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15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Have you ever dreamed of visiting some of Europe’s most beautiful and remarkable monasteries? There are many spectacular and awe-inspiring religious monuments in all of Europe, but today we will show you the 15 most beautiful monasteries in Romania, which are must-sees for any traveler. 

From the stunning fortified church of Prejmer to the breathtaking gothic St. Michael’s Cathedral in Alba Iulia, these sites are sure to take your breath away.

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1. Suceviţa Monastery, Sucevița (Suceava County)

Suceviţa Monastery - 15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Suceviţa Monastery

The Suceviţa Monastery is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved monasteries in Romania. Located in the northern part of the country, it was built in 1585 during the reign of Petru Rareș, the ruler of Moldavia at the time. The construction of the monastery was done in a unique combination of late Renaissance and early Baroque styles, with stunningly ornate frescoes adorning the walls and ceilings of the interior. It is said that the mural paintings are among the finest examples of Romanian medieval art.

The monastery is home to a collection of sacred artifacts, including icons, documents, and manuscripts. Its greatest treasure is the holy relics of Saint John the New, which are displayed on an altar inside. Other highlights include the Great Gate, which features intricate stone carvings and a bronze chandelier from 1806; the Refectory, where visitors can enjoy a hearty meal made from traditional recipes; and the Church of the Annunciation, which has some of the best-preserved Byzantine murals in Romania.

Visitors to Suceviţa Monastery can explore its grounds or take a guided tour of the buildings, learning more about its history and marveling at its incredible beauty. With its stunning architecture and artistic masterpieces, it’s no wonder that this is one of Romania’s most beloved monasteries.

2. Moldoviţa Monastery, Vatra Moldoviței (Suceava County)

Moldoviţa Monastery is a 15th-century Moldavian Orthodox monastery, located in the Suceava County of Romania. It was built by Ştefan cel Mare and is one of the most important churches in the country. The church is surrounded by two strong towers and two high walls that were constructed to protect it against enemy attacks. 

The church was originally painted inside with frescoes in 1537, but unfortunately, these were destroyed in World War I, when the German and Austrian forces occupied Moldavia. The walls of the church are covered with paintings that depict various religious and spiritual themes. The monastery is one of the few places in Romania that still has some of its original frescoes. 

Moldoviţa Monastery also features an impressive library, which contains more than 600 manuscripts and books, some of which date back to the 16th century. Visitors to the church will also find an old stone cross from 1490 and several icons that renowned Romanian artists have painted. 

Whether you are interested in history or art, Moldoviţa Monastery is an excellent place to visit for both locals and visitors alike. It is a great place to explore Romania’s rich culture and traditions, as well as a great way to get a glimpse into the past.

3. Probota Monastery, Probota (Suceava County) – 15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Located in the northeastern part of Romania, Probota Monastery is an impressive religious site to behold. Built in 1602 by the rulers of Moldavia, this monastery is one of the largest and most beautiful churches in Romania. The church is renowned for its two-tiered bell tower which dominates the sky. The exterior of the church is breathtakingly beautiful and a mix of Byzantine and Gothic styles.

The interior is decorated with richly painted frescoes, dating back to 1606. The walls are adorned with saints, prophets, and angels. The paintings are further enhanced with touches of gold, silver, and copper. At the center of the nave stands an impressive iconostasis. In addition, visitors can explore the tranquil courtyard surrounded by thick stone walls and lush greenery.

This stunning monastery is well worth a visit, as it offers visitors a wonderful glimpse into Romania’s rich religious history. From its awe-inspiring exterior to its exquisite interior, Probota Monastery is truly a marvel to behold.

4. Voroneţ Monastery, Gura Humorului (Suceava County)

Voronet, Suceava - 15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Voronet, Suceava – Photo by ella_apostol

Voroneţ Monastery is an Eastern Orthodox monastery located in the village of Voroneț in Bukovina, Romania. The monastery is one of the most famous of the painted monasteries of Romania, and its exterior walls are decorated with detailed frescoes that have made it a popular tourist destination. The monastery was founded by Stephen III of Moldavia in 1488 and is now a World Heritage Site.

The exterior walls of Voroneț Monastery are decorated with vivid frescoes that date back to the 15th century. These frescoes depict Biblical scenes such as The Last Judgment, The Ladder of Virtue, and The Dormition of the Mother of God. The bright blue paint used for the sky in these frescoes has become known as “Voroneţ blue”.

The interior of the monastery is also decorated with frescoes. These frescoes depict a variety of religious scenes including depictions of the prophets, saints, angels, and Jesus Christ. The interior also includes several statues and other artworks that have been created by local craftsmen over the centuries. 

In addition to its artworks, Voroneț Monastery also houses a library containing ancient manuscripts, religious books, and historic documents. The library contains more than 8,000 books and manuscripts, some of which date back to the 16th century. 

Visiting Voroneţ Monastery is an experience not to be missed. The monastery offers a unique opportunity to experience a piece of Romania’s rich religious history and to marvel at the stunning artworks that adorn its walls.

5. Arbore Monastery, Arbore (Suceava County)

The Arbore Monastery is a beautiful and historic church located in the Suceava County of Romania. The Monastery was built between 1503 and 1508, under the reign of Prince Petru Rareş. This monastery is a remarkable piece of Romanian architecture, painted with frescoes by master artists in the Byzantine style.

At the center of the church, visitors can admire the original 16th-century paintings, depicting religious scenes and saints in vivid colors. Near the entrance, visitors can explore a small museum, containing various artifacts and artifacts related to the history of the monastery.

The Arbore Monastery is an important cultural monument that reminds us of the power and beauty of Romanian culture and architecture. It’s an ideal place for any visitor looking for a unique spiritual experience. The monastery is open to the public and welcomes both pilgrims and tourists alike.

6. Bârsana Monastery, Bârsana (Maramures County) – 15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Located in the Maramures County of Romania, Bârsana Monastery is a sight to behold. Built in 1643, the monastery boasts a beautiful, two-story church with a bell tower and an impressive set of interior frescoes. The construction and decoration of the church were done according to the traditional Moldavian style of architecture.

The frescoes, painted in the 16th century by anonymous artists, are some of the oldest and most valuable artwork in Romania. The vivid colors and intricate detailing of the artworks depict biblical scenes and are a testament to the artistic skill of the painters. The frescoes are also adorned with geometric shapes, symbols, and religious motifs that make them even more special.

The monastery grounds include an old cemetery, a cloister, and several smaller buildings. Visitors can also explore the old gatehouse, which stands as a reminder of when the monastery served as a spiritual refuge for locals.

Visitors can take guided tours of the monastery and explore its history, art, and architecture. The Bârsana Monastery is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty and culture of Romania.

7. Dragomirna Monastery, Dragomirna (Suceava County)

Dragomirna Monastery - 15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Dragomirna Monastery – Photo: lumea.cristinei

This one is one of Romania’s oldest and most impressive monasteries, located in the small town of Dragomirna, in Suceava County. It was built in 1609 and is known for its unique architecture, with two levels of towers that are connected by a wooden bridge. The monastery houses a large collection of religious art, including frescoes, murals, and icons, making it a must-see destination for religious history buffs.

The Dragomirna Monastery is also an important cultural landmark for the Romanian Orthodox Church and is the home of the celebrated Dragomirna festival, which takes place each year on the eve of the Nativity. This festival celebrates the life and teachings of Saint John of Rila, the patron saint of Romania. During the festival, traditional songs, dances, and costumes are displayed, and pilgrims from all over the country gather to celebrate.

The monastery also has a large library with a collection of rare books and manuscripts. The library contains books on Romanian history, as well as works of literature, theology, and other topics related to religion. Visitors are welcome to browse through the library and explore its contents.

Overall, the Dragomirna Monastery is a fascinating destination that should not be missed when visiting Romania. Its impressive architecture, religious art, and cultural celebrations make it a must-see destination for those interested in religious and cultural history.

8. Bogdana Monastery, Rădăuți (Suceava County)

This monastery in Rădăuți is a Romanian Orthodox monastery located in the historic region of Moldavia. Founded in 1739, the monastery is a cultural landmark, drawing tourists from all over the world.

The monastery has impressive architecture, with a set of Baroque-style buildings and towers that add to its beauty and splendor. The monastery also features some of the most important works of the Romanian Orthodox Church, such as the Gospels of the 17th century, two valuable manuscripts from the 15th century, and valuable oil paintings from the 17th century.

The Bogdana Monastery was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. As a result, it is one of Romania’s most visited tourist attractions. Visitors can explore the monastery’s museum, which contains more than 1,400 manuscripts and religious artifacts from the past centuries. Additionally, guided tours are available for visitors who wish to learn more about the monastery’s history and architecture.

The Bogdana Monastery is a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in Romanian culture and history. This beautiful monastery is filled with rich and ancient cultural artifacts, making it a perfect destination for tourists of all ages.

9. Adormirea Maicii Domnului Monastery, Bucharest – 15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

One of the most beautiful churches in Romania is the Adormirea Maicii Domnului Monastery, located in Bucharest. This monastery was built in the 17th century, and it stands out with its characteristic architectural style. The church is surrounded by a white wall and several ancient towers, making it one of the most picturesque spots in the city. Inside, visitors can admire intricate frescoes, impressive stained glass windows, and ornate wood carvings. There are also two small chapels, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Saint Nicholas. Adormirea Maicii Domnului Monastery is considered a major pilgrimage destination for Orthodox believers and it is a great place to experience the rich religious heritage of Romania.

10. Humor Monastery, Gura Humorului (Suceava County)

This monastery is located in the village of Gura Humorului, in Suceava County. It is one of the most important monasteries of Moldavia and it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery was founded in 1530 by Petru Rareș and it has been restored several times over the centuries. The monastery’s architecture includes two churches with fascinating frescoes, a bell tower, and a refectory. The church has six domes, four at the corners and two at the sides, while the frescoes depict some biblical scenes. The monastery also houses an interesting museum of religious art, with old icons and manuscripts. A visit to Humor Monastery is an unforgettable experience, as it reveals the beauty of Moldavian religious art and architecture.

11. Cozia Monastery, Călimănești (Vâlcea County)

15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Cozia Monastery is one of the most beautiful monasteries in Romania. It is located in Călimănești, in Vâlcea County and it was founded by Mircea cel Bătrân in 1386. It is an important religious and architectural monument of medieval Moldavia.

The Cozia Monastery was built at the foot of the Cozia Mountains and its walls are decorated with frescoes painted by the famous Romanian painter Gheorghe Tattarescu. Inside, you can find numerous valuable artifacts, such as a stone cross, carved wooden doors and columns, silver candlesticks and chandeliers, as well as icons of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

The monastery also houses the tomb of Mircea cel Bătrân, the founder of Wallachia, who chose this place to be his final resting place. Inside, you can also admire the beautiful frescoes depicting scenes from the Old and New Testaments.

If you’re looking for a spiritual and cultural experience, a visit to the Cozia Monastery should be on your list. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the amazing mountain views.

12. Prislop Monastery, Silvașu de Sus (Hunedoara County) – 15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Prislop Monastery - 15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Prislop Monastery – photo credit @Scheckmann_photography

Manastirea Prislop Maramures

Manastirea Prislop, Maramures – photo by @ioan_._mm

Located in Suceava County, Prislop Monastery is a beautiful and spiritual destination. The monastery was built in 1530 by voivode Petru Rareș and was dedicated to the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. This 16th-century Orthodox monastery is one of Romania’s oldest and most important monasteries and is a great place to visit.

The architecture of the monastery is incredible, with four turrets that encircle the church. There are many paintings and frescoes throughout the walls of the monastery, giving visitors a sense of the beauty and history of this amazing place. Inside the church, you can find ancient artifacts such as silver plates, candlesticks, and icons that have been preserved since the time it was built.

In addition to its incredible architecture, Prislop Monastery also boasts some unique religious relics. These include an icon of the Virgin Mary, an old manuscript of the Holy Gospel, and a reliquary containing the relics of Saint John Chrysostom. Visitors are also encouraged to explore the nearby wooden church dedicated to Saint Elijah, which has been standing since 1770.

Visiting Prislop Monastery is an amazing experience and a must-do while in Romania. Whether you’re looking for a spiritual journey or simply admire its historical architecture, Prislop Monastery will provide you with a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

13. Putna Monastery, Putna (Suceava County)

Situated in the northeast of Romania, Putna Monastery is a stunningly beautiful and historically significant site. The monastery was founded in 1466 by Stephen the Great, ruler of Moldavia, to celebrate his victory against the Ottoman Empire. It is renowned for its Renaissance architectural style and its rich collection of religious art.

Putna Monastery is built on a hilltop, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. The main church is dedicated to the Annunciation and features a wonderful combination of Byzantine and Gothic elements, with a unique wooden ceiling carved with images of saints. Inside the church, you’ll find some of the most valuable pieces of Moldavian art, such as an iconostasis carved by Peter Brâncoveanu and painted by Gheorghe Tattarescu.

Outside, Putna Monastery offers several other religious buildings, including a bell tower, refectory, and gatehouse, all beautifully decorated with frescoes. Make sure to explore the monastery’s terrace, where you can admire the stunning view of the Putna Valley below. Putna Monastery is considered to be one of the most important religious and cultural sites in Romania and a must-visit for anyone interested in exploring Romania’s rich history and culture.

14. Saint Ana Monastery in Orșova, Mehedinți County

Saint Ana Monastery - 15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Saint Ana Monastery in Orșova, Mehedinți County – Photo: karinacatalina27

Located in the city of Orșova, Mehedinți, Romania, the Saint Ana Monastery is one of the most stunning churches in the country. Founded in 1485 by the Voivode of Wallachia, Vlad III Dracula, the church is known for its beautiful Gothic-style architecture and tranquil atmosphere. The monastery was built to honor the beloved Saint Ana and houses many of her remains and relics.

The monastery has been fully restored to its original splendor and is a popular pilgrimage site for Orthodox Christians. Visitors to the monastery can admire the ornate interior decoration, including the colorful frescoes, and the beautifully carved stone exterior. The monastery also has an impressive library with over 4,000 volumes of books. Onsite, there are also many other attractions such as an old winery and a herb garden. If you’re visiting Romania, make sure to take the time to visit the majestic Saint Ana Monastery and explore its incredible history and beauty.

15. Curtea de Argeș Monastery, Argeș County – 15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Mănăstirea Curtea de Argeș

Mănăstirea Curtea de Argeș – Photo by maybe.jamielee

15 Most Beautiful Monasteries In Romania

Curtea de Arges monastery is one of the most valuable church architectural achievements in Romania. The consecration of this impressive place took place on August 15, 1517, by the assumption of the Virgin Mary, who gave the patron saint of the edifice. 

This monastery is an impressive monument that must be put on your list!


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