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This article includes some excellent locations where you can spend Valentine’s Day in Romania & Europe with your partner. Therefore, if you have seriously thought about the idea of doing something extra special on this romantic day in February, then you must know exactly what options you have in order to impress your better half. Don’t waste your time and discover some amazing places where you can go on Valentine’s Day, because it’s not long until then and time goes by faster than you think!

Every year, people all over the world celebrate their love in different ways on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s about friendships or love connections. Anyway, February 14 is a special occasion you must not forget, even more so if you are deeply in love with the woman or the man of your dreams. After all, everyone needs to make an effort on this day, regardless of whether they are recently in a relationship or have been married for years. 

Valentine’s Day in Romania: 5 beautiful places where lovers should go in this Balkan country

Valentine’s Day in Romania

Valentine’s Day in Romania

Everyone knows that, on Valentine’s Day, love is celebrated in almost all corners of the world. After all, you want to make a good impression, right? To start a new relationship properly or to strengthen the one you have had for a long time, you need to take advantage of every special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, and organizing a getaway is a beautiful way in which you can show your love, respect, and appreciation to someone dear to you!

So, to spend quality time with your partner and to get even closer, it is necessary to know which are the most suitable places where you can travel on February 14 and, of course, what you can do there. 

You don’t have to worry too much about this aspect because in the following rows are presented some very good ideas of places where you can live your love story for a few days. Click on, download the app, and make some wonderful memories in some of the most romantic places you’ve ever been!

1. Where to go for Valentine’s Day in Romania: 5 places which you should take into account

1.1. Sibiu

If you’re wondering where to spend Valentine’s Day this year in Romania, then you must consider Sibiu, a delightful city in the country. Not only is it a city with spectacular architecture, but has chic restaurants, cool clubs, and many other places where you can waste hours without getting bored.

View from the Bride of Lies, Sibiu

View from the Bridge of Lies, Sibiu

1.1.1. Sibiu – The Bridge of Lies

The city has many symbols that make it known worldwide. The Bridge of Lies, also known as the Lying Bridge, is one such symbol. Built-in 1859 from metal, it is a pedestrian walkway connecting two essential parts of the city, the Small Square and the Huet Square. A romantic walk through all the points of interest in the city or a dinner at a restaurant with a unique theme may be exactly what you need!

1.2. Brasov – Valentine’s Day in Romania & Europe

Another very good Valentine’s Day destination idea, located also in Transylvania, is Brasov. Here, no one will regret coming, because tourist attractions are almost everywhere. If you and your lover like romantic walks, you can go on foot through Advice Square, admire the Black Church, and walk down the stunning Rope Street, known for how narrow it is. Are you curious if you have enough space to cross it? Then you must come here and make sure you can accomplish the mission!

Rope Street, Brașov

Rope Street, Brașov

1.2.1. Brasov – Black Church

Certainly, you heard about the Black Church, a heavenly building built in Gothic style. As exquisite as the outside, inside visitors can find remarkable wall paintings and original Ottoman carpets. Did you know that one of the most interesting things related to this construction is the name that was received after the fire that took place here in the 1600s? Also, if you want to see a panorama with your soulmate, then go up to Tampa. But, before that, prepare yourself to climb quite a lot. But, in the end, all the effort is worth it.

1.3. Bucharest

It’s no surprise that the capital of Romania is on this list, isn’t it? Although you may have expected to see Bucharest mentioned, there are certainly many places left to visit if you have been here in the past. The country’s most populous city is a fantastic idea for a Valentine’s Day trip, as there are restaurants for all tastes, from those with traditional Romanian food to those with exotic food on the menu. Let’s not forget the unlimited activities, from recharging your batteries at the swimming pool or spa to relaxing walks through the Old Town.

Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

1.3.1. Bucharest – The Palace of Parliament

The Palace of Parliament, The Triumphal Arch, and the Roman Athenaeum are just some of the tourist attractions that must be seen at least once in a lifetime. This city will exceed your expectations!

1.4. Cluj-Napoca – Valentine’s Day in Romania & Europe

Still wondering where can I go for Valentine’s Day? Then it is worth considering Cluj-Napoca, also called the heart of Transylvania. This city is not only known for the Untold and Electric Castle festivals that take place every summer, but also for the many activities you can do here. Do you want to eat something delicious? Visit the restaurants in Centre Square, Museum Square, or Heroes Square! Do you want to dance? Visit the clubs here! You can enjoy every minute of the program and have an unforgettable stay this year on Valentine’s Day. 

Cetățuia Park, Cluj-Napoca

Cetatuia Park, Cluj-Napoca

1.4.1. Cluj-Napoca Cetatuia Park

One thing is certain: from Cetățuia Park, you can best admire the city. The atmosphere is special, especially when the evening falls and you see the aesthetic lights. In this circumstance, you can make a declaration of love to your partner. 

Anyway, what is important is to enjoy the moment to the fullest, because life’s too short not to appreciate every second.

1.5. Constanta

The last, but not least location is Constanta, the city on the shores of the Black Sea. Even in winter, this city impresses tourists from all over with how gorgeous it is. In addition, if you choose this location you will enjoy the peace because, unlike the summer season, there are not as many tourists. So, you will benefit from less crowded beaches to walk on the sand and admire the sea, but also from the lack of queues at various popular restaurants in the area.

Black Sea, Constanța

Black Sea, Constanța

1.5.1. Constanta – Casino Constanța

Walking along the seafront you will notice an abandoned building from the 1900s, Casino Constanta. Although it is not in good condition, tourists are amazed at how impressive this building with a view of the sea once was. Categorically, the feeling you get looking at the blue water is incomparable to anything else.

There are many amazing places in Romania that deserve to be explored by adventurers, where there are so many tourist attractions, some more famous than others. For example, you will also like the following cities:

  • Timisoara;
  • Iasi;
  • Oradea;
  • Suceava.

Do you want to find out more information about Romania? Then read this article – 15 funny Romanian traditions and celebrations!

2. Valentine’s Day in Europe:  romantic places on the continent couples visit on February 14

Now that you find out where to travel for Valentine’s Day in Romania, you must also discover what options you have in other locations on the continent, because Europe is a spectacular geographical area, full of places to see.

Valentine’s Day: where to go in Europe? 5 beautiful places on the continent

2.1. Paris, France

Even if it is a cliche, celebrating such an important occasion as Valentine’s Day in Paris is an unmissable experience for any couple. If you are here, are going to come, or are thinking seriously about this option, considering how big the City of Lights is, it’s important to know what are some of the best things to do in Paris with your partner.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France

Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France

2.1.1. Paris, France – the Arc de Triomphe

With a height of 50m, the Arc de Triomphe is a famous monument in Paris, in the Place de l’Etoile. Also, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the Notre Dame Cathedral represent points of interest among tourists that should not miss. More than that, if you want to impress your significant other, you can buy her/him a nice piece of clothing or refined jewelry from the Boulevard Champs-Elysee, spoil her/his taste buds with some macarons, or conquer her/his heart for good with a boat ride on the Seine. Make every second count and enjoy the vacation of your life together!

2.2. Venice, Italy

Nothing compares to the love stories in Venice, a magnificent city in Italy where you can eat many traditional dishes, such as pizza, pasta, and ice cream without getting full during your stay. But, so that you don’t get lost in the streets or waste time looking for a place to eat on Valentine’s Day, here are the top 25 best romantic restaurants in Venice which are worth taking a look at. It is such an important day for couples, so you need to hurry up and make a reservation to make sure you don’t run out of seats.

St. Mark’s Square, Venice, Italy

St. Mark’s Square, Venice, Italy

2.2.1. Venice, Italy – St. Mark’s Square

Do you like to go for a stroll? In this case, you need to go to St. Mark’s Square, known as Piazza San Marco, a breathtaking public square in Europe. Here are some popular buildings, such as St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace, that are extraordinary in every possible way.

Valentine’s Day in Europe

Valentine’s Day in Europe

At the same time, this period is perfect to visit this city, because the Venice festival takes place. So, you can buy a mask from the nearby boutiques and join in the fun!

2.3. Stockholm, Sweden

Where to visit for Valentine’s Day? If this question is still on your mind, then a perfect destination for you and your lover is the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. If you like to walk for a longer time or ride a bike, you must dress appropriately, because the temperatures are pretty low, just like in other Nordic countries.

The Riddarholmen Church and building around the sea, Stockholm, Sweden

The Riddarholmen Church and building around the sea, Stockholm, Sweden

2.3.1. Stockholm, Sweden – Riddarholmen Church

One of the most wonderful places in Stockholm is the Riddarholmen Church, the only remaining medieval abbey, built in the 1200s. This place serves as the final resting place of Swedish monarchs and aristocracy. Being located on Riddarholmen island, you will also be able to visit the Royal Palace in Stockholm, because it is very close. And that’s not all! The largest city in the country has a ton of interesting places, at every street corner, worth exploring by adventurers. Want more details? Read the article 25 incredible things to do in Stockholm for more inspiration!

2.4. Vienna, Austria

The prime city of Austria, Vienna, never ceases to take the breath away of the people who discover it. Even if it’s not the first time you’ve arrived here, it’s essential to know what options exist to have the best time with your loved one and, of course, to do something different.

Hofburg, Vienna, Austria

Hofburg, Vienna, Austria

2.4.1. Vienna, Austria – Hofburg Palace

Besides the Kunsthistorisches Museum and Schonbrunn Palace and its gardens, the Hofburg Palace, located in the center of Vienna, is a place worth discovering because it is the former principal imperial palace of the Habsburg dynasty and an incredible palace. You will be more than likely charmed by the glorious architecture and the beauty of the place, hoping to return as soon as possible to explore more.

2.5. Barcelona, Spain – Valentine’s Day in Romania & Europe

Where is the best place to go on Valentine’s Day is a good question when it comes to vacation on Valentine’s Day, especially when you and your partner like different things. There is an ideal place for you if you are stuck: Barcelona. With pleasant temperatures, buildings with unique architecture, and tasty traditional foods and drinks, such as sangria, this city has everything for everyone.

The Arc de Triomf, Barcelona, Spain

The Arc de Triomf, Barcelona, Spain

2.5.1. Barcelona, Spain – Arc de Triomf

Even though Barcelona has many tourist attractions, one of the most famous for its beauty is Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf, built by the architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas. Beside the entrance, built in 1888, there are many places with special decor, such as Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Park Guell, and so on, worth visiting.

Even though Barcelona has many tourist attractions, one of the most famous for its beauty is Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf, built by the architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas. Beside the entrance, built in 1888, there are many places with special decor, such as Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Park Guell, and so on, worth visiting.

3. Valentine’s Day in other European cities

Did you like the top places for Valentine’s Day in Europe mentioned above? Then, you will surely like the ones that are highlighted next. So, other fabulous locations where you can better connect with your sweetheart are:

  • Rome, Italy;
  • London, UK;
  • Nice, France;
  • Budapest, Hungary;
  • Hallstatt, Austria;
  • Madrid, Spain;
  • Bruges, Belgium;
  • Prague, Czech Republic.

In the end, it is important to book a getaway in a place that arouses your interest, where you can enjoy the presence of the person who makes your life more beautiful and be just you and her/him, far away from the stressful situations of everyday life. Such a vacation, if it is chosen correctly, can solve the problems you have in your couple’s life and bring you closer than ever. In addition, you can even convince yourself that you are ready to move to the next step in the relationship: marriage.


To conclude, Valentine’s Day is a special day of the year when any person with a deep feeling of love must show their emotions for their dared one, doing something special. A vacation in one of the top places to go for Valentine’s Day in Romania, but also from all over Europe can prove to be the perfect destination for a duo, especially if you know exactly what you can do there and where to go. Enjoy memorable days with your confidant in one of the most romantic locations on the continent!


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