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Are you looking for the best things to do and to see in Umbria, Italy during 2023? If so, look no further! This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive list of the top attractions in this beautiful region. From outdoor adventures to cultural activities, there is something for everyone in Umbria! But that’s not all: while exploring these gorgeous spots, be sure to use Framey App to document your journey. Framey is the perfect way to share your vacation photos with friends and family, as well as find inspiration for your next trip!

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1) Cascata delle Marmore

The majestic Cascata delle Marmore is one of the most stunning sights in Umbria, Italy. This stunning waterfall is located near the town of Terni and it cascades from a height of 165 meters down the rocky cliffs. It is a must-see for anyone visiting Umbria as it’s an impressive display of nature’s beauty.

The site was created by the ancient Romans as a way to divert water to nearby farms. Today, it is a protected natural site and provides locals and tourists with breathtaking views of the waterfall. It’s a popular spot for hiking and photography, so you can take some beautiful photos to remember your trip.

The Cascata delle Marmore has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its historical significance and its immense natural beauty. It has been named one of the 7 Wonders of Italy, so you won’t want to miss this incredible site. You can visit Cascata delle Marmore year-round, but it’s especially breathtaking during the summer months when the water levels are higher.

2) Basilica Papale e Sacro Convento di San Francesco d’Assisi

The Basilica Papale e Sacro Convento di San Francesco d’Assisi is one of the most remarkable religious sites in Italy. Located in the town of Assisi, it was built to honor St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Italy. The church itself dates back to 1228, but was expanded and renovated over the centuries and now houses a museum dedicated to St. Francis’ life and works. Inside, visitors will find frescoes depicting his life and his works, some chapels dedicated to various saints, and a crypt that contains his body. The complex also houses a library and a cloister filled with lovely gardens. Visitors can explore the church and convent for free, or take part in guided tours for a fee.

3) Duomo di Orvieto  – Things to Do and See in Umbria

Duomo di Orvieto - Things to Do and See in Umbria

Orvieto Cathedral

One of the most beautiful landmarks in Umbria, Italy is the Duomo di Orvieto. This majestic cathedral, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, was built in the 13th century and is one of the most important monuments in the region. The façade of the cathedral is stunning, with intricate mosaics and sculptures depicting various scenes from the Bible. Inside the church, visitors will find frescoes, paintings, and sculptures by some of Italy’s greatest artists, such as Luca Signorelli and Fra Angelico. Visitors will also appreciate the grand central nave and its elaborate marble floors. It’s no wonder that this cathedral has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site. After exploring the interior, take a walk around the outside of the building and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding hillsides. A visit to the Duomo di Orvieto is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

4) Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli

Situated in the Umbrian town of Assisi, the Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli is an iconic Catholic Church and the place where St. Francis of Assisi once lived and preached. The church, which was originally built in the 16th century, is considered one of the most important Renaissance churches in Italy and has been inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 2000. It is a breathtaking building with two bell towers and a magnificent façade.

Inside, you’ll find an impressive Baroque interior with beautiful frescoes, sculptures, and religious artworks. A visit to the Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli is a must-do for those who want to experience the sacred beauty of Umbria. 

5) Eremo delle Carceri – Things to Do and See in Umbria

Santuario Eremo delle Carceri - Assisi

Santuario Eremo delle Carceri – Assisi – Photo by Carlos Javier Pelegrín Perete via Live Umbria Meteo24

Eremo delle Carceri is one of the most spectacular sites in Umbria. Located near the town of Assisi, this ancient hermitage was established in the 11th century by San Francesco d’Assisi, the patron saint of Italy. This stunning location offers incredible views of the Umbrian countryside and a stunning panorama of the entire region. From here, visitors can marvel at the beauty of the landscape, from rolling hills to vineyards and villages perched atop the hillsides. The hermitage also features several small chapels, which were built for pilgrims who sought refuge from their daily lives. Inside the chapel, visitors will find centuries-old frescoes and a small museum that documents the history of the site. Eremo delle Carceri is a must-see when visiting Umbria and provides a unique insight into this region’s history and culture.

6) Pozzo di San Patrizio

If you’re looking for something a bit off the beaten path, the Pozzo di San Patrizio (or Saint Patrick’s Well) is a must-see attraction in Umbria. Located in the hilltop town of Orvieto, this incredible feat of engineering was built at the behest of Pope Clement VII in 1527. The well is a remarkable 82 meters deep and consists of two spiraling staircases that descend into the depths of the earth, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with its intricate design. The staircase is lit by 54 windows that let in natural light, making the whole experience all the more magical. The Pozzo di San Patrizio is an amazing architectural marvel and a must-see when visiting Umbria!

7) Piazza Grande – Things to Do and See in Umbria

Piazza Grande is a beautiful square located in the historic center of Assisi, Italy. This public space is an impressive feat of architecture, with its cobblestone pavement and beautiful church buildings surrounding it. The square is dominated by the grand façade of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, designed by architect Galeazzo Alessi. It was built on the site where St. Francis received the stigmata in 1224 and has been an important pilgrimage destination ever since. Inside the basilica, visitors can admire a wealth of frescoes, sculptures, and other artwork from the 15th and 16th centuries.

The square is also home to several other important buildings, including the Palazzo dei Priori, which is now used as a municipal hall, and the 14th-century Gothic Church of San Rufino. Other notable attractions include the Torre del Popolo and the Loggia della Mercanzia. Piazza Grande is an ideal spot for strolling and taking in the scenery, or simply admiring the beauty of the ancient architecture. Whether you’re looking to explore the city’s history or simply take in some great views, Piazza Grande is a must-see for all visitors to Assisi.

8) Duomo di Spoleto

Spoleto Cathedral - Things to Do and See in Umbria

Spoleto Cathedral (Duomo di Spoleto) – Photo by Antonio Ippolito

The Duomo di Spoleto is a beautiful Romanesque-Gothic cathedral located in the heart of Umbria. It stands tall and impressive as the symbol of the city. It was built between 1212 and 1228 by a Roman master architect and retains much of its original medieval beauty. Inside, you can admire the colorful stained glass windows and remarkable ceiling frescoes. There is also a beautiful marble altar dating from the 14th century. The Cathedral is open to visitors every day except Sunday mornings when Mass is held. Be sure to visit this majestic site when exploring Umbria!

9) Basilica di Santa Chiara

Basilica di Santa Chiara - Things to Do and See in Umbria

Basilica di Santa Chiara – Photo by Barbara Rubino

The Basilica di Santa Chiara, located in the city of Assisi in Umbria, Italy, is a must-see destination when visiting Umbria. Built in 1257 in honor of St. Clare of Assisi, the basilica was originally an extension of the ancient convent of the Poor Clares. The basilica has a variety of fascinating features, including its striking Gothic-style architecture and its beautiful frescoes. Inside the basilica, visitors will find a museum, as well as the tombs of St. Clare and St. Agnes of Prague.

The basilica also houses some of the most important religious artifacts from the medieval period. In particular, visitors will have a chance to view the original wooden crucifix that was once adored by St. Francis of Assisi and the cloth icon of Our Lady of Assisi, believed to have been brought to Assisi by St. Francis himself. In addition, the basilica features a wide array of stunning mosaics and sculptures, providing visitors with an insight into the rich cultural history of the city.

Visiting the basilica is a great way to get a feel for the religious and historical significance of this area of Umbria while admiring some truly spectacular works of art and architecture.

10) Basilica di Santa Rita – Things to Do and See in Umbria

Nestled in the hills of Cascia in the Umbrian countryside is the Basilica di Santa Rita, one of the most iconic sites in the region. Built-in the late 14th century, this stunningly beautiful church is dedicated to Saint Rita of Cascia and has become an important pilgrimage site for Catholics across Italy. Visitors come from far and wide to admire the gorgeous architecture and learn more about the life of Saint Rita.

Inside the church, visitors will find an awe-inspiring altar that dates back to 1617, as well as several chapels dedicated to different saints. On either side of the altar are two paintings from the 17th century depicting scenes from Saint Rita’s life. Other highlights include a large crucifix from the 16th century, a tabernacle with a marble base from the same era, and a baptismal font from 1746. 

Outside, visitors can explore the various gardens and courtyards surrounding the basilica, which offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can also make their way to the top of the bell tower, where they can take in breathtaking views of Cascia and its surrounding area. 

No matter what brings you to Umbria, a visit to the Basilica di Santa Rita is an absolute must. This stunning church is steeped in history and its incredible beauty will surely leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

11) Piana di Castelluccio di Norcia

If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-track experience in Umbria, Piana di Castelluccio di Norcia is the perfect spot for you! This stunning natural area, located just outside of Norcia, is an incredible site of untouched nature. With breathtaking views of rolling hills, ancient Roman ruins, and rich history, it’s no wonder why this place has become a popular destination in Umbria.

At the heart of this region is the Piana di Castelluccio di Norcia. Located at around 1,280 meters above sea level, the plateau offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and valleys. Here, visitors can explore the ruins of ancient castles and villages, admire the beautiful wildflowers, and take part in activities such as horseback riding, rock climbing, and trekking.

Nature lovers will also enjoy the abundance of wildlife that can be found in the area. Birds such as black kites, blue tits, and cuckoos can be seen among the tall grasses. Other animals such as deer, badgers, and foxes inhabit the area as well.

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in Umbria, then make sure to check out the Piana di Castelluccio di Norcia. With its stunning views and rich wildlife, it’s sure to make your trip even more memorable!

12) Tili Vini Societa Agricola

Located in the heart of Umbria, Tili Vini Societa Agricola is a family-run winery that produces some of the region’s finest wines. Founded by the Tili family in 1984, this winery is known for its passion and commitment to producing quality wines that are true to the local terroir. At the winery, visitors can take part in wine tastings, tour the facilities and learn more about the wine production process. The team also offers guided tours of their vineyards and hosts educational events throughout the year. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just looking to experience a unique cultural experience, a visit to Tili Vini Societa Agricola is sure to be memorable.

13) Ponte delle Torri – Things to Do and See in Umbria

Located in the town of Spoleto, Ponte delle Torri is an incredible historic site. The structure was built by the condottiere, or military captains, of the Orsini family in the late 13th century. It stands almost 300 feet tall, with two towers connected by a bridge spanning a wide gorge. It is considered one of the most important examples of military architecture of the Middle Ages.

Today, Ponte delle Torri serves as a popular tourist destination and offers stunning views over the valley below. Visitors can walk along the bridge or hike to the top of one of the towers. At the top, you’ll find an old fortress that houses a small museum dedicated to the history of the area. There are also plenty of cafés and restaurants nearby that serve traditional Umbrian cuisine. 

No matter what time of year you visit, Ponte delle Torri is sure to be a highlight of your trip to Umbria. With its unique history and breathtaking views, this bridge is sure to leave you in awe.

14) Museo della Porziuncola

Located just outside of Assisi, the Museo della Porziuncola is one of the most important religious sites in Umbria. The museum houses work of art, frescoes, and religious artifacts, which tell the story of the powerful Franciscan movement. Visitors can tour the building and admire the beauty of its architecture, as well as learn more about the region’s spiritual history. For those interested in learning more about the Franciscan movement, the museum also offers guided tours with knowledgeable staff. After visiting the museum, visitors can explore the nearby gardens, enjoy a picnic lunch, or stroll through the peaceful hillside. Regardless of your religious beliefs, the Museo della Porziuncola is worth a visit for anyone exploring Umbria.

15) Orvieto Underground – Things to Do and See in Umbria

If you are looking for an interesting, unique experience in Umbria, Italy, then you must not miss out on Orvieto Underground. This hidden gem is a subterranean city located beneath the city of Orvieto. It is made up of tunnels, crypts, and ancient cisterns from the Etruscan era. This underground system is made up of three different levels and is more than one kilometer in length!

At Orvieto Underground, you will have the chance to explore the catacombs, crypts, and cisterns that were built centuries ago by the Etruscans. The underground system is still being studied by archaeologists and historians, as many of its secrets remain unsolved. While exploring this amazing place, you can also learn about its history and the important roles it played throughout the centuries. 

At Orvieto Underground, you will also find an incredible art installation known as the ‘SottoSopra’ exhibition. Here, you can admire numerous works of art created by different artists who have used the subterranean space as their canvas. 

Whether you are a history buff or simply an admirer of beautiful artworks, visiting Orvieto Underground will leave you with lasting memories. This amazing experience is sure to give you a new appreciation for the history and culture of Umbria, Italy.


Umbria is a wonderful region for those passionate about travel that offers many incredible experiences. From taking in the beauty of nature in Cascata delle Marmore to appreciating the history of the Basilica Papale e Sacro Convento di San Francesco d’Assisi, there is something for everyone here. With a range of attractions and activities, visitors can explore a variety of cultural sites like the Duomo di Orvieto and the Ponte delle Torri, sample the local delicacies like Tili Vini Societa Agricola, or simply enjoy the stunning views from Piana di Castelluccio di Norcia. 

And to make sure you get the most out of your trip to Umbria, don’t forget to download Framey – the ultimate travel app for explorers of all kinds. With its helpful features and convenient access to tourist information, you’re sure to have a great time discovering this amazing Italian region.

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