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In the digital age, it’s never been easier to work from home. Thanks to widely accessible internet and affordable technology, telecommuting is no longer reserved for a select few. That’s why we want to present you Bucharest’s top 20 coworking spaces.

Work-from-home jobs have increased by almost 60% in the past few years, with more and more people ditching the 9-to-5 in favor of a more flexible work schedule. It’s no surprise that this movement has led to an influx of coworking spaces across the globe. These coworking spaces have grown in popularity thanks to their unique take on office space; offering professionals a casual and social working environment without having to sacrifice privacy or personalization. 

If you are considering launching your own business or are simply looking for new opportunities, you should consider joining one of Bucharest’s top coworking spaces. 

This article will give you an insider look at some of the city’s best work environments and help you find the perfect location for your company or personal needs.

1. Commons – Bucharest’s Top 20 Coworking Spaces


Commons create an atmosphere that promotes creativity, productivity, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas.

Internal designers ensure that each location is optimally arranged; perfectly balancing private and communal spaces. Here you can grow your business in one of the uniquely designed workspaces while being part of a wider community of entrepreneurial minds.

Address 1: Strada Halelor 5, București 030167, Romania

Link Google Maps 1: 

Address 2: Strada Nicolae Iorga 5, București 010431, Romania 

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2. Seneca


Here you will find your favorite place in the coworking space. 

You have access to a professional workspace, like high-speed internet, printer, scanner, tea, coffee, and the friendliest hosts.

Don’t miss this little heaven of work!

Address: Strada Arhitect Ion Mincu 1, București, Romania

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3. Lucrativ


Lucrativ is a boutique event space for interesting ideas and projects. It’s a versatile space, one where we welcome companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, and people who want to host their events from an amazing space.

Fast Internet, good coffee, and plenty of natural light are the things that will feed your lucrative spirit in our boutique event space.

So if you are looking for a space for events, this place deserves your attention.

Address: Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu nr 40, București 021413, Romania

Link Google Maps: 


4. Impact Hub

Impact Hub

This pleasant place is not only a workspace but a partner with whom you can discover innovative ideas with the help of the community, you can also collaborate on various projects and develop by participating in learning and development events.

Address: Impact Hub Universitate: Strada Tudor Arghezi 8-10, Clădirea Unimed

Impact Hub Floreasca: Strada Gara Herăstrău 2, Clădirea Equilibrium, Et.1

Link Google Maps: 


5. Nod Makerspace

Nod Makerspace

In this place, you will find coworking spaces, wood & metal workshops, private studios, meeting and event spaces, and also the first and only library of materials in Southeast Europe.

People who have their office or studio here work in different areas: Object design, IT, technology, architecture, painting, sculpture, branding, communication and PR, marketing, Graphic design, and much more. They work in a team, and exchange ideas and know-how in a fresh and colorful space.

Address: Splaiul Unirii 160, București 040041, Romania

Link Google Maps: 


6. Tech Hub – Bucharest’s Top 20 Coworking Spaces

Tech Hub

The TechHub project was born because it wanted a physical space where entrepreneurs, investors, and tech professionals could interact easily, a space where teams developing tech products could work under the same roof and have access to the connections they need to grow quickly.

Address: Parter, Strada Nicolae Filipescu 39-41, București 020961, Romania

Link Google Maps: 


7. Flash Office Solutions

Flash Office Solutions is a chain of instant office centers in Romania since 2013, offering its customers state-of-the-art office spaces, fully furnished and equipped, with services included in fixed, beneficial budgets.

The watchword is a great flexibility both in terms of the rented office area, which can vary from 5 sqm/unit, up to 350 sqm/unit, depending on the client’s requirements, and in terms of the rental contract period that these office centers can offer.

Address: Strada Maria Rosetti 6, București 020481, Romania

Link Google Maps: 


8. We Love Digital

We Love Digital
We Love Digital

WeLoveDigital is an unconventional workspace proposed by an online brand entrepreneur with 16 years of experience in the field. Orlando Nicoara worked at a dot com, then at Netbridge, and 8 years in the MediaPro / Mediafax group. Here you can rent an office and enter a community of people driven by the same passion. All in a creative space.

Address 1: Nr. 4 nr. 5, Nr. 17, Bucuresti 030167, Rom. nr. 030167 

Link Google Maps 1: 

Address 2: Bulevardul Dacia, nr. 30, clădirea Mecano, etaj 3, București 010403, România 

Link Google Maps 2: 


9. 360 Hub

360 Hub Bucuresti

Enjoy a dynamic and modern place. This place is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and technology, and the halls benefit from high-speed internet, printers, a meeting room, a video projector, flipcharts, and much more!

Whether you come alone or as a team, 360HUB promises you the best experiences to make your business a real success!

Address: Calea Dudești 94, București, Romania

Link Google Maps: 

Website coworking: 

10. Ingenius Hub

Ingenius Hub

Ingenius Hub is an ecosystem that contributes to enhancing innovative initiatives. They have workspaces, well-shaped networking, funding, and mentoring. More than 50 entrepreneurs or trainers with business experience make pairs from the community and are available to transfer the knowledge and expertise they have in a personalized form.

Address: Strada General David Praporgescu nr. 9, București 030167, România

Link Google Maps: 


11. ASpace Băneasa

ASpace Băneasa

This place was born at the beginning of 2018, from the desire to create a suitable environment for entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to work in Romania. The development of Bucharest has brought with it an urban agglomeration difficult to control, and traffic is today a critical problem. Therefore, these co-working spaces were created in the best locations in the city.

Today ASpace is the ideal partner for over 300 local and international companies that want to develop in Romania.

Address: Șoseaua București-Ploiești 19, București 077190, Romania

Link Google Maps: 


12. Mindspace – Bucharest’s Top 20 Coworking Spaces


This place goes on the premise that people are excited to come to work. Only in this way can their businesses thrive most beautifully. Members of this space enjoy better employee engagement and satisfaction, achieve greater productivity and innovation, and attract and retain the best talent. They promise to give business owners the peace of mind to focus on their core business priorities.

Address: Global earth Campus A, Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu 8, Bucuresti 020335, Romania

Link Google Maps:

Address 2: Tower Center International, Bulevardul Ion Mihalache 15-17, București 011171, Romania

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13. Urban Labs

Urban Labs

This place unites well-formed teams and aims to bring together cultural organizations, local authorities, and cultural and creative spaces to explore urban challenges in collaboration with other stakeholders. Together, they are committed to developing innovative solutions. Work blends very well with relaxation and relaxation, but also fun. The environment is very friendly.

Address: Ethos House, 7th floor, Calea Floreasca 240B

Link Google Maps: 


14. Regus

Regus Bucharest
photo source

Regus is the ideal place for you to build a home for your business with a private office. Their workspaces are fully equipped and come turnkey-ready-from furniture to high-speed Wi-Fi.

Regus has its nest in several locations, which you have listed below.

Address 1: 17, C.A Rosetti 2nd district, București 020011, Romania

Link Google Maps 1: 

Address 2: Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu 5-7, București 020335, Romania

Link Google Maps 2: 

Address 3: Calea Floreasca 169A, București 077190, Romania

Link Google Maps 3: 

Address 4: 15 Charles de Gaulle Square 1st District, București 011886, Romania

Link Google Maps 4: 

Address 5: World Trade Center Piata Montreal, no 10, Entrance, București 011469, Romania

Link Google Maps 5: 

Address 6: 22 Tudor Vladimirescu Blvd, București 050883, Romania

Link Google Maps 6: 

Address 7: 26, Timisoara Boulevard 6th District, București 061331, Romania

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15. Coworkperativa din Romană – Bucharest’s Top 20 Coworking Spaces

Coworkperativa din Romană

Specially designed for those who no longer want or can’t work from home, this atelier cowork cafe, offers you a real solution, the alternative of a rented office, accessible at a click away. 

The atmosphere is welcoming and the internet services are excellent.

Address: Strada Aurel Vlaicu 62-64, București, Romania

Link Google Maps: 


16. Coworking 160

If you need an affordable and representative workspace with no long-term obligation, this is the right place. Whether you are a freelancer from Bucharest or you come from far away to do a short-term project, in this co-working community you are in good hands. Here you will find a pleasant and creative environment for friendly and creative individuals.

Address: Splaiul Unirii 160, București 030133, Romania

Link Google Maps: 


17. Idea Perpetua

Idea Perpetua is a professional team of experienced consultants with creative, innovative, efficient, and measurable solutions. This place offers comprehensive online Marketing and business consulting services. Thus, whether you need advice regarding your business model, business strategy, and marketing or you want to increase the notoriety of your brand in the online environment, you have come to the right place.

Address: București, Nr. 6 Bl. B3A, Etaj 4, Splaiul Unirii, București 040038, Romania

Link Google Maps: 


18. LeBooster

Lee Booster focuses on providing a complete experience under a wide range of membership options tailored to everyone’s work style needs. All spaces benefit from abundant natural light, excellent internet connection, and hosting. However, on top of that, they are renowned for their ability to support members in their quest to become better professionals and entrepreneurs through our network of mentors and investors.

Address: 240B Calea Floreasca, 3, Bucuresti, Romania

Link Google Maps: 

Website coworking: 

19. Vine 21

 Vine 21

If you are looking for a welcoming community of freelancers and artists who have brought co-living to an interesting part of Bucharest, here is the place for you. This place is adapted to the atmosphere of everyday living, the courtyard is full of beautiful plants, and in the back, there is a new cafe and a co-working. A place to check out!

Address: Strada Constantin Bosianu 21, București 

Number phone: 0771 293 507

Website coworking: 

20. V7 Studio – Bucharest’s Top 20 Coworking Spaces

V7 Studio

V7 Startup Studio is a boutique coworking space in the heart of Bucharest. Whether you want to organize a networking event, a meeting, or launch your product, you will find a place for yourself here. Take the stress out of planning your event and flourish!

Address: Mendeleev 5 Street, Floor 1, București 010361

Number phone:  0749 291 055

Website coworking: 

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