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15 Spooky Places Around the World

Are you looking for a thrill right now? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

There’s no better way to get into the spooky spirit than by visiting some of the scariest places around the world. From haunted castles to abandoned mental asylums, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 spooky places you need to visit. From the creepy catacombs in France to the haunted palaces in Italy, these destinations are sure to give you a good fright. 

So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure, it’s time to explore some of the most haunted places on Earth!

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  1. PARIS CATACOMBS, FRANCE – 15 Spooky Places Around the World

catacombs france

These are a network of underground tunnels and chambers that were once part of Paris’s ancient quarries. These catacombs have become a popular tourist attraction in France due to their mysterious and eerie atmosphere. The Catacombs are filled with the remains of over six million Parisians and it is estimated that they stretch for around 400km.

Visitors to the Catacombs can take a guided tour to explore its many corridors, chambers, and wells. The Catacombs have been likened to an underground city and are one of the creepiest places to visit in Paris. Some areas of the Catacombs are closed off to visitors, as these sections have not been explored yet and could potentially be dangerous. 

The Catacombs have gained a reputation as one of the spookiest places in the world, especially since some areas are said to be haunted. Legends of ghostly figures and strange noises have been reported throughout the years. 

If you’re looking for a creepy adventure, the Paris Catacombs should be on your list!


This forest in Cluj-Napoca, Romania is considered one of the most haunted places in the world. It has been said that the forest is a gateway to the paranormal, as strange sightings, electronic anomalies, and other unexplained phenomena have been reported by visitors. Locals also believe the forest is home to various supernatural creatures.

The trees in the forest are said to be twisted and curved in bizarre shapes. Some say this is due to the presence of high levels of magnetic fields within the forest. Reports of visitors feeling a strange feeling of unease and fear have been reported, as well as sightings of ghostly apparitions and unexplained lights. It is believed by some that these are the spirits of people who have passed away in the forest.

So if you’re looking for a spooky experience that will leave you shaken and wanting more, then visiting the Hoia-Baciu forest should be on your list. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience that will leave you wondering what goes on in this mysterious place.

  1. DOOR TO HELL, TURKMENISTAN – 15 Spooky Places Around the World

One of the most spooky places to visit in the world is the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan. It is a natural gas field that was set ablaze in 1971 by Soviet engineers, who believed the fire would burn out within a few days. However, 45 years later, the Door to Hell continues to burn.

The area is now a tourist attraction and it can be found at Derweze, located on the edge of the Karakum Desert. The sight of the burning crater is a breathtaking experience and you can even get close enough to feel the heat emanating from it.

The burning gas crater is said to be as deep as 230 feet and is about 70 meters wide. It’s a fascinating place that will make you feel like you have stepped into another realm.

The name “Door to Hell” was given to this place because of the eerie feeling it gives off due to its location in the desert and the bright orange flames shooting up from it. With temperatures reaching up to 1000 degrees Celsius, the crater has become a symbol of eternal fire.

Visiting this site is sure to give you an unforgettable experience, so if you’re looking for a spooky place to visit, the Door to Hell should be on your list!


This one in Australia is said to be one of the spookiest places in the world. Located in the southeast corner of Tasmania, the ruins of Port Arthur are surrounded by tales of haunted prisons, ghostly apparitions, and other strange phenomena. 

The area was originally established as a penal colony in the 1830s, and it quickly gained a reputation for being one of the harshest prison systems in the British Empire. The site was abandoned in 1877 and soon after, reports of paranormal activity began to circulate. Visitors have reported hearing unexplained sounds and seeing mysterious figures moving around the grounds. 

The area is now a popular tourist destination and visitors can tour the site and experience some of the reported paranormal activities. Tours are offered during the day, but some brave adventurers choose to take a night tour and see what mysteries lie in wait for them. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Port Arthur is a must-see for anyone looking for a unique and spooky experience.

  1. PRIPYAT, UKRAINE – 15 Spooky Places Around the World

One of the spookiest places in the world to visit. Located near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, this city was abandoned after the 1986 disaster that rendered the area uninhabitable. Today, it serves as a haunting reminder of the consequences of a nuclear disaster. 

The city of Pripyat was built to serve as a home for the workers of the Chernobyl Power Plant and their families. The city had nearly 50,000 residents before it was evacuated on April 27th, 1986, due to the meltdown of Reactor 4 at the power plant. Afterward, it became a ghost town, with nature slowly reclaiming what was left behind. 

Today, Pripyat is a popular destination for tourists looking to experience its eerie atmosphere. Visitors will see dilapidated buildings, overgrown plants, and decaying structures that have been left untouched since the evacuation. You can also visit abandoned schools and hospitals, or wander through the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, where radiation levels are still high. 

Exploring Pripyat is an unforgettable experience and a sobering reminder of the consequences of nuclear disasters. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure, this eerie Ukrainian city should be at the top of your list.


A remarkable place that is said to be one of the most haunted places in South Africa. The castle was built by the Dutch East India Company in 1666 and is considered to be the oldest colonial building in South Africa. The castle has a reputation for being haunted by the ghost of Lady Anne Barnard, a former resident.

According to local folklore, Lady Anne roams the corridors of the castle, leaving behind a chill and a sense of unease. Sightings have been reported in the Queen’s Bastion and near the Slave Lodges, where her ghost is said to appear to visitors in distress.

Visitors also report feeling a sense of sadness and despair in the chambers, which is said to be caused by the presence of Lady Anne’s ghost. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there’s no denying that Castle of Good Hope is a spooky place to visit!

  1.  SEDLEC OSSUARY, KUTNA HORA, CZECH REPUBLIC – 15 Spooky Places Around the World

Located in the Central European country of the Czech Republic is a creepy and mysterious place known as the Sedlec Ossuary. It’s also sometimes referred to as the “Bone Church” due to its rather eerie design. The Sedlec Ossuary was constructed in the late 15th century and is located in the small town of Kutna Hora. The ossuary contains over 40,000 human skeletons that have been artfully arranged to form decorations and furnishings within the church.

The most prominent feature of the ossuary is a large chandelier made up of every bone in the human body. It hangs from the center of the room, where visitors can marvel at its creepy beauty. Other decorations include a large shield made of bones, a cross constructed of bones, and a coat of arms featuring a human skull.

Visiting the Sedlec Ossuary is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re interested in unique and spooky places, it’s worth a visit. From its gothic decorations to its mysterious history, the Sedlec Ossuary will surely leave an impression on you.


Located in the ancient city of Thebes in the Upper Nile Valley, the Valley of the Kings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most spooky places to visit in the world. This sprawling complex of ancient tombs has been home to some of the most famous pharaohs, including Tutankhamun and Seti I.

The tombs are filled with hieroglyphic inscriptions and colorful paintings depicting scenes from their afterlife, as well as offering glimpses into daily life in ancient Egypt. The walls of the tombs often contain hidden chambers and secret passageways, adding to the mystery of the Valley of the Kings.

But it’s not just the tombs that make this place so spooky – the whole Valley is filled with an eerie atmosphere, making it a great destination for those seeking a bit of supernatural adventure. Whether you explore the tombs on your own or take a guided tour, you’ll be sure to experience some chills and thrills!


Located in the small town of Parikkala in Finland, the Veijo Ronkkonen Sculpture Garden is a strange and eerie place. The garden was created by the artist Veijo Ronkkonen who had a passion for creating sculptures out of scrap metal and other found objects. He created more than 200 works of art that are now scattered throughout the garden.

The sculptures are often eerie and creepy, featuring figures of animals and human-like creatures in various poses. They seem to come alive in the darkness of the night, making this place an even more spooky experience. An also, they have a powerful and mysterious atmosphere that makes them a perfect destination for anyone looking for a unique and mysterious place to visit. 

The Veijo Ronkkonen Sculpture Garden is open to visitors year-round, but the best time to visit is during the winter months when the cold temperatures add to the creepy atmosphere. This is a place you won’t forget anytime soon!


A spectacular sight located in East Java, Indonesia. The volcano, also known as the “Lighthouse of Java”, is renowned for its beautiful and eerie blue fire, and is said to be one of the most unique volcanoes in the world.

The volcano is an active stratovolcano, with a caldera of 3 kilometers in diameter, and it stands at 2,368 meters tall. The picturesque crater lake at the top of the volcano is highly acidic, but this doesn’t stop tourists from visiting for the breathtaking views.

At night, visitors can witness a stunning blue glow from the crater, created by the burning sulfuric gases. There is also a sulfur mining industry nearby which has been operating since the Dutch colonized Indonesia in the early 19th century. 

Kawah Ijen is a fascinating place to visit, especially for those who want to experience something out of the ordinary. It’s both mysterious and beautiful, making it one of the spookiest places to visit in Indonesia.

  1. SALEM WITCH MUSEUM, UNITED STATES – 15 Spooky Places Around the World

The city of Salem, Massachusetts has a dark and mysterious past. The infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692 have turned the town into a spooky and haunted destination. Salem is now home to many ghost tours and attractions, and you can visit several places that were associated with the Witch Trials. Spend the day visiting historical sites such as the Salem Witch Museum, the Witch House, and the Witch Trial Memorial. You can also visit the oldest graveyard in America, where 20 of the Salem witches are buried. Whether you’re looking for a thrill or just want to learn more about the history of Salem, it’s worth a visit.


Located in Bolivia, the North Yungas Road is a dangerous and spooky stretch of highway that stretches from La Paz to Coroico. Nicknamed the ‘Death Road’, this road is infamous for its narrow width and sharp drop-offs, making it a treacherous journey. Many people have died on this road due to its treacherous terrain, earning it its sinister nickname. This road is surrounded by lush jungle, making it an eerily beautiful drive. But, the danger combined with its stunning backdrop makes for a truly spine-tingling experience. Even if you don’t want to take the risk of driving on this road, it’s worth visiting and taking some pictures of the incredible scenery!

  1. TOWER OF LONDON, ENGLAND – 15 Spooky Places Around the World

Probably one of the most haunted places in the world. It is steeped in history and dark secrets, making it a particularly spooky place to visit. Many believe it to be home to numerous ghosts, including Anne Boleyn, who was beheaded in 1536 on Tower Green. The legend of the ghost of the white lady has been seen for centuries on the tower grounds, dressed in a white robe with a hood. Visitors have also reported hearing her eerie wail and a sense of being watched as they explore the premises. Other ghosts often spotted are Henry VI, who was killed in 1471, as well as two small boys known as the “Princes in the Tower.” While touring this ancient fortress, be sure to keep an eye out for any unexpected supernatural sightings!


Located in Xochimilco, a suburb of Mexico City is the Island of the Dolls – a spooky destination for those seeking out the supernatural. According to legend, Don Julian Santana Barrera was haunted by the spirit of a young girl who drowned in the canals that surround the island. To appease her spirit, he began to hang dolls from the trees on the island. His collection of dolls eventually grew to over 1,500. The dolls have since been vandalized and some believe the ghost of the little girl still haunts the island. Visiting the Island of the Dolls is not for the faint of heart, as it has an eerie atmosphere that will send shivers down your spine.

  1. CHRIST OF THE ABYSS, SAN FRUTTUOSO, ITALY – 15 Spooky Places Around the World

Tucked away in the Italian Riviera is a spot that is both serene and spooky. The Christ of the Abyss is an 8-foot-tall bronze statue located in the Mediterranean Sea near San Fruttuoso. It was first placed there in 1954 by Italian diver Duilio Marcante and commemorates the death of a fellow diver, Dario Gonzatti. Since then, it has become a popular diving spot for tourists and locals alike. 

Although it appears peaceful and calm from the outside, many divers have reported feeling uneasy or uncomfortable when exploring this site. The statue is often surrounded by schools of fish, making it even more surreal and spooky. 

The Christ of the Abyss is a mysterious and captivating spot that all divers should experience at least once in their lifetime. It’s a great place to reflect on the beauty of the ocean and its creatures while also getting a bit of a thrill from its eerie atmosphere.

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