buds long after your journey ends!

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