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If you are planning a trip to Romania and looking for the best museums to visit, look no further than Sibiu. This small city in Transylvania is home to some of the country’s most interesting and unique museums. From history and science to art and culture, these ten museums in Sibiu offer something for everyone. 

Read on to find out what makes these museums stand out from the rest and why you should include them in your Romania itinerary.


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1) Astra Museum – Best Museums in Sibiu

Address: Str. Pădurea Dumbrava 16, Sibiu 550399

The Astra Museum is one of the best museums in Sibiu, Romania. It is located in Str. Pădurea Dumbrava 16, Sibiu 550399, the museum offers a unique experience with its extensive collection of traditional Romanian artifacts and culture. With more than 300,000 objects, the museum contains one of the most impressive collections of artifacts from Romania’s past and present.

The main feature of the Astra Museum is its Folk Art Gallery. This gallery displays an extensive selection of woodcarvings, folk costumes, pottery, religious items, and other handmade works of art. Visitors can also explore other sections such as the Ethnography Hall, where they can learn about the Romanian people’s lifestyle through various artifacts and interactive displays.

The museum also features a collection of old photographs, as well as modern works of art from contemporary Romanian artists. The museum also provides educational programs for both children and adults, as well as workshops and seminars throughout the year.

The Astra Museum provides a great opportunity to explore Romanian culture and heritage. With its rich selection of artifacts, interactive displays, and educational programs, the museum makes for an unforgettable experience. So if you’re looking for a unique cultural experience in Sibiu, be sure to check out the Astra Museum!

2) Brukenthal National Museum

Address: Piața Mare 4 – 5, Sibiu 550163

The Brukenthal National Museum was founded in 1817 by Baron Samuel von Brukenthal and houses an extensive collection of art and artifacts, including European and Romanian paintings, sculptures, furniture, and coins. The museum is divided into several sections: a library, an armory, a pharmaceutical and natural history museum, a gallery of Romanian art, a picture gallery, and the palace of Samuel von Brukenthal.

The Brukenthal National Museum offers visitors a chance to explore the history and culture of Sibiu through its collection. The gallery of Romanian art features works from the Renaissance to the present day and is particularly noteworthy for its collection of Ioan Andreescu’s work. In addition to its permanent collections, the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

The Brukenthal National Museum is an important cultural site in Sibiu and a must-visit destination for anyone interested in exploring the city’s history and culture. Whether you’re looking to admire the artwork or learn more about the history of Sibiu, this museum is sure to offer something special.

3) Museum of Natural History – Best Museums in Sibiu

Located in: Natural History Museum Garden

Address: Strada Cetății 1, Sibiu 550160

The Museum of Natural History in Sibiu is a unique educational experience, located in the heart of the city’s Natural History Museum Garden. The museum features a wide range of exhibits and activities that focus on the natural environment. Visitors can explore the exhibitions with interactive displays, natural history art, and hands-on activities that teach about plants, animals, and the environment. There are also live animal shows, guided walks, and more to discover. This is the perfect spot for adults and children alike to learn more about nature engagingly and excitingly. The Museum of Natural History is one of the top museums in Sibiu, Romania, and should not be missed!

4) Museum of Steam Locomotives

Address: Str. Dorobanților 22, Sibiu 550231

If you’re a fan of railway history and admire classic locomotives, then you have to visit the Museum of Steam Locomotives in Sibiu. Located at Str. Dorobanților 22, this museum offers a unique insight into the history of railways in Romania. Inside you can find an extensive collection of steam locomotives from the 19th century, as well as more modern ones from the 20th century. On top of that, you’ll find all kinds of other related artifacts such as ticket machines, safety equipment, signaling systems, and so much more. The museum even has a dedicated workshop where experts repair and maintain the locomotives. It’s a must-visit destination for railway enthusiasts!

5) The Evangelical Church of Romania Museum – Best Museums in Sibiu

Address: Strada Mitropoliei 30, Sibiu 550179

Are you looking for a unique museum experience in Sibiu, Romania? The Evangelical Church of Romania Museum is a must-see for history and art enthusiasts alike. Located at Strada Mitropoliei 30, Sibiu 550179, this museum offers visitors an in-depth look into the history of the Evangelical Church in Romania. The building itself is a beautiful old church and is home to countless artifacts and works of art from different periods of history.

The permanent collection includes paintings, frescoes, tapestries, sculptures, stained glass, manuscripts, and ancient documents that tell the story of the church’s role in Romanian society. There are also rotating exhibits and special events to explore, so be sure to check the museum’s website for more information.

Visitors can learn about the cultural and religious significance of the Evangelical Church through interactive displays and educational materials. The museum also has an extensive library with books on theology, as well as related topics such as history and art. Whether you’re a student or just curious about the culture and traditions of the church, this museum is sure to provide an enriching experience.

6) Museum of the History of Pharmacy

Address: Piața Mică 26 Ground Floor, Sibiu 550182

Visitors to Sibiu, Romania will be delighted to discover the Museum of the History of Pharmacy, located in the old city center. This museum is a fantastic way to get a glimpse into how pharmacy has evolved. The exhibits contain artifacts from all periods of pharmacy development, including ancient texts, medical instruments, and pottery.

The museum displays how various cultures used different plants for healing purposes and how certain medicines were developed over centuries. It also explains the importance of pharmacists in society and the evolution of pharmacy regulations. Visitors can also learn about traditional methods of medicine-making and see collections of jars, bottles, and other objects related to pharmacology.

The Museum of the History of Pharmacy provides an interesting look into how pharmacists have contributed to the world. It is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of pharmacy, or those who just want to explore a unique part of Sibiu’s cultural heritage.

7) Pastoral Jina Museum – Best Museums in Sibiu

Address:  Salcâmului 435, Jina 557110

The Pastoral Jina Museum is a must-see destination for visitors to Sibiu, Romania. Located in the small town of Jina, this museum is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse collections of pastoral life from centuries past. From shepherding tools and traditional clothing to picturesque artifacts, you can find all sorts of fascinating artifacts that tell the story of Romania’s history. 

This museum is particularly notable for its impressive displays of religious art and artifacts. A visit to the museum can help you learn more about the religious customs of Romania, with everything from intricate icons to traditional Eastern Orthodox works of art. The museum also features an interactive multimedia display that lets you experience the religious traditions of the country up close.

If you’re looking for an educational and immersive experience, then visiting the Pastoral Jina Museum is worth your time. With a great collection of artifacts and interactive displays, this museum offers a unique way to explore Romanian culture.

8) Hunting Museum “August von Spiess”

Address: Str. Școala de Înot 4, Sibiu 550005

Are you an avid hunter? Or maybe you just want to learn more about hunting and the history of firearms? Then be sure to visit the Hunting Museum “August von Spiess” in Sibiu, Romania. Located at Str. Școala de Înot 4, this museum provides a great opportunity for visitors to explore the fascinating world of hunting and firearms.

The Hunting Museum has been operating since 2007, and it features an impressive collection of firearms, ammunition, and other hunting-related items. Here, visitors can see an array of weapons from different eras, including guns from the 19th century and modern firearms. The museum also displays a wide range of accessories such as crossbows, bows and arrows, powder horns, traps, spears, and even tools used in ancient hunting techniques.

Visitors can also explore the history of hunting with displays of old photographs and hunting stories told by local hunters. In addition, the museum hosts regular events such as lectures, exhibitions, workshops, and guided tours. This is a great opportunity to learn more about hunting and its traditions in Romania. So don’t miss out on a visit to the Hunting Museum “August von Spiess” – it’s a must-see attraction for any outdoor enthusiast!

9) Guitar Lodge Museum – Best Museums in Sibiu

Address: Piața Mare 12, Sibiu 557260

Guitar Lodge Museum

Guitar Lodge Museum

If you’re a music enthusiast and looking for an immersive experience in Sibiu, Romania, then the Guitar Lodge Museum is the place for you! This small but fascinating museum offers an interesting display of guitars from all around the world. You can view a variety of vintage models, such as early twentieth-century acoustic guitars, electric guitars from the 1950s, and even some contemporary models. The museum is also home to a selection of rare pieces, including a classical guitar crafted by the famous Spanish luthier Antonio de Torres. 

The Guitar Lodge Museum is also an active music venue where you can listen to live performances by local and international artists. Whether you’re a guitarist or just a fan of music, you’ll love the atmosphere of this unique museum. It’s the perfect place to explore your musical interests and get a glimpse into the history of guitar-making in Sibiu.

10) Museum of Contemporary Art

Address: Str. Tribunei 6, Sibiu 550176

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sibiu is a must-see for anyone interested in modern and contemporary art. Located at Str. Tribunei 6, this museum houses a large collection of artworks from different eras, ranging from the modernist period to the present day. Visitors to the museum will be able to view paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, video art, and other works of art, as well as engage in educational activities and events related to contemporary art. The museum also hosts numerous lectures and workshops throughout the year and offers guided tours of its collections. The Museum of Contemporary Art is an ideal place to explore the latest trends in art and discover new and exciting ideas about art. Whether you’re looking for a fascinating place to learn more about art or just want to appreciate beautiful works of art, the Museum of Contemporary Art is sure to satisfy your needs.


If you’re looking for some inspiration on your next trip, be sure to check out the top 10 best museums in Sibiu, Romania. From the Astra Museum to the Museum of Contemporary Art, there is something for everyone. 


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