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Child-Friendly Places in Bucharest

Are you looking for the perfect place to take your children for a family meal in Bucharest? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best child-friendly restaurants and terraces in Bucharest. From traditional Romanian cuisine to international fare, there is something for every taste. Whether you are looking for a casual atmosphere or a more elegant dining experience, these restaurants will provide you with an enjoyable meal that your little ones will love. 

Read on to discover the best places to dine with your children in Bucharest!

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1. Journey Pub (Journey Garden)

Indoor ✅ Outdoor ✅

Address: Strada George Enescu 29, Bucharest

Looking for a place to take the kids in Bucharest? Look no further than Journey Pub (Journey Garden). Located in Strada George Enescu, this child-friendly restaurant and terrace is the perfect spot for your family meal. The outdoor seating area is surrounded by lush gardens and trees, making it a peaceful and tranquil spot to enjoy lunch or dinner.

The menu is designed with kids in mind, with plenty of hearty dishes that are sure to please the picky eaters in the family. From traditional Romanian dishes, there’s something for everyone. The chefs also serve up some delicious grilled dishes. There are also plenty of vegetarian options on offer.

The staff at Journey Pub (Journey Garden) are very welcoming and friendly, so you can be sure that your kids will be looked after while they enjoy their meals. Plus, with a great selection of drinks and desserts, it’s a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon with the family.

2. Grand Café Van Gogh – Child-Friendly Places in Bucharest

Indoor ✅ Outdoor ✅

Address: Strada Smârdan 9, Bucharest

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly restaurant in Bucharest with some culture, Grand Café Van Gogh is a perfect choice. This café is located in the heart of the city, just a short walk away from all the major attractions. The atmosphere at Grand Café Van Gogh is friendly and inviting, and their menu is sure to please everyone.

Here, you and your family can enjoy a peaceful meal surrounded by beautiful views of Bucharest. 

All in all, Grand Café Van Gogh offers a great dining experience for all ages. With its friendly service, delicious food, and wonderful atmosphere, it’s no wonder this café is one of the top kid-friendly restaurants in Bucharest.

3. Hard Rock Cafe

Indoor ✅ Outdoor ✅

Address: Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 32, Bucharest

The Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest is a great choice for those looking for a child-friendly restaurant and terrace experience. Located on the bustling Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 32, this restaurant is sure to please. The Hard Rock Cafe offers a wide variety of dishes, from classic American-style burgers to more international options like Mediterranean-style seafood dishes. In addition, the cafe also offers vegetarian options, so everyone can find something they love. Kids will love the bright and lively atmosphere, as well as the exciting activities available to them, such as karaoke and live music. And with its outdoor terrace, parents can enjoy an al fresco dinner while their kids play. Hard Rock Cafe is a must-visit when looking for a family-friendly restaurant in Bucharest.

4. Taverna Sârbului – Child-Friendly Places in Bucharest

Indoor ✅ Outdoor ❌

Address: Strada Tipografilor 31, Bucharest

If you’re looking for a fun, kid-friendly restaurant in Bucharest, Taverna Sârbului is one to consider. Located in the heart of the city on Strada Tipografilor, this family-friendly eatery is the perfect spot to take the kids for a meal. The restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere and serves up a variety of tasty dishes that both adults and children will love. There’s something for everyone on the menu and the prices are very reasonable. Kids can choose from their special menu items such as chicken nuggets and french fries. The portions are generous, so it’s sure to satisfy even the hungriest appetite.

The restaurant also features a large outdoor terrace that is ideal for enjoying the warm weather while you eat.

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly restaurant in Bucharest with great food and a fun atmosphere, then Taverna Sârbului is worth considering.

5. Daimon Trattoria

Indoor ✅ Outdoor ✅

Address: Calea Piscului 10, Bucharest

Daimon Trattoria is a great family-friendly restaurant situated in the heart of Bucharest. The restaurant offers a wide range of Mediterranean dishes and offers a vibrant and cozy atmosphere. There is plenty of seating space in the restaurant and even a terrace outside that can be accessed during the summer months.

To top it off, the restaurant also has a great selection of desserts and ice cream that can be enjoyed after the meal. The staff at Daimon Trattoria is friendly and helpful, making it a great spot for families to dine in and enjoy some quality time together.

6. Conacul Zeneea – Child-Friendly Places in Bucharest

Indoor ✅ Outdoor ✅

Address: Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu 38, Bucharest

Conacul Zeneea is the perfect spot to bring your kids for a wonderful meal in Bucharest. The restaurant has a fun and kid-friendly atmosphere with plenty of activities to keep children entertained. The outdoor terrace is equipped with a playground, sandpit, trampoline, and a host of other activities for the little ones. Inside, the spacious interior provides plenty of space for families to dine in comfort. The menu offers plenty of delicious dishes that everyone can enjoy, with some special options for kids too. There is also an extensive wine list and cocktails to choose from. All in all, Conacul Zeneea is a great place to relax and enjoy some quality family time.

7. Studio 80

Indoor ✅ Outdoor ✅

Address: Aleea Privighetorilor 80, Bucharest

Studio 80 is a great restaurant for families in Bucharest. The restaurant is located on the Aleea Privighetorilor 80 and offers a cozy atmosphere perfect for entertaining children. The menu includes delicious traditional Romanian dishes and some international favorites. There is also a variety of drinks available, including soft drinks, juices, beer, and wine. 

The restaurant has a large outdoor terrace that is great for enjoying the warm weather during the summer months. It is surrounded by trees and benches so you can sit back and relax while your children play in the nearby playground. The restaurant also has an indoor play area, where kids can play with toys and games while their parents enjoy their meals. 

The staff at Studio 80 are friendly and attentive, making sure that you and your family have the best experience possible. They also offer special discounts for families, so make sure to ask about them when you arrive. All in all, Studio 80 is one of the best child-friendly restaurants in Bucharest, offering delicious food and fun for everyone.

8. White Horse Pub & Restaurant – Child-Friendly Places in Bucharest

Indoor ✅ Outdoor ✅

Address: Strada George Călinescu 4 A, Bucharest

The White Horse Pub & Restaurant is a great choice for families looking for a place to eat out with their children in Bucharest. The restaurant offers a wide variety of menu items including traditional Romanian dishes and international cuisine. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, with plenty of space for kids to run around and play.

The menu includes appetizers, main courses, salads, and desserts. All dishes are freshly prepared using quality ingredients. For those wanting to experience something a bit more unique, the White Horse Pub & Restaurant offers an outdoor terrace area that is perfect for al fresco dining. With plenty of seating and tables, this area is perfect for families to enjoy a meal outside in the warm summer months. 

The White Horse Pub & Restaurant has everything a family could need when eating out. Not only does it offer delicious food and drinks but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere where children are welcome to join in on the fun. It’s the perfect place to bring your kids to eat in Bucharest.

9. Lente Arcului

Indoor ✅ Outdoor ✅ Work-friendly ✅ Pet-friendly ✅


Strada Arcului 8, Bucharest

No 78, Strada Dionisie Lupu

Lente Arcului is a charming and cozy restaurant located in the heart of Bucharest, offering an excellent selection of traditional Romanian cuisine. The interior is warm and inviting, with bright colors and inviting lighting. The outdoor terrace is perfect for summer days, with plenty of seating and a great view of the city. 

The menu offers an array of classic dishes that can please both adults and children alike. The restaurant is also well-known for its delicious desserts, including its specialty – Romanian pancakes. The staff is friendly and accommodating, especially when it comes to accommodating children. The children’s menu has plenty of choices, including burgers, salads, pasta, and other favorites. 

In addition to their delectable food, Lente Arcului also entertains the entire family. Kids can enjoy fun activities like playing board games, coloring books, and watching movies in their private cinema room. For parents, there is a full bar and an extensive wine list. This makes Lente Arcului a great spot for dinner with the family or just for a casual evening out. 

All in all, Lente Arcului is a great option for anyone looking for an enjoyable evening out in Bucharest with the family. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the staff is friendly and attentive. With all of this combined, it’s no surprise that Lente Arcului is one of the best child-friendly restaurants in Bucharest.

10. La Iris – Child-Friendly Places in Bucharest

Address: Strada Doctor Ernest Juvara 12, Bucharest

If you’re looking for a unique child-friendly restaurant in Bucharest, La Iris is the perfect place to visit. Located in a beautiful Art Nouveau building in the historical center of the city, La Iris provides an inviting atmosphere for parents and children alike. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating and a wide variety of Romanian dishes and international favorites. The kid-friendly menu includes popular items like grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, and chicken fingers. For those wanting something a bit more special, La Iris offers a selection of traditional Romanian dishes that are sure to delight.

In addition to its delicious food, La Iris has plenty of activities for kids. There are coloring books, arts and crafts, board games, and even a playground with swings and slides. And for parents, the restaurant offers free Wi-Fi and TVs throughout the dining area. 

With its kid-friendly atmosphere and tasty food, La Iris is sure to be a hit with the whole family. So come and enjoy a relaxed evening at this unique restaurant in Bucharest.


As we’ve seen, Bucharest is full of excellent child-friendly restaurants and terraces that offer the best culinary experience. Whether you are a local looking for a cozy place to take your kids or a tourist looking for a great spot to enjoy some delicious food with the little ones, there is something for everyone in Bucharest. 


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