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Are you looking for a unique and stunning vacation spot? Look no further than Turkey’s stunning islands! From tranquil beaches to lush forests and charming villages, Turkey’s islands offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventurous exploration, you won’t be disappointed by the beauty of Turkey’s islands. 

Read on to discover the 10 best islands in Turkey you can’t miss.

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1. Bodrum – Best Islands in Turkey

Located in the southwestern corner of Turkey, Bodrum is one of the most popular islands in the country and has a deservedly high reputation. With its picturesque beaches and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, it’s no wonder that Bodrum attracts thousands of visitors every year. 

Bodrum is known for its clear waters, with plenty of swimming spots where you can take in the stunning scenery. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you entertained, and many shops to browse around. If you’re looking for something more active, there are boat trips, diving excursions, and paragliding opportunities on offer too. 

As far as sightseeing goes, the ancient ruins of Bodrum Castle are a must-see. Built-in the 15th century by the Knights of Rhodes, this impressive structure stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the town and provides spectacular views of the bay. Other places of interest include the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which houses an array of fascinating artifacts from shipwrecks around the Mediterranean, and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 

At night, Bodrum comes alive. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back evening or a wild night out, you’ll find something to suit your tastes. There are plenty of bars and clubs to choose from, so you’re sure to have an amazing time. 

All in all, Bodrum is a great destination for anyone looking to experience a unique part of Turkey. With its stunning beaches, fascinating historical sites, and vibrant nightlife, this island offers something for everyone.

2. Gokceada – Best Islands in Turkey

Gokceada is a breathtakingly beautiful island in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey. It is the largest island in the country, covering an area of 209 square kilometers. The capital of the island is Ibrice, and it also has many smaller villages. 

Gokceada is a paradise for nature lovers. It is known for its lush green landscape and picturesque beaches. Visitors can explore the ancient ruins that dot the island, including the remains of a Byzantine-era castle at Gokceada Kalesi and a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena at Ayazma beach. There are also numerous walking trails and biking routes to enjoy.

The local cuisine of Gokceada is renowned throughout the country and includes fresh fish, freshly-picked fruits, and unique dishes like ezo gelin soup and yayla çorbasi. With its mild climate, Gokceada makes an excellent destination for outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, diving, and sailing. 

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or an adventure-filled vacation, Gokceada has something to offer everyone. This stunning island is worth a visit!

3. Buyukada – Best Islands in Turkey

Located in the Sea of Marmara, just a short ferry ride away from Istanbul, Buyukada is one of Turkey’s most popular island destinations. As the largest of the Princes’ Islands, Buyukada offers a great range of activities and attractions, including horse-drawn carriage rides through the quaint streets, swimming in the crystal-clear waters, or simply lazing on the golden beaches.

The island is home to some of the oldest houses in Istanbul, many of which have been carefully restored, as well as several historical churches. The iconic Greek Orthodox Aya Yorgi Church is perched high on the hill and its panoramic views are not to be missed. The pristine waters and stunning beaches also provide a great place to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the island.

Buyukada is also renowned for its cuisine. Sample some of the delicious traditional dishes such as mussels cooked with olive oil, onions, and tomatoes or ‘balik ekmek’ (fried fish sandwich). You can also find some modern restaurants offering fine dining experiences. 

If you’re looking for an escape from city life, Buyukada is the perfect destination. Whether you’re after a relaxing holiday or an adventure-filled getaway, this idyllic island has something for everyone.

4. Cunda Island – Best Islands in Turkey

Cunda Island, also known as Alibey Island, is located in the northern Aegean Sea, off the coast of the Turkish city of Ayvalik. Its name comes from its size – cunda means small in Turkish.

The island is home to a variety of breathtaking beaches, each with its unique characteristics. The main beach on the island is named Aktur and has stunningly crystal-clear waters that make it one of the best beaches in Turkey. Other popular beaches on Cunda include Kadıköy, which has numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes; Kalemli, which is well-known for its picturesque sunsets; and İskele Beach, which is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

In addition to its wonderful beaches, Cunda Island also offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy. The island is known for its historical sites and cultural attractions such as old Greek churches and Ottoman mansions. There are also plenty of fishing villages and markets to explore, as well as plenty of shops and restaurants to visit.

For those looking to stay overnight, there are plenty of hotels and resorts located around the island. Several campsites offer breathtaking views of the ocean. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or an active adventure, Cunda Island is an ideal destination to consider.

5. Sedir Island – Best Islands in Turkey

Sedir Island, also known as Cleopatra Island, is one of the top-rated islands in Turkey. Located off the coast of Ula in the Gulf of Gokova, it is well known for its beach, which consists of grainy white sand believed to have been imported from Egypt by Marc Antony for his lover, Cleopatra. The beach and surrounding waters are incredibly clear and pristine. The island is small but offers plenty of activities such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. 

The main attraction is the ruins of an ancient city which date back to the 7th century BC. Visitors can explore the remains of the city, including a theatre, temples, and an acropolis. There is also a museum on the island that houses artifacts from the ancient city.

The island is accessible by boat from nearby Ula and Marmaris. Boats depart from both destinations daily, and the journey takes about 45 minutes each way. Accommodation is limited to camping or staying at a nearby hotel.

Sedir Island is a must-visit for anyone looking for a peaceful, beautiful getaway in Turkey.

6. Kekova – Best Islands in Turkey

Located in the Mediterranean, Kekova is one of the top-rated islands in Turkey that visitors can’t miss. Known for its stunning turquoise waters and picturesque scenery, Kekova is an ideal destination for those looking to relax and unwind in nature.

Kekova is well known for its ruins and sunken city, the ancient Lycian town of Simena. You can explore this site by boat or even go scuba diving if you are feeling adventurous. The rocky islet of Kaleköy (Simena) has a fortress as well as a castle on the hill overlooking the harbor.

In addition to exploring the ruins, visitors can enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the beach or take a boat tour around the island. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars located around Kekova. Visitors can even take a ferry from Kekova to nearby ports such as Kas and Fethiye.

No matter what type of experience you are looking for, Kekova is sure to provide it. With its stunning views and rich history, Kekova is an unforgettable place to visit in Turkey.

7. Fethiye – Best Islands in Turkey

Located on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, Fethiye is a popular holiday spot with plenty of activities to offer. It’s an ideal destination for those seeking an idyllic getaway with stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a laid-back atmosphere. The area also provides plenty of opportunities for exploring, such as kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving, and boat trips around the nearby islands. A visit to Fethiye is incomplete without admiring the incredible Lycian rock tombs, carved into the cliffside and looking out over the city. Once you’ve had your fill of sightseeing, you can indulge in some delicious seafood at one of the many restaurants in the area or pick up some souvenirs at the local markets. Fethiye is a great place for a relaxing holiday and should not be missed when visiting Turkey!

8. Marmaris – Best Islands in Turkey

Marmaris is one of the top tourist destinations in Turkey, and its island off the coast is a must-visit. Located on the southwestern coast of the country, Marmaris is an incredibly beautiful destination with stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and plenty of activities to do.

Marmaris Island is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands. It’s popularly known as the “Turquoise Coast” because of its crystal clear waters, which are especially vibrant in the summer months. There are plenty of activities to do on the island, including sailing, swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. There are also plenty of beach bars and restaurants serving traditional Turkish cuisine as well as fresh seafood.

The main town of Marmaris is home to several ancient sites, including the 6th-century castle that sits atop a hill overlooking the harbor. The castle dates back to the Ottoman era and provides breathtaking views of the town and sea below. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities here, from souvenirs to clothing.

Marmaris also has some amazing nightlife spots and clubs, including the popular Club Nero, located on the waterfront. It’s a great place to dance the night away and enjoy some great music. If you’re looking for something a bit more laid back, head to Taksim Square and sip on a cocktail while taking in the views of the harbor.

No trip to Marmaris would be complete without a visit to one of its many beaches. Turunc Beach, located just outside of town, is one of the most popular spots. Here you can soak up some sun on its white sand beaches or take a dip in its calm waters. No matter what you decide to do, Marmaris is sure to provide a great escape.

9. Datca – Best Islands in Turkey

Situated in the southwest corner of Turkey, Datca is a stunning island known for its pristine beaches and picturesque scenery. With its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, it’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This island is filled with plenty of activities to keep you busy, such as hiking, snorkeling, and exploring the many ancient ruins located on the island. The ruins are particularly interesting, as they provide insight into the history of the area.

For those looking for a relaxing atmosphere, Datca has plenty of peaceful spots to take in the stunning views. There are also a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars that offer fresh seafood, local specialties, and drinks. The locals here are friendly and welcoming, making it a great place to get to know people from the area.

Datca is also home to several unique animals such as turtles, dolphins, seals, and monk seals. You can even spot some rare birds here too! Whether you’re looking for an adventure or simply want to relax in the sunshine, Datca is a great destination for all kinds of travelers.

10. Oludeniz – Best Islands in Turkey

Oludeniz is a beach resort on the southwest coast of Turkey, located in the Mugla Province. It’s known for its powdery white sands, crystal clear turquoise waters, and spectacular views of the Taurus Mountains. Oludeniz has been voted one of the top beaches in the world and it’s easy to see why.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Oludeniz also has many activities to offer. You can go paragliding over the Blue Lagoon, kayaking in Butterfly Valley, jeep safaris into the mountains, snorkeling off Babadag Mountain, or even trekking the famous Lycian Way. If you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, there are plenty of beach bars where you can spend an afternoon sipping cocktails and watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

For those who enjoy exploring the area, Oludeniz has some fascinating sites to visit. The ancient ruins of Kayakoy are well worth a visit, as are the Lycian rock tombs at Kabak Bay. There’s also a famous monastery at Ovacik and a stunning 12th-century church at Cennet.

No matter what your holiday style is, Oludeniz is sure to provide something special. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Oludeniz has something to offer everyone. 

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