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Are you planning to visit Edinburgh, Scotland? If so, you have chosen a beautiful destination that has a long and rich history. But before you begin packing your bags, there are some important questions you should ask yourself to make sure your trip goes off without a hitch. From understanding the cost of living to knowing the best way to get around, these questions will help you plan a trip to Edinburgh that is both enjoyable and economical. Read on to learn the top 10 questions to ask before planning a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.


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1. What is the best time of year to visit Edinburgh? – Edinburgh, Scotland

What is the best time of year to visit Edinburgh?

What is the best time of year to visit Edinburgh?

The best time to visit Edinburgh depends on what you are looking for in your trip. If you’re looking for warmer weather, the best times to visit are late spring and early summer, from May to June. However, if you don’t mind the cold and want to experience the city’s famous festivals, then winter or fall are the better times to visit. 

The summer months (June-August) bring warm weather and long days, perfect for exploring the city and taking in all its sights. This is also the peak tourist season, so expect higher prices and bigger crowds. 

For those looking for fewer crowds and lower prices, fall (September-November) can be a great time to visit. The autumn months bring cooler temperatures, but still plenty of sunshine and fewer crowds.

Winter (December-February) can also be a great time to visit Edinburgh, although temperatures are very cold. This is when the city comes alive with its annual Hogmanay festival, which includes music, dancing, parades, and fireworks. 

Overall, the best time to visit Edinburgh is whenever you have the chance – the city has something to offer no matter when you go.

2. How do I get around Edinburgh? – Edinburgh, Scotland

How do I get around Edinburgh?

How do I get around Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is a great city for exploring by foot, but if you’d like to get around more quickly, there are plenty of other options. The city is well-served by public transport and the most popular modes of transport include buses, trams, and taxis. 

Buses: The bus system in Edinburgh is operated by Lothian Buses, which serves over 80 million passengers every year. They offer frequent routes throughout the city and suburbs as well as night bus services. There are also special tourist buses that run around some of the major sights. 

Trams: Edinburgh’s tram system opened in 2014 and is operated by Edinburgh Trams. It runs from Edinburgh Airport to York Place and passes through the city center. It’s a great way to get around the city and you can purchase tickets online or at the tram stops.

Taxis: Taxis in Edinburgh are widely available and you can hail them on the street or book them in advance. They are a convenient way to get around the city and many have wheelchair access. 

Rental cars: If you prefer to drive yourself around Edinburgh, you can rent a car from one of the many rental companies in the city. Be sure to check out any parking restrictions before you hit the roads. 

No matter which mode of transport you choose, getting around Edinburgh is easy and convenient. Enjoy exploring this beautiful city!

3. What are the must-see sights in Edinburgh?

What are the must-see sights in Edinburgh?

What are the must-see sights in Edinburgh?

When you’re in Edinburgh, there’s plenty to see and do. From its stunning architecture to its beautiful views, the city is filled with a range of must-see sights. Here are some of the top attractions to explore:

  1. Edinburgh Castle: Sitting atop a volcano, Edinburgh Castle is one of Scotland’s most iconic attractions. It has been standing for more than 900 years and offers spectacular views over the city. Visitors can explore the ancient castle and its many historic buildings, including St. Margaret’s Chapel and the Great Hall.
  2. The Royal Mile: Stretching from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile is a cobbled street lined with shops, restaurants, and pubs. Visitors can explore the winding street, check out the many attractions along the way, or visit the many historic buildings on either side.
  3. Arthur’s Seat: This dormant volcano is located at the top of the Royal Mile and is one of Edinburgh’s most popular outdoor destinations. With stunning views of the city, it’s a great place for a walk or a picnic.
  4. Calton Hill: Another great spot for incredible views of Edinburgh, Calton Hill is home to the National Monument of Scotland and Nelson’s Monument. Visitors can also explore the many monuments and memorials located here.
  5. Princes Street Gardens: Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Princes Street Gardens is one of the largest public parks in the city. Here, visitors can stroll around the gardens and admire the many monuments, or simply relax and enjoy the view of Edinburgh Castle in the distance.

Whether you’re looking for history or adventure, Edinburgh has something to offer every visitor. Make sure you take time to explore some of these must-see sights while you’re there!

4. What are some off-the-beaten-path places to see in Edinburgh? – Edinburgh, Scotland

What are some off-the-beaten-path places to see in Edinburgh?

What are some off-the-beaten-path places to see in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is a beautiful city full of hidden gems, and there are plenty of off-the-beaten-path attractions that are worth exploring. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Greyfriars Kirkyard: This 17th-century graveyard is full of interesting headstones, monuments, and statues. It’s believed to be the burial site of the legendary Greyfriars Bobby, a loyal Skye Terrier who kept vigil at his master’s grave for 14 years.
  2. Calton Hill: This hill offers amazing views over the city, as well as some unique architecture. You can take in the neoclassical monument of the National Monument, the Observatory House, and Nelson’s Monument—all built in honor of different figures from Scottish history.
  3. Dynamic Earth: This interactive science center is a great place to learn about the planet’s formation, climate change, and sustainability. Plus, there’s a 4D theater and a rainforest experience!
  4. Dean Village: Located on the Water of Leith, this charming village was once a milling town. Now it’s a peaceful spot to take a stroll or enjoy a picnic.
  5. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh: This oasis is located just outside the city center and is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a stroll through their 70 acres of gardens and explore the collections of plants from around the world.

5. What are some traditional Scottish dishes I should try while in Edinburgh? – Edinburgh, Scotland

What are some traditional Scottish dishes I should try while in Edinburgh?

What are some traditional Scottish dishes I should try while in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh, Scotland is home to some of the best traditional Scottish dishes. Whether you’re looking for a light snack or a hearty meal, there’s something for everyone in Edinburgh. Here are some of the classic dishes you should try while in Edinburgh:

Haggis: This classic Scottish dish is a savory mix of sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs. It is usually served with neeps (mashed turnips) and tatties (mashed potatoes).

Cullen Skink: This creamy soup is made with smoked haddock and potatoes. It’s a popular starter at many restaurants in Edinburgh.

Cock-a-Leekie: This hearty soup is made with chicken, leeks, and prunes. It’s a great option for a comforting meal.

Scotch Pie: This classic pie is made with minced beef and lamb, with a crunchy pastry crust. 

Bridies: Bridies are a type of meat pie made with steak, onions, and spices, all encased in a buttery pastry crust.

Shortbread: Shortbread is a classic Scottish biscuit made with butter, sugar, and flour. It’s usually served as an accompaniment to afternoon tea. 

Clootie Dumpling: This dessert is a steamed pudding made with dried fruit and spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s often served with custard or cream. 

Whether you’re visiting Edinburgh for the first time or you’re a seasoned traveler, be sure to try some of these traditional Scottish dishes during your stay. They are sure to tantalize your taste buds!

6. Where can I find the best Scotch whisky in Edinburgh?

Where can I find the best Scotch whisky in Edinburgh?

Where can I find the best Scotch whisky in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is home to some of the best Scotch whisky in the world, and there are plenty of places to enjoy a dram or two. For an authentic experience, head to one of Edinburgh’s oldest whisky bars, The Bow Bar. This traditional bar has been serving whisky for over 200 years and offers a great selection of single malts from all over Scotland. Another great spot to sample whisky is Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop, which is located on the Royal Mile. It offers more than 300 whiskies from small distilleries across Scotland.

If you’re looking for a unique whisky experience, try the Scotch Whisky Experience located near Edinburgh Castle. Here, you can take part in a guided whisky tour and learn about the history and production of Scotland’s national drink. Finally, make sure to stop by the Scotch Malt Whisky Society located on Queen Street. This exclusive society offers over 800 single malts and other exclusive whiskies that you won’t find anywhere else.

7. What kind of nightlife can I expect in Edinburgh? – Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is known for its lively nightlife scene, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for traditional pubs or swanky rooftop bars, you won’t be disappointed. For traditional pubs, the Old Town area is home to some of the city’s oldest pubs, and there are plenty of new bars popping up all the time. Meanwhile, the West End is home to a vibrant clubbing scene, with everything from dance clubs to hipster dives.

When it comes to rooftop bars, Edinburgh offers some amazing views and exciting atmospheres. From the stunning Skyline Terrace at The Dome to the cozy terrace of Dragonfly, there’s something for every taste. For live music, head over to the Jazz Bar or Whistle Binkies for jazz and blues.

For a more relaxed evening, you can enjoy traditional Scottish culture with a pint at one of Edinburgh’s many whisky bars. Sample a wide range of whiskies from around Scotland while enjoying some traditional folk music. Alternatively, take in a show at one of Edinburgh’s many comedy clubs or see a performance at the Festival Theatre.

No matter what type of nightlife you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Edinburgh. With its wide selection of pubs, clubs, bars, and theatres, Edinburgh truly has something for everyone.

8. What are some tips for shopping in Edinburgh?

What are some tips for shopping in Edinburgh?

What are some tips for shopping in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is known for its wealth of shops, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your shopping experience in Edinburgh:

  1. Know where to look – The city center is full of great shopping spots, from the exclusive boutiques on Princes Street and the independent stores in the Grassmarket to the designer shops on George Street. The Royal Mile is also a great place for souvenir hunting.
  2. Shop early – To avoid large crowds, try to shop in the morning or mid-week when stores are less busy.
  3. Check for deals – If you’re looking for a bargain, keep an eye out for deals, discounts, and special offers at various shops in the city.
  4. Take advantage of markets – The city’s markets are great places to find one-of-a-kind items and unique souvenirs. The farmers market at Castle Terrace is especially good for local produce and traditional foods.
  5. Know when to shop – Some shops stay open late during the summer months, while others close early during winter. Make sure to check the opening and closing times of stores before visiting.
  6. Look out for tax refunds – If you spend more than £50 in any single shop, make sure to ask for a VAT refund form (available at tourist information offices). This will allow you to claim back up to 17.5% of your purchase price as a tax refund when you leave the country. 

Following these tips should ensure that you have a great shopping experience in Edinburgh. So whether you’re looking for souvenirs or special gifts, you won’t have any trouble finding what you need in this beautiful city!

9. What are some things to do if I’m traveling with kids to Edinburgh? – Edinburgh, Scotland

What are some things to do if I'm traveling with kids to Edinburgh?

What are some things to do if I’m traveling with kids to Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is a great destination for a family trip! With its beautiful cityscape and abundance of attractions, it’s easy to find something fun to do with kids. Some of the most popular kid-friendly activities include visiting Edinburgh Castle, going on a boat tour along the River Forth, exploring the city’s parks and gardens, or taking a tour of one of the many whisky distilleries.

Edinburgh Castle is a must-visit attraction when traveling to Edinburgh with kids. It has a long and fascinating history that is sure to captivate both children and adults alike. Take a guided tour and explore the grand fortress and its many exhibits, including the National War Museum, Royal Palace, and Crown Jewels.

A boat tour along the River Forth is another great activity for families with young children. Enjoy beautiful views of the city skyline as you make your way downriver, learning more about the history of Edinburgh along the way. Tours can range from one to four hours depending on the type you choose.

For a more relaxed activity, spend an afternoon exploring Edinburgh’s picturesque parks and gardens. The Royal Botanic Garden is a great option as it offers plenty of open space to play in as well as tranquil spots to rest and admire the scenery. Another fun idea is to take a stroll around Arthur’s Seat and enjoy stunning views of the city from its peak.

Finally, take a tour of one of Edinburgh’s many whisky distilleries and learn all about the art of whisky-making. Most distilleries offer interactive experiences designed specifically for kids that include games, quizzes, and even whisky-tasting. Be sure to book ahead as tours are often booked out weeks in advance! 

No matter what you decide to do in Edinburgh, you can be sure your family will have an unforgettable trip!

10. What are some insider tips for planning a trip to Edinburgh? – Edinburgh, Scotland

What are some insider tips for planning a trip to Edinburgh?

What are some insider tips for planning a trip to Edinburgh?

  1. Take advantage of the city’s extensive bus system to get around. Many of the routes offer great views of the city and can be much faster than walking. 
  2. Save money by purchasing an Edinburgh Pass, which grants you access to several attractions in the city at discounted rates.
  3. Take a walking tour of Old Town, where you’ll find charming cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and plenty of shops and restaurants. 
  4. Visit the National Museum of Scotland for a look at the country’s history and culture. The museum has free admission but many interesting paid exhibits are worth exploring. 
  5. For a unique experience, head to the Ghost Tour of Edinburgh, which takes visitors on a night-time stroll through Edinburgh’s spooky streets. 
  6. If you want to experience some traditional Scottish culture, don’t miss out on a ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee), which is an evening of music, song, and dance. 
  7. Check out the local markets for fresh produce and other goods. There are several markets throughout the city, including the Grassmarket near Edinburgh Castle. 
  8. Save money on meals by taking advantage of the many student discounts available in the city. 
  9. If you’re looking for a unique souvenir, check out the Royal Mile or Victoria Street for unique handmade crafts and gifts from local artisans. 
  10. Make sure to spend at least one day exploring Edinburgh’s stunning countryside and coastline. You won’t regret it!


Edinburgh is an amazing city full of fascinating history, incredible sights, and delicious food. Before you start planning your trip to Edinburgh, make sure you ask yourself these 10 important questions. Knowing the answers will ensure that you get the most out of your visit. 

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