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If you’re looking for a unique and magical place to explore, then Bomarzo is the perfect destination for you! Located in the Lazio region of Italy, this small town is home to some of the most stunning and bizarre attractions you’ll ever see. From ancient grottoes to mysterious sculptures, it’s sure to be an adventure you won’t soon forget. With plenty of activities to keep you occupied and entertained, Bomarzo is the ideal spot for a one-of-a-kind getaway. Read on to discover the many things to do and places to explore in this magical place!

Top Attraction in Bomarzo

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Sacro Bosco

Visiting the Sacro Bosco in Bomarzo is a must-do when you’re exploring this enchanting Italian town. The Sacro Bosco (Sacred Wood) is an eerie and mysterious garden full of grottos, giant sculptures, and otherworldly monuments. It was created in 1547 by Pier Francesco Orsini and is one of the most unique attractions in Italy.

When you wander through this surreal garden, you’ll come across some incredible sights. From the enigmatic Owl Fountain to the menacing statues of dragons and other creatures, you’ll be immersed in a magical atmosphere that’s unlike anything else. Even if you don’t understand the meaning behind all the sculptures, it’s impossible to ignore the powerful feeling that emanates from each piece.

In addition to its remarkable sculptures, the Sacro Bosco also offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Whether you’re admiring the rolling hills and lush vegetation or just taking a moment to soak up the peaceful atmosphere, you’ll soon forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A visit to the Sacro Bosco is sure to be a highlight of your trip to Bomarzo. This is a place like no other and worth exploring. Don’t miss out on the chance to discover its hidden secrets!

Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo

The Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo is an archaeological marvel situated in the beautiful Italian town of Bomarzo. The pyramid dates back to the 8th century BC and is believed to have been built by the Etruscans, a powerful civilization that once inhabited the region.

The structure stands 28 meters tall and is constructed out of large stones and sandstone blocks. Its unique shape and design have attracted the attention of archaeologists, historians, and tourists alike. The pyramid is also thought to be part of a larger complex of monuments that may have included other pyramids, palaces, and temples.

Although the exact purpose of the pyramid is unknown, many believe it was used as a religious site. Visitors today can explore the mysterious ruins and discover the secrets of this ancient civilization.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, a visit to the Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo is a must-see! Whether you’re interested in history or just want to admire the beauty of nature, this destination will surely leave you with a sense of awe and wonder. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore one of Italy’s most fascinating sites!

Parco delle Cascate di Chia del Fosso Castello

Visitors to the park can enjoy stunning views of the cascading waterfalls, as well as trekking, picnicking, and more. As you wander around the park, you’ll find unique formations such as the Grotta Della Cascata and the Isola del Lago. For those looking for a bit of adventure, there is also a zip line that takes

Warka Water

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the Italian countryside, then you must add Warka Water to your list of must-see tourist attractions in Bomarzo. Warka Water is a magical water park that’s set amid ancient ruins and is surrounded by lush green meadows.

For those who are looking for some extra adventure, Warka Water also offers mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. You can even rent a bike and go for a ride around the lake. This is a great way to get out and enjoy nature while also taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

No matter what your interests may be, Warka Water has something for everyone. So make sure you plan a visit to this amazing tourist attraction when you’re in Bomarzo!

Chiesa di Santa Maria in Via

One of the most beautiful attractions in the town of Bomarzo is the Church of Santa Maria in Via, a historic church located in the center of town. The church dates back to the late 15th century and is one of the most important religious sites in the area. The facade of the church is decorated with frescoes of saints and angels, and inside you’ll find several exciting features, such as an original fresco of the Madonna, several statues, and a beautiful dome that adds to the overall ambiance.

Visitors will also enjoy seeing the unique sculptures outside of the church, which include a lion, a wolf, and a centaur, as well as a large fountain. The church is open for visitors throughout the year and admission is free. Taking some time to explore the church and its grounds is a great way to spend a few hours in Bomarzo.

Riserva naturale provinciale Monte Casoli di Bomarzo

These monuments are some of the most iconic sights in the area, and there are several to explore. From towering figures such as the massive Hercules figure to the multi-faced monsters and intricately carved sculptures, you’ll be amazed by the craftsmanship that has gone into these pieces. Not only are these works of art remarkable to see in person, but they also tell a story of the region’s history. 

If you’re looking for something to do while visiting Riserva Naturale Provinciale Monte Casoli di Bomarzo, you’ll find plenty of activities to enjoy. The area is great for hiking and exploring, so you can take in the beautiful scenery and wildlife while making your way through the trails. There are also plenty of places to relax and take in the views, such as the nearby lake or local hot springs.

La Chiocciola dei Mostri

The mysterious and captivating town of Bomarzo is home to an array of unique attractions. One of the most impressive and surreal sites is La Chiocciola dei Mostri, also known as the Spiral of Monsters. This 16th-century open-air sculpture garden was created by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini and contains an array of bizarre sculptures that are sure to leave you in awe.

One of the standout pieces is the Ogre with his two wives, a detail that hints at the scandalous nature of the creator. The ogre is surrounded by snakes and dragons that create a truly chilling atmosphere. Other noteworthy sculptures include a dragon swallowing a man, a fierce lion devouring a horse, and a heron with wings outstretched. Each sculpture has its own unique story, making it a great place for visitors to explore and imagine what life was like during that period.

Necropoli di Santa Cecilia

The Necropoli di Santa Cecilia is an ancient burial site located just outside of Bomarzo, Italy. The site dates back to the 9th century BC and contains a series of tombs, which were all decorated with decorations such as crosses, wreaths, and other religious symbols.

Visitors to the Necropoli di Santa Cecilia can get an up-close look at the tombs and discover the history behind them. Inside the tombs are some interesting artifacts from the time, such as jewelry and pottery. The necropolis is one of the most important archaeological sites in the region and is a great place to learn more about ancient Italian cultures.

The Necropoli di Santa Cecilia is also a popular destination for tourists who want to take in the incredible scenery of the Italian countryside. With its rolling hills, forests, and rivers, it’s easy to see why this area has become so popular with visitors. There are plenty of hiking trails and picnic spots throughout the region, making it a great place to explore.

If you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, there’s even a castle at the top of one of the hills. This is where visitors can get an even better view of the surrounding landscape and can also enjoy a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants around the area.

No matter what your interests are, you won’t want to miss visiting the Necropoli di Santa Cecilia when visiting Bomarzo. This amazing ancient burial site offers something for everyone and is an unforgettable experience.

Torre di Chia

One of the most impressive attractions in the town of Bomarzo is the Torre di Chia. This historic tower stands majestically atop a hill, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Constructed in the 15th century, the Torre di Chia is one of the oldest buildings in the area and has been restored to its original grandeur.

Visitors will be amazed by the spectacular architecture and detailed sculptures that adorn the tower’s exterior. Inside, there is a large circular room that contains a wooden staircase leading up to the roof. From this vantage point, you can take in sweeping views of the Italian countryside.

If you’re looking for a unique experience during your visit to Bomarzo, make sure to add the Torre di Chia to your itinerary. Whether you want to admire its stunning architecture or simply soak up the incredible views from its rooftop, this historic tower is an attraction you won’t want to miss.

Antico Borgo di Bomarzo

If you’re looking for a truly magical place to visit, then look no further than the Antico Borgo di Bomarzo. Located in the hills of Lazio, Italy, this enchanting town is a must-see for any traveler.

The charming village of Bomarzo is nestled amidst rolling hills and lush greenery, creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. Its cobblestone streets are lined with quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants, making it the perfect place to take a stroll and take in the local culture.

One of the main attractions in Bomarzo is its namesake park, the Parco dei Mostri. This incredible park is filled with gigantic sculptures carved into the rock formations, making it a truly unique sight to behold. The 16th-century sculptures depict figures such as dragons, unicorns, and gods and goddesses, making it a captivating place to explore and learn about Italian culture and mythology.

In addition to its spectacular scenery and cultural attractions, Bomarzo also has plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Visitors can take part in trekking or mountain biking, or simply relax and enjoy the serenity of the surrounding nature. With its spectacular beauty and a wide variety of activities to choose from, Bomarzo is an unforgettable destination for any traveler.


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