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There’s nothing like winding down with friends in some nice bars or pubs in Kraków after a long day exploring the city! These drinking establishments are places where you can relax, socialize, and sip on something delicious. Whether you want to meet new friends or find someone special, pubs offer the perfect atmosphere and are a great place to do that. 

Get ready to explore Kraków’s best bars and pubs, from old-world traditional ones to trendy spots serving artisanal cocktails. Let’s get started!

1. Budda Cocktail Bar

Budda Cocktail Bar

This is one of Kraków’s best bars because it’s charming, relaxed, and serves amazing cocktails. This bar has a modern, industrial vibe with simple furniture and dim lighting. Head here with friends during the week or on the weekend when they have DJs spinning and a dance floor. Budda has cocktails and spirits that are carefully infused and mixed with fresh ingredients. They also have a selection of beer, wine, and kombucha on tap. Budda has different cocktail-tasting menus and offers happy hour specials from 2 pm until 01 am.

Address: Rynek Główny 6, 30-001 Kraków

2. Opus Lounge Bar

Opus Lounge Bar

This is a great one to check out if you’re looking for a bar with a chill vibe and unique cocktails. You’ll find a modern bar with retro elements, so you’ll feel right at home. Opus Lounge Bar has a super friendly staff and a great happy hour with delicious food and cocktails. There’s an outside area, too, where you can smoke. Their cocktail menu changes monthly, and most of their ingredients are organic and fresh. You can also order something from their food menu, and they have a Sunday brunch special with plenty of delicious items.

Address: plac Kossaka 6, 31-106 Kraków, Polonia

3. Sababa Cocktail Bar

Sababa Cocktail Bar

This bar is one of Kraków’s best places for cocktails because, along with its impressive drinks menu, they have a beautiful interior, friendly staff, and a relaxed atmosphere. 

They have a wide range of cocktails, spirits, and food like tacos, sandwiches, and salads. Sababa also hosts events like salsa nights, live music performances, and film screenings, so check their calendar.

Address: Szeroka 2, 31-056 Kraków

4. Movida Cocktail Bar

Movida Cocktail Bar

This is one of the best bars in Kraków because it has friendly vibes and serves delicious cocktails. The atmosphere at this bar is chill, and it has a long bar with high tables and benches seating for you to relax on. They have different happy hour specials every day, and their cocktail menu changes every week with a new selection of drinks. Movida also has a bar menu with small bites like patatas bravas, tacos, and an assortment of salads.

Address: Mikołajska 9, 31-027 Kraków

5. Mr. Black Cocktail Bar

Mr. Black Cocktail Bar

This cocktail bar is one of Kraków’s best places for a drink because it has a cool, retro atmosphere and serves delicious cocktails. This bar has a vintage vibe with dim lighting, a long bar, and dark wooden chairs and tables. They have happy hour specials each day, and their cocktail menu is vast with tons of options. Mr. Black also has a food menu with burgers, sandwiches, and other delicious bites to satisfy your hunger.

Address: Szewska 21, 31-009 Kraków



This bar is one of the best places to go in Kraków because it has a chill vibe and it serves delicious cocktails and bites. It has a modern, industrial feel with high tables and a long bar where you can sit and enjoy your drink. 

This bar is a great place to visit during the week for a quiet drink with a friend or during the weekend when it gets a little more lively. 

Address: Beera Meiselsa 22, 31-063 Kraków

7. Infuzja Cocktail Bar

Infuzja Cocktail Bar

This is one of Kraków’s best bars because it has a chill vibe and serves amazing cocktails. The interior is industrial and modern, with high tables and a long bar. They have a wide selection of cocktails on the menu, as well as a bar bites menu with small snacks like pulled pork tacos and salads. You can also order food if you’re hungry. Infuzja also hosts events like live music performances.

Address: Pędzichów 23, 31-153 Kraków

8. Puszka Pandory Cocktail Bar & More

Puszka Pandory Cocktail Bar & More
Official website

This bar is one of Kraków’s best places for a drink because it has a cool vibe and serves tasty cocktails. It has a modern, industrial interior with high tables and a long bar. They have a cocktail menu with interesting and unique drinks, as well as a bar bites menu with small bites like patatas bravas, tacos, and salads, but also host live music and events like film screenings, so you can enjoy something fun while sipping on a cocktail.

Address: Szpitalna 36, 31-024 Kraków

9. S I X Roof Top

S I X Roof Top

This is one of Kraków’s best bars because you can enjoy delicious cocktails with a breathtaking city view. They have a delicious cocktail menu with different drinks, as well as a bar bites menu with small snacks like pork ribs and salads. 

S I X hosts live music events, so you can listen to some music while sipping your cocktail. They also have a roof terrace, which is open all year round and offers a view of the city.

Address: Świętego Stanisława 10, 33-332 Kraków

10. Czarna Owca Wino Bar 

Czarna Owca Wino Bar 

This is one of Kraków’s best bars because it’s charming, cozy, and serves delicious wine. It has a modern, rustic interior with dim lighting and lots of bookshelves, so it feels comfortable and cozy. They have a wine menu with over 80 different wines from around the world, as well as an assortment of cocktails and beer, and also has small bites like salads and sandwiches, so you can grab a quick bite or sit and relax over a glass of wine.

Address: Dajwór 20/LU6, 31-052 Kraków

11. TAG cocktail bar

TAG cocktail bar

If you love going to cocktail bars and discovering new drinks, this is the best place to go. It opened in 2016, and it’s one of the most popular bars in the city. They specialize in classic cocktails and have a menu made with high-quality ingredients and modern twists. You can enjoy classic cocktails with a twist such as the classic Manhattan with bourbon or the Negroni with gin. If you’re looking for something non-alcoholic, try their special mixes such as the mango-coconut or the guava-pepper. What’s more, the place has an amazing interior.

Address: Podwale 7, 31-118 Kraków

12. GinMill


The place has an industrial design and a warm atmosphere. You can enjoy your drink in the lounge area or the garden. You can also try some of their tasty food, like carbonara, lamb chops, or steamed buns. If you’re a gin lover, don’t miss out on their Gin Mile Challenge. It’s a fun game that lets you sample 10 gins and win a t-shirt.

Address: Józefa Dietla 49, 33-332 Kraków

13. Alchemia


The coolest bar in Kraków, it’s a great place to go if you like to try out experimental cocktails. Alchemia opened only a few years ago, but it’s already one of the most popular bars in the city. It’s a cozy place with a rustic design, and one of the things that make it so special is that there’s a small laboratory inside. You can see the bartenders making cocktails from scratch and mixing them using special tools. The drinks they serve are freshly made, and they change them every few weeks or so. You can try out the Sauternes Sour, the Pear Spirit, or the Oatmeal Milk.

Address: Estery 5, 31-056 Kraków

14. Kraina Szeptów

Kraina Szeptów

This is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to go on a first date or if you’re feeling lonely and want to meet new people. It’s a great spot to enjoy a relaxing night with drinks, board games, live music, and events now and then. The bartenders and guests are very friendly and welcoming. They also create weekly-themed cocktails and offer special deals, so keep an eye on their official site for more information. If you like to try out new foods, the food menu is delicious and affordable.

Address: Izaaka 1, 31-057 Kraków

15. Propaganda Pub

Propaganda Pub

If you’re looking for a place to relax and chill with friends and enjoy a glass of beer or a few shots, this is the best place to go. This pub is famous among locals and tourists as it’s very affordable. They also offer delicious snacks such as hot dogs, nachos, and many others. You can watch sports matches live on their big screens, and if you’re lucky, you might have the chance to meet some famous football players. 

If you’re not in the mood for beer, they also have a variety of cocktails.

Address: Miodowa 20, 31-055 Kraków

16. Zlew

Zlew Bar

If you like to go to places that have a great atmosphere and serve delicious food, this is a must-visit place. It’s famous for its delicious cocktails, but its menu also has a wide selection of food, including vegetarian meals and gluten-free choices. The menu changes often, and you can find out the latest news about their dishes by following them on social media or signing up for their newsletter. 

The place is very cozy and has a retro design. It’s a great place to go if you want to spend a few hours exploring Kraków’s nightlife while also enjoying a delicious meal.

Address: Miodowa 3, 31-055 Kraków

17. Whisky By Night

Whisky By Night

This is a beautiful bar that offers a wide selection of whisky. They also serve cocktails, beer, and wine. You can go there to enjoy a night out or spend some time with friends. If you love whisky, you must try the Whisky Tasting Experience. It lasts for one hour and costs around 60 zł. The bartenders will help you discover how different whiskies taste, and you can even learn how to make your whisky. They also offer other events like culinary experiences and talks. 

What’s more, you can also do tastings that introduce you to the world of whisky.

Address: Mały Rynek 3, 31-041 Kraków

18. Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club

Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club

If you love music, you must visit this amazing place. It’s one of the best jazz clubs in Poland and has hosted famous musicians from all over the world. This place has three stages, and you can also take a look at their calendar to see when your favorite band is playing next. They also host art exhibitions and have many other cultural events. 

If you want to enjoy a music show, a jazz concert, or a poetry reading, you must buy a ticket in advance.

Address: Szewska 12, 31-009 Kraków

19. ORZO Kraków

ORZO Kraków

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a delicious meal and sip on a cocktail or a glass of wine, visit this trendy Italian restaurant. It’s one of the best restaurants in the city and has an amazing interior. 

You can make a reservation online or call them before going to avoid long queues.

Address: Lipowa 4A, 30-702 Kraków

20. Bar Smok Kraków

Bar Smok Kraków

Bar Smok is a beautiful place to spend your night. Also here you’ll find a great selection of wines. Enjoying a drink here or cocktail bar is the perfect way to end a long day or to start a night you’ll never forget. Whether you want to try out a new drink or find a place to meet new people, this Kraków bar is perfect for every occasion.

Address: Pawia 3, 31-154 Kraków

As you can see, many beautiful bars and pubs in Kraków offer something different, so Kraków has something for everyone. 

We hope you make it out to one of our recommendations or find another spot that is perfect for you, but first of all, enjoy your trips to locations around the World and make some instagrammable photos and upload them to your Framey App!

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