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Enchanting and impressive! This description barely begins to describe how spectacular Prague is. Known as the city of a thousand spires, although a bit inaccurate, Prague’s skyline is speared by more than 1000 old towers and turrets, church steeples, and spires. But this is not the only nickname the beautiful city holds. Sometimes it’s referred to as the “mother of all cities” and “Golden Prague”- my favorite one. Stick with me to discover Framey’s selection of 25 Top-rated attractions in Prague + a bonus of 5 hidden gems. 

1st gem: Speculum Alchemiae Museum

Speaking of hidden gems, the bohemian atmosphere lies in the magical elixirs and potions of the Speculum Alchemiae Museum. A hidden passage at the touch of a button leads you down the underground world of alchemists and chemistry. Let your imagination get the better of you!

2nd gem: Novy Svet

The same magic air floats in the air when you pass by the little houses in the Nový Svět. The small picturesque area consists of but a few streets in the Castle district that will transport straight into the atmosphere of a little medieval village.  

3rd gem: Strahov Library 

From here on, head on your way to the spectacular Strahov Library inside the Monastery. The superb ceiling frescoes of the Theological Library are simply breathtaking and suddenly you find yourself in a royal-worthy library with priceless artifacts in the form of books!

4th gem: Dancing House

Another type of enchanting atmosphere gets you while admiring the unique architecture of the Dancing House. The nickname fits like a glove and you can almost imagine Ginger Roberts and Fred Astaire doing one of their magical dance movements.

5th gem: Henry’s Bell Tower

And if you enjoyed the previous modern landmark but would prefer something with more of a Gothic nature, check the Henry’s Bell Tower. Go to the 10th floor for the observation point, or enjoy the incredibly distinguished atmosphere at the Tower restaurant and whiskery café.

Europe’s best-preserved Old Town is full of gilded Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architectural gems combined with the finest Art-Nouveau samples and the rugged Prague Castle. The Vltava River flows through the city, and majestic bridges complete the romantic and magic atmosphere of the Unesco-listed city and its largest ancient castle complex.

And if you feel like reading some more, there is a fine selection of articles to be uncovered in Framey’s Blog. But for now, let’s discover Prague! 

1. Prague Castle 

Fairytale, magical vibes descend from Prague Castle. Roaming through the vast complex takes a while and it’s definitely worth it. Although it is one of the city’s most touristic attractions, it is not the only special place to check while inside the castle. The old Royal Palace’s main Hall, the staircases, the Royal Garden, and the Lion’s Court, are but a few of the superb buildings and places to check.

But you know what the best thing about the entire experience is? The incredible photos, day or night, sunrise or foggy, it’s just one of the most amazing structures to capture and impossible to forget!

2. Charles Bridge

One of Prague’s most iconic samples of Gothic architecture, the ever-crowded and popular Charles Bridge is one of the most recognizable bridges in Europe. 

It is adorned with beautiful sculptures and statues, offering incredible views of the Vltava River. But if you are looking for a smaller-crowded moment, you might choose nighttime or dawn.  

Honestly, most of Prague is just such a photographic spot. And if you are curious about where to head next, you can check another collection designed by Framey to help you: Fantastic Photography Spots in Prague.

3. Staromestske Namesti

Staromestske Namesti or the Old Town Square is postcard material with its picturesque buildings and streets. And just imagine that this part of the city has been mostly untouched and unchanged since the 10th century. 

And again, take lots of pictures while here, because they’ll turn out amazing. Old Town feels like it’s straight out of a fairy tale.

4. St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most stunning tourist attractions in Prague. It took almost 600 years to finish building this Cathedral between 1344-1953. 

The Gothic exterior of the cathedral looks astonishingly beautiful in photos and in real life. It is the interior that holds the real treasure. A 14th-century mosaic of the Last Judgment, the tomb of Charles IV, and art nouveau stained glass are all hidden inside.

Somehow, it is the combination of these different features and architectural styles that makes the cathedral a whole.

5. Lobkowicz Palace

Part of the Prague Castle complex in Prague, the Lobkowicz Palace is not just an impressive Palace with extraordinary views. It is the only privately owned building in Prague.

The 16th-century Palace has been through a lot of historical events until, after the end communist era was returned to its rightful owners and became the unique, cultural experience that it is now: museum collections, classical music concerts, café & restaurant, gift shop, a whole elegant experience.

6. Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock

The wonderful early 15th-century Astronomical Clock is in the historic center of Prague. It is the oldest functioning clock of its kind and it is a spectacle to watch. 

Each hour offers a brief performance of the Apostles and other figures that parade across the clock face. 

The grim legend surrounding the clock says that it is cursed. The most talented clockmaker was asked to create the most beautiful clock in the world. And so he did. The clock measured time and the position of the celestial bodies. But, his commissioners wanted to make sure he could never recreate such wonder there for they blinded the poor clockmaker. And that is why they say that the clock is cursed. True or not, the clock truly is a wonder!

There are so many other magical spots to check in Prague. Framey’s collection Timeless Treasures will help you discover them!

7. Obecni Dum

The opulent Art Nouveau building houses the Smetana Hall. Besides the acclaimed concert hall, the Obecni Dum also has a ballroom, meeting rooms, a café, a rather spectacular-looking restaurant, and a gift shop. 

But the best experiences you can get at Prague’s Municipal House are of course the memorable performances in the Smetana Hall and the temporary fabulous art exhibits.

8. St. Nicholas Church

Another fine example of Baroque in the Old Town, St. Nicholas Church is beautiful inside-out! 

The magnificent facades, the bell tower, and the huge dome match in style and beauty some of the finest paintings and sculptures, majestic chandeliers, and two incredible Baroque organs, held inside the Church. 

And if you can make it to one of the regular classic concerts held inside the church, the uplifting spiritual space will make this a heavenly experience. 

9. Letna Park

If views of Prague’s many bridges and stunning Vltava River are your thing, the place to hit is Letna Park. 

The beautiful Letna Park is popular with locals and tourists alike. Families, couples, dog walkers, or sports lovers enjoy this vast park. The Restaurant at the Hanavsky Pavilion makes for the perfect place to have dinner with a view. The Prague Metronome of simply the stunning sunsets makes for a romantic and yet spectacular photo place to check.

10. Spanish Synagogue

Bohemian describes perfectly the Moorish-Revival style of the Synagogue. And why is it called the Spanish Synagogue? A group of Spain exiled Jews found their new home in Prague during the 15th century. The new Synagogue was built on the ground of the old one and drew its inspiration from the Arabic Spanish style of the era, thus the Moorish inspiration. 

And while admiring the exquisite exterior and interior of the Synagogue, you can also visit the permanent exposition of the Jewish Museum housed here.

11. Petrin

Petrin Lookout Tower shares the same name with the hill on which it stands.
The peaceful hillside park is perfect for a summer walk. Beautiful parks and gardens lead your steps to the Eiffel-Tower copy, the Petrin Lookout, and its top platform. 

The Funicular railway, the restaurant, the charming Hall of Mirrors, and the Communist Victim memorial are other stunning places to see in Petrin.

12. Wallenstein Palace

The impressive Baroque Wallenstein Palace is now home to the Czech Senate. And while only some of the magnificent rooms of the building are open to the public, the elegant gardens are one of the best places for relaxation in Prague and sometimes a venue for cultural events. 

The design of the Garden has not changed a lot. Elegant statues, manicured garden, the pond, and the trees here make for a great spot to just rest and unwind.

13. National Technical Museum

For more than a century, the National Technical Museum has collected, assembled, and preserved documents, information, and artifacts of industry and sciences. 

This Museum houses quite rare and unique exhibits so, if you are a natural science or exact-science enthusiast this is the place for you.

Besides the fundamentally interesting parts of being a museum, this particular one has also an academic role. The Museum’s research center publishes interesting and new facts about educational technologies and sciences.

14. Church of Our Lady before Tyn

In my book, one of the most emblematic churches in Prague is the Church of Our Lady before Tyn. The beautiful 14th-century Gothic Church has always been the most important parish in the area. And while the entrance might be tricky to spot and totally worth it. Its 80 meters tall twin spires flank both sides of the church and support the other four smaller spires.  Surprisingly the Gothic exterior is met by the Baroque interior. Nonetheless, this jewel of architecture is worth stepping into and photographing day or night!

15. The Church of Our Lady Victorious

There is a good reason for the millions of pilgrims and visitors that pass the Church of Our Lady. Inside the Discalced Carmelites church, lies the treasured Infant Jesus of Prague, a much-celebrated statue. 

The statue is said to have miraculous healing powers and to have saved Prague during the Swedish siege of 1639.

16. The Vrtba Garden

On the slope of Petrin Hill lies a small High Baroque garden with stunning terraces making for a great photo set with views of the city and Castle. The incredible views with tiny fountains and statues make Vrtba Garden one of the most beautiful and peaceful locations in Prague.
Truly one magical, special spot, especially if you get there at sunset!

17. Czech Beer Museum 

Beer is pretty special in the Czech Republic. And while it is well known that Europeans, in general, consume a lot, Czechs are champions of this subject. So, it comes as no surprise the existence of a beer-dedicated museum in Prague. 

Located in the middle of the Old Town, the Czech Beer Museum is where you can learn all there is to know about how the precious elixir is made. And the museum is anything but boring with its video presentations and the beer tasting included! 

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18. Kampa Park

Kampa is a small island and park between the Certovka stream and the Vltava river, stretching between Charles bridge and Legii bridge. The Vltava side offers great views of the National Theater and wildlife such as swans and ducks ever-present on the river.

There are quite a few restaurants and cafes here, including a Michelin star, and several boutique hotels as well.

19. The Lesser Town Bridge

The Lesser Town Bridge Tower serves as the entrance to the Lesser Town from the magnificent Charles Bridge. The Lesser Town Bridge Gothic Tower offers some of the most magnificent views of the city. It is especially nice in the evening when the sun is setting behind the hills and Charles Bridge puts on its eerie evening lights.

With such beautiful churches and monuments to check in Prague, you might need some help choosing! Framey to the rescue with another collection: Architectural masterpieces in Prague.

20. Divoká Šárka

The outskirts of Prague are home to one of the most rugged and picturesque nature reserve valleys. Climbers, bikers, and hikers alike enjoy this untamed place. Amazing views of the valley and the city awaits if you get to the top of the hills, while the steam down the valley temps you with a serene and chill atmosphere. There is also a public swimming pool and a pub so you can spend a whole day just relaxing and enjoying the area. 

21. Troja Chateau

One of the most beautiful Baroque monuments, the Troja Chateau is located next to the Prague Zoo. All around the Chateau an elegant French landscaped garden with terracotta vases and orangeries with busts gather together to create one of the most stylish landmarks in Prague. 

The interior is equally a treat! Frescos, art exhibitions, and concerts are here to delight all your senses and make your visit to the Chateau unforgettable. 

22. Prašná Brána

Prašná brána is the most impressive entrance in Prague. The late Gothic-style entrance is the place where all Czech kings made their entry into the Old Town, so it has such a historic vibe and importance about it.

Back in the day, the Powder Gate Tower was where they used to store the gunpowder, hence its name, and it also was the starting point of the Royal Route to Prague Castle. 

23. Rudolfinum

The impressive Neo-Renaissance building completed in 1885 lies on the bank of the Vltava River. The truth is that Rudolfinum has always been synonym with music and fine art and home to the Czech Philharmonic and the Czech Music Society. Aside from music, the cultural life includes the Rudolfinum gallery, where large modern exhibition projects are being held. 

The ensemble is completed by the Rudolfinum fancy cafe and restaurant where you can enjoy an extraordinary culinary moment in an extraordinary space. 

24. Statue of Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka is one of Prague’s most beloved and well-known literary geniuses. His visions of the world are riddled with bizarre and surreal struggles, crushed by the blind authority. 

Nonetheless, Kafka is loved at home and his statue is a technical marvel. Composed of 42 rotating panels that make the statue constantly moving. 

This unusual and unique work of art is so Prague-material! And when you factor in the fact that it’s so close to the famous Wenceslas Square just makes it even more of a tourist magnet.

25. National Theater

There are more than 40 Theaters in Prague but none quite as spectacular as the National Theater.
The National Theater opened its doors in 1883, after a nationwide collection of money. This proves once more what a significant statement of independence and national identity it represented from the get-go.

The magnificent location chosen for the Teater was on the Vltava river bank, facing the panorama of Prague Castle but posed a bit of a challenging problem for the building’s designers. Today drama, opera, and ballet delight and enchant the auditorium!

Prague is truly one of a kind destination! And such a rich and special one. It was quite very hard to choose what to include in the 25 Top-rated attractions in Prague + 5 hidden gems as the city is altogether a gem!

Needless to say that I hope you enjoyed the tour! And the best part is that the entire world is just a click away on the Framey App!

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