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Fukuoka is a vibrant and beautiful city located in the south of Japan. From bustling markets to historical temples, Fukuoka has much to explore. Whether you are looking for a cultural experience, an outdoor adventure, or just some fun things to do, there is something for everyone in Fukuoka. And with Framey App, you can easily share all your experiences with friends and family and get inspiration from their travels too! 

So let’s take a look at 15 of the best attractions and things to do in Fukuoka.

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1) Kushida Shrine – Fukuoka Japan

Kushida Shrine is a historic and iconic landmark located in the heart of Fukuoka, Japan. The shrine dates back to the 8th century and was designated a National Treasure in 2012. It is known for its beautiful architecture and stunning decorations, which make it one of the most visited attractions in Fukuoka.

Kushida Shrine is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, who come to admire its impressive architecture and explore its rich cultural heritage. Inside the shrine grounds, you will find a variety of traditional buildings and monuments, including the Yoko-mon, the main entrance gate, the Haiden prayer hall, the Honden main hall, and various other structures.

When visiting Kushida Shrine, be sure to take time to appreciate the wonderful artistry and craftsmanship that goes into preserving this ancient religious structure. You can also enjoy traditional performances such as Taiko drumming and a variety of rituals. As well, the shrine hosts several festivals throughout the year including the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival in July.

Kushida Shrine is a must-see attraction when visiting Fukuoka. Whether you are looking for an interesting cultural experience or simply want to admire its beauty, Kushida Shrine is sure to impress.

2) Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

The Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is one of Fukuoka’s most popular attractions and can be found on the northern shore of the city. This massive park is a great spot for spending an afternoon outdoors, surrounded by nature. The park has plenty of trails for biking or walking, with spectacular views of the sea. There are also a few lakes that provide a nice spot for fishing, boating, and birdwatching. If you’re looking for more than just nature, Uminonakamichi offers a huge amusement park with various rides and attractions. The park is open year-round and is particularly beautiful during the spring months when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

3) Tochoji Temple – Fukuoka Japan

Tochoji Temple, one of the most iconic attractions in Fukuoka, is a Buddhist temple established in 806 by Kobo Daishi. It is famous for its five-storied pagoda, a magnificent wooden structure that stands at an impressive height of 37 meters. Tochoji Temple is also home to several other important structures and relics, including a giant wooden Buddha statue, a memorial garden, and the Daibutsu Hall. The temple grounds offer a peaceful atmosphere with plenty of shade from the surrounding trees. Visitors can learn more about Buddhism by exploring the various shrines and halls in the complex or by attending one of the temple’s special events. 

4) Ohori Park

Ohori Park

Ohori Park

Located in the heart of Fukuoka, Ohori Park is an urban oasis and one of the city’s best attractions. The park is known for its stunning landscaping and its many ponds, connected by stone bridges and winding pathways. Ohori Park is a popular spot for morning walks or afternoon picnics, as well as jogging, fishing, and playing in the grass. There are also boat rentals available on the ponds and several cultural monuments throughout the park. If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, a visit to Ohori Park is a must.

5) Nokonoshima Island – Fukuoka Japan

Nokonoshima Island is a picturesque island located off the coast of Fukuoka, Japan. This beautiful island is home to some stunning scenery and a variety of activities, making it a great destination for those looking for an adventure or just a peaceful getaway. The crystal clear waters surrounding the island are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, while on land you can explore the lush greenery and take in the stunning views. Nature lovers will love Nokonoshima Island for its abundant wildlife, including birds and wild deer. The island also has a fascinating history, with a long tradition of agricultural production and fishing. Other attractions include Nokonoshima Flower Park and Sandbank (sandy beach), both of which offer amazing views of the surrounding area. With its numerous activities, spectacular scenery, and rich history, Nokonoshima Island is worth visiting while in Fukuoka.

6) JR Hakata City Amu Plaza Hakata

Located within the bustling Hakata Station, JR Hakata City Amu Plaza Hakata offers a wealth of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. A large shopping center, JR Hakata City Amu Plaza Hakata boasts over 200 shops and restaurants, as well as a range of entertainment activities such as bowling, karaoke, and game centers. There is something for everyone here, including fashion and cosmetics stores, souvenir shops, food stands, and even an art gallery. The complex also houses the popular Yatai Fukuoka Food Village, where you can sample traditional Japanese dishes such as ramen, yakitori, and takoyaki. With its vast array of attractions, JR Hakata City Amu Plaza Hakata is the perfect place to spend the day exploring.

7) Marine World – Fukuoka Japan

Located in Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, Marine World is an aquarium showcasing the diverse marine life of Fukuoka. From colorful tropical fish to majestic sea lions and playful dolphins, visitors will be in awe of all the wonders the aquarium has to offer.

The aquarium has over 8,000 specimens, including some rare species that can only be seen in this part of Japan. There are three floors filled with displays of jellyfish, sea urchins, coral reefs, and other marine animals from around the world. The facility also includes a range of interactive exhibits, such as the chance to feed fish and touch starfish. Visitors will also enjoy educational shows about marine life, as well as a theater where visitors can watch footage of wild dolphins in their natural habitat.

Marine World is a great way to explore and discover the underwater world of Fukuoka. The aquarium is easily accessible by public transportation and offers a variety of ticket options for different activities and experiences. Whether you’re looking for a quick family outing or a day full of learning and discovery, Marine World is a must-visit spot while in Fukuoka!

8) Shofukuji Temple

Located in the heart of Fukuoka, Shofukuji Temple is one of the most important Buddhist temples in Japan. Founded in 1195, this temple is the first Zen temple established in Japan and has been the subject of many stories and legends. Shofuku-ji is an incredible place to visit, with its bright red lacquer gates, an impressive five-story pagoda, and lush gardens. Visitors can take a guided tour to learn more about the temple’s history and architecture, and they can also take part in a traditional tea ceremony. After exploring the grounds, visitors can make a stop at the on-site gift shop to pick up souvenirs.

9) Hakozakigu – Fukuoka Japan

Hakozakigu is a Shinto shrine located in the city of Fukuoka. It is one of the most important shrines in all of Japan and was founded in 923 AD. The shrine is dedicated to Sugawara no Michizane, an 8th-century scholar and statesman who was exiled from Kyoto and died in Fukuoka.

The main gate to the shrine is an impressive structure and leads to a wide stone stairway that ascends to the inner shrine. Once inside, you will be greeted by the four-story pagoda and the sprawling grounds of Hakozakigu. On the grounds, you can explore a variety of other structures, including a prayer hall, an old theater, and a garden filled with lotus ponds.

During special festivals, such as the New Year’s Festival, visitors can enjoy traditional Japanese performances, including lion dances and drumming performances. You can also shop for souvenirs at the souvenir shop located within the shrine grounds. 

Visiting Hakozakigu is an experience that will stay with you for years to come. Not only will you get to experience traditional Japanese culture, but you’ll also be able to appreciate the history and beauty of this special place.

10) Maizuru Park

Located in the heart of Fukuoka, Maizuru Park is one of the most popular parks in the city. It offers a wonderful view of the city and Bay and is full of lush greenery, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing stroll. The park is divided into two parts – East Park and Park. In East Park, you will find a large lawn area perfect for picnicking, as well as a playground and flower beds. There are also two museums within the park – the Hakata Machiya Folk Museum and the Fukuoka City Museum. The West Park boasts walking trails and picturesque views of the bay. It also includes a pond, several small shrines, and a few restaurants.

11) Fukuoka City Museum – Fukuoka Japan

The Fukuoka City Museum is a great place to explore the history and culture of Fukuoka. The museum covers a range of topics, from the area’s early history to its vibrant contemporary life. The main exhibit is an overview of the city’s development over time. It includes artifacts from the area’s earliest inhabitants, Jomon period dwellings, and tools used in daily life. There are also interactive displays that allow visitors to learn about the geography and geology of Fukuoka, as well as its various industries. In addition, the museum houses a large collection of artworks from all periods, from classical to modern, allowing visitors to appreciate the diverse visual arts culture of the area. Other exhibitions focus on topics such as traditional crafts, sports, and popular music. With its comprehensive approach to exploring the city, the Fukuoka City Museum is sure to be an enjoyable and educational experience for all.

12) FUKUOKA PayPay Dome

Fukuoka is a popular multi-purpose stadium that hosts some of the biggest sports and entertainment events in Fukuoka, Japan. Located in the center of the city, it’s easily accessible by public transportation and makes for a great day out.

The Dome features two levels, each with its attractions. The ground floor contains a shopping mall, an amusement center, and several restaurants and bars. The first floor is home to a large event hall and exhibition space. This is where most of the sporting and cultural events take place.

Some of the highlights at the Fukuoka include concerts by popular Japanese and international artists, sports games like baseball, ice hockey, and sumo wrestling, and cultural events like traditional festivals. It’s also home to several local teams, including the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks baseball team and the Kyuden Voltex volleyball team.

For those looking to enjoy a day out at the Fukuoka, there are plenty of activities to do while you’re there. Enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants in the shopping mall or visit the amusement center to try out the latest games. You can also explore the exhibition space for unique art displays or take part in one of the many events taking place at the Dome. Whatever you decide to do, Fukuoka is sure to provide an unforgettable experience!

13) Tenjin Underground Shopping Center – Fukuoka Japan

Located in the heart of Fukuoka’s bustling city center, Tenjin Underground Shopping Center is a must-visit for any traveler. Offering a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment, the underground shopping center is an ideal destination for those looking to explore Fukuoka’s culture and nightlife.

The shopping center has a wide range of stores, from souvenir shops to high-end fashion boutiques. With over 200 shops, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for the latest trends or unique traditional souvenirs, you will find them at Tenjin Underground Shopping Center.

For those looking for a unique dining experience, Tenjin Underground Shopping Center offers a wide variety of restaurants. From traditional Japanese fare to international cuisine, there is something for everyone. The shopping center also features several popular fast food chains, as well as a food court with a variety of different cuisines.

At night, the shopping center comes alive with its many entertainment options. The area features several bars, clubs, karaoke rooms, and arcades. There is also a movie theater and numerous live performance venues. After a long day of shopping, you can enjoy a night out in this lively area.

Tenjin Underground Shopping Center is the perfect place to explore Fukuoka’s culture and nightlife. With its wide selection of shops, restaurants, and entertainment, there is something for everyone at this vibrant underground shopping center.

14) Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka Tower stands 234 meters tall, making it the tallest seaside tower in Japan. Located in the heart of the city, Fukuoka Tower is a popular tourist destination that offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding areas. With its elegant and stylish design, the tower is also a great spot for taking pictures. The observation deck at the top offers 360-degree views, so you can enjoy the scenery from all angles. At night, the tower is illuminated with a rainbow of colors, creating an amazing sight. 

Inside, you can find a souvenir shop and cafe where you can enjoy some refreshments while admiring the view. 

15) Hakata Station – Fukuoka Japan

Located in Fukuoka, Japan, Hakata Station is a major railway station and the largest in Kyushu. It is serviced by the JR Kyushu Railways and the Nishitetsu Railways and is connected to Fukuoka Airport via the Fukuoka City Subway. The station is home to numerous shops, restaurants, and other amenities. 

Hakata Station is an important stop on the Sanyo Shinkansen line between Osaka and Tokyo. It has direct access to two major airports – Fukuoka Airport and New Chitose Airport – and is an ideal place to begin exploring the city. 

The station is also a hub for shopping, offering a range of stores selling clothing, electronics, food, books, and more. There are plenty of restaurants, too, from fast-food outlets to sit-down eateries. For something different, take a stroll through the bustling indoor market for local food items and souvenirs. 

The station is easily accessible via public transportation and has direct links to some major attractions around the city. From here, you can catch a train to Ohori Park, Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, or any other popular sights in Fukuoka. 

Whether you’re planning a day trip or want a convenient base from which to explore the city, Hakata Station is an excellent starting point. With its easy accessibility and wide range of services, it’s sure to make your stay in Fukuoka even more enjoyable.

Fukuoka, Japan is an amazing destination for anyone looking for a unique and memorable vacation. From ancient shrines and temples to modern attractions and outdoor parks, this city has something for everyone. There is no shortage of things to do in Fukuoka and the experiences that await you will stay with you for a lifetime. 

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