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To make sure you make the most of your trip, here’s a list of the 20 can’t-miss attractions in Uruguay that you need to add to your 2023 bucket list!

Are you looking for a destination that offers stunning scenery, a laid-back atmosphere, and plenty of exciting attractions? Look no further than Uruguay! This small South American country is packed with amazing attractions that make it a must-visit destination in 2023. From vibrant cities to beautiful beaches, there’s something for everyone in Uruguay. 

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1) Casapueblo – Can’t-Miss Attractions in Uruguay 

Located near the coast of Uruguay in Punta Ballena, Casapueblo is a unique attraction and must-visit for anyone exploring the country. Given that, it is a sprawling architectural complex that was created by Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró over several decades, beginning in 1959. Even more, this magnificent structure contains shops, art galleries, a hotel, and even a museum. Guests can as well explore the nooks and crannies of this fascinating building and marvel at its unique construction. The highlight of a visit to Casapueblo is taking in the stunning views from its rooftop, which overlooks the coastline. 

The combination of art, architecture, and stunning views makes Casapueblo a must-see attraction in Uruguay.

2) Teatro Solís

Located in Montevideo, Teatro Solís is Uruguay’s premier theater and opera house. It is the oldest theater in South America and its neoclassical facade has been declared a national monument. Its history dates back to 1856 when it was inaugurated as a stage for theatrical productions, becoming the nation’s top cultural center. Today, Teatro Solís offers an array of performances including musicals, plays, ballet, opera, and symphonies. Visitors can also enjoy guided tours of the building and its architecture. For instance, the tours provide insight into the history of the building, its famous artists and patrons, and the modern adaptations that have been made over the years. 

To sum it up, whether you are a fan of the performing arts or simply appreciate architectural beauty, Teatro Solís is a must-see attraction for your 2023 visit to Uruguay.

3) La Mano en la Arena – Can’t-Miss Attractions in Uruguay

Located on the beach of Brava, La Mano en la Arena (“The Hand in the Sand”) is a magnificent sculpture that has become one of the most iconic symbols of Uruguay. The huge sculpture, created by Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal, is a tribute to the nation’s independence and strength. It was inaugurated in 1982 and since then it has been an impressive sight for those visiting the city.

The structure is made from reinforced concrete and measures an impressive 11 meters high. It features a hand rising from the sand as if trying to grasp freedom from the sea. It is a powerful and moving symbol of Uruguayan independence and is a must-see for any visitor to Montevideo.

For instance, visiting La Mano en la Arena is a great way to learn about Uruguayan history and culture nevertheless. 

The sculpture has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, so be sure to bring your camera along with you when you visit!

4) Museo del Carnaval

Located in Montevideo, the Museo del Carnaval is an absolute must-visit for those interested in the culture of Uruguay. The museum is dedicated to the carnival, which has been a popular tradition in Uruguay for more than a century. At the museum, visitors will find artifacts, photographs, and costumes related to the celebration. In addition, it contains a collection of various instruments used in the festival. Visitors can also take part in workshops, activities, and interactive displays, making it an ideal spot for a day out with family and friends. 

Visiting Museo del Carnaval is surely a great way to learn more about Uruguay’s fascinating culture and customs.

5) Vineyards – Can’t-Miss Attractions in Uruguay

Uruguay is a paradise for wine lovers! Uruguay is home to over 50 wineries, offering a range of varietals from white and rosé to red. Among them are some of the oldest vineyards in South America. One of the top spots to visit is the Bodega Bouza, which is located in the city of Montevideo. Overall this winery offers guided tours, including tastings of its finest wines. Other notable wineries include Bodega Garzón, Bodega Narbona, and Bodega Juanico. 

No matter where you go, you can certainly find a delicious bottle of Uruguayan wine to enjoy.

6) Rambla

One of Uruguay’s must-see attractions is the Rambla. It is a stunning coastal road that runs along the Atlantic Ocean for about 20 miles. The route is lined with lighthouses, beaches, and small fishing villages, making it an ideal spot for a romantic drive or bike ride. Additionally, along the way, you’ll find plenty of stops for restaurants and bars where you can grab a bite to eat and soak in the incredible views of the coastline. For those wanting to explore further, there are plenty of hiking trails to follow and explore, some of which take you up to breathtaking lookouts over the sea. In conclusion, whatever you choose to do, a visit to the Rambla is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

7) Salvo Palace – Can’t-Miss Attractions in Uruguay

The Salvo Palace is a stunning historic building located in Montevideo, Uruguay. Dating back to the late 19th century, the palace was built by Italian immigrants who wanted to create a grand residence and commemorate their heritage. Overall, the building has a rich history, including serving as a base of operations for the Uruguayan navy. Today, the palace is open to visitors who can explore the ornate interiors in order to take in the views of the harbor and bay, and learn more about the history of Uruguay. A guided tour is available to experience all the details of the palace and its history. With its location in the center of Montevideo and its intricate detailing, Salvo Palace is an unforgettable place to visit for anyone interested in exploring the country’s past.

8) Garzón

Garzón is a picturesque village that stands out for its architectural and cultural heritage. It is well known for its old houses made of adobe and straw, and also for its cobbled streets. 

Garzón has been declared a Historic Artistic Monument by UNESCO. Its main attraction is the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceicao church, built in the 18th century, with its impressive facade and bell tower. The town’s other attractions include the historic La Gruta spa, Casa das Armas, and La Casa do Povo museum. 

Garzón is also a popular destination for wine lovers. Several vineyards can be found in the area, offering wine-tasting experiences. There are many restaurants to choose from, with menus that offer delicious traditional dishes from the region. 

The nearby beaches of Chihuahua and La Cangreja are ideal for sunbathing and swimming in summer. Other activities include horseback riding, trekking, and fishing. 

Garzón is a must-visit destination in Uruguay for those who enjoy history and culture, gastronomy, and outdoor activities.

9) Pablo Atchugarry Foundation – Can’t-Miss Attractions in Uruguay

Pablo Atchugarry Foundation is one of the most famous attractions in the country. This impressive complex was founded in 1996 and houses several sculptures, paintings, and installations from renowned Uruguayan artist, Pablo Atchugarry. Visitors can explore the grounds of the foundation to view its inspiring artworks as well as enjoy an on-site café. 

Additionally, the foundation hosts lectures and exhibitions throughout the year, making it a must-see destination for any art lover.

10) Mines of Precious Stones in Artigas

Located in the far north of Uruguay, the Mines of Precious Stones in Artigas is an incredible site to explore. The area is known for its vast deposits of amethyst and tourmaline, which have been mined for centuries by local gem hunters. Many of these stones have found their way into local jewelry and art.

The mines are open to visitors, who can marvel at the stunning rock formations and take part in guided tours that include access to underground chambers filled with precious gems. Tours will also provide information about the history of the area and how it has been mined over the years.

Visitors should also make sure to take some time to appreciate the beautiful landscape surrounding the mines. 

From rolling hills to spectacular sunsets, this is an area that shouldn’t be missed.

11) Estancia La Aurora – Can’t-Miss Attractions in Uruguay

Estancia La Aurora is a beautiful ranch that offers visitors a unique glimpse into Uruguayan culture. Located in the middle of a nature reserve, the ranch offers many activities including horseback riding, wildlife watching, and hiking. Visitors can also stay at the ranch, enjoying the local food, entertainment, and more. 

A visit to Estancia La Aurora is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Uruguay and get an up-close look at the culture of this fascinating country.

12) Laguna de Castillos

Located in Rocha, Uruguay, Laguna de Castillos is a stunning natural wonder that is sure to take your breath away. The lagoon is surrounded by rolling green hills and lush vegetation, hence creating a breathtaking landscape. Furthermore, visitors can take advantage of the serene atmosphere and explore the lagoon’s crystal-clear waters, as well as its stunning flora and fauna. It is also home to a wide variety of migratory birds, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers. 

A trip to this magical place will provide visitors with an unforgettable experience, so make sure to add it to your 2023 bucket list!

13) Cabo Polonio – Can’t-Miss Attractions in Uruguay

Nestled along the coast of Uruguay, Cabo Polonio is a unique and fascinating destination. A hidden gem, this national park is known for its stunning white sand beaches, rugged cliffs, and sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. The area is perfect for exploring and soaking up the natural beauty of the place. Visitors can take a hike around the cliffs, sunbathe on one of the pristine beaches, or even go snorkeling in the ocean to spot marine life.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, make sure to take a day trip to Cabo Polonio. 

Whether you’re visiting for the day or staying overnight, you won’t be disappointed. With its stunning views, wildlife, and laid-back atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot in order to have a relaxing break.

14) Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo

Located on the eastern coast of Uruguay, Punta del Diablo is one of the country’s most popular destinations. Boasting a stunningly beautiful coastline, this beach town is a paradise for surfers and beach lovers alike. With its laid-back vibes and picturesque views, Punta del Diablo is an ideal spot for relaxation and adventure. From the crystal clear waters to the towering cliffs, there’s plenty to explore and enjoy here. Whether you’re looking to try your hand at surfing, exploring the nearby wildlife, or simply soaking up the sun, Punta del Diablo has something for everyone. Be sure to check out the ruins of the Fortaleza de Santa Teresa, a 17th-century fort that offers a unique glimpse into the past. 

With its stunning scenery and laid-back atmosphere, Punta del Diablo is a must-visit destination by all means for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience in Uruguay.

15) Mercado del Puerto – Can’t-Miss Attractions in Uruguay

Located in the heart of Montevideo, Mercado del Puerto is a must-see for travelers. The open-air market is housed in a historic building that dates back to 1868, and it is home to an array of stalls selling local Uruguayan food, art, handicrafts, and souvenirs. The atmosphere of the market is festive, with live music and vendors shouting out their wares. Visitors can enjoy a traditional Uruguayan lunch at one of the many restaurants in the area, or sample some of the available fresh seafood. Mercado del Puerto is also known for its nightlife scene and vibrant cultural events. 

Furthermore, from tango performances to outdoor movies, there’s something for everyone at Mercado del Puerto.

16) Pan de Azúcar

Pan de Azúcar is a must-visit attraction for any traveler to Uruguay. Located on the eastern coast of the country, this stunning nature reserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife, from birds and reptiles to mammals. With its beautiful sandy beaches, lagoons, dunes, and salt marshes, Pan de Azúcar offers a unique landscape for visitors to explore. In addition to its stunning nature views, Pan de Azúcar also offers some exciting activities, from birdwatching and hiking to biking and horseback riding. As you make your way through the park, you will be able to see some of the many species that make up the biodiversity of the area, including sea lions, flamingos, and sea turtles. Finally, whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an action-packed adventure, Pan de Azúcar is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories!

17) Salto del Penitente – Can’t-Miss Attractions in Uruguay

The Salto del Penitente is a stunning waterfall located in the country’s northeast region, close to the border of Brazil. In brief, this majestic sight offers visitors a breathtaking view of the Iguazu River cascading over sheer cliffs, with spectacular views in all directions. The waterfall stands at a remarkable height of 79 meters (260 feet) and is considered to be one of Uruguay’s most popular attractions.

Visitors to the area can experience its beauty from the terraces above or by climbing down steps to the bottom of the fall. At the base of the fall, there is a picturesque lagoon surrounded by tall trees and lush vegetation. This is an ideal spot for taking pictures and swimming in crystal clear waters.

The best time to visit Salto del Penitente is during the dry season from December to March when the flow is at its strongest and the water is cleanest. However, even during the wetter months, the falls still provide a captivating sight. 

To conclude, no trip to Uruguay is complete without a visit to Salto del Penitente, so make sure to add this iconic attraction to your 2023 bucket list!

18) Estadio Centenario

Located in Montevideo, Estadio Centenario is a stadium like no other. Built-in 1930 to host the first FIFA World Cup ever, Estadio Centenario is certainly one of the most iconic and historical stadiums in South America. The stadium has a capacity of 80,000 people and is a major venue for Uruguayan football matches. The entire ground has been declared by FIFA as a Historical Monument of World Football and was included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2015. The stadium is also home to the Uruguayan Football Museum, where visitors can indeed learn about the history and evolution of Uruguayan football. To conclude, it’s a must-see destination for any sports fan visiting Uruguay.

19) Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento is one of the most beautiful and historically important cities in Uruguay. Located on the River Plate, it’s a popular destination by all means for visitors looking to explore the country’s colonial past. Visitors can marvel at the impressive architecture of its cobblestone streets, Barrio Histórico, and San Francisco Convent as well as take part in one of the many activities available.

One of the most visited attractions in Colonia is the Calle de los Suspiros (Street of Sighs). This picturesque cobblestone street lined with historic houses has been featured in several movies, making it one of the most photographed streets in all of South America. Other popular activities include visiting the nearby lighthouse, exploring the ruins of the old city walls, or taking a walk along the riverfront.

Furthermore, for those interested in more than just sightseeing, Colonia del Sacramento offers a variety of activities such as kayaking, fishing, and windsurfing. Additionally, visitors can also take a boat tour to explore the nearby islands and lagoons, enjoy some local seafood dishes at one of the many restaurants in the city, or take a relaxing stroll through one of the city’s many parks.

No matter what your interests are, overall there is something for everyone in Colonia del Sacramento. 

To sum it up, with its stunning views and rich history, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

20) Hot Springs

The Hot Springs of Uruguay provides an amazing experience for visitors. Firstly, located along the eastern edge of the country, the springs provide a natural healing environment that has been enjoyed by both locals and tourists for centuries. The hot springs are fed by underground rivers that are heated by volcanic activity. Secondly, these thermal waters are believed to have many healing benefits, including detoxification, improved circulation, and relief from muscular aches and pains.

The area offers also a wide variety of options for visitors looking to relax and unwind in the thermal pools. Some of the more popular hot spring areas include Cabo Polonio, Arapey, Termas de Dayman, Salto del Penitente, and Las Misiones. More than that, each area offers its unique attractions, with some having beautiful natural scenery and others offering mineral-rich hot springs surrounded by lush green landscapes.

Finally, no matter where you decide to visit, the hot springs of Uruguay provide a truly magical experience. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing soak in the warm waters or a rejuvenating getaway to nature’s healing spa, the Hot Springs of Uruguay are sure to have something for everyone.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Uruguay? With its diverse attractions, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, this South American country is a must-visit destination for travelers looking for a unique and unforgettable experience. 

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