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In this blog post, we’ll share the perfect 10-day in Cambodia itinerary that will help you make the most of your trip and give you an unforgettable experience.

Are you planning a trip to Cambodia in 2023? If so, you’re in for a treat! From its bustling cities and ancient temples to its pristine beaches and stunning rainforests, Cambodia has something to offer every traveler. 

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Day 1: Arrive in Siem Reap and Explore the City – 10 Days in Cambodia

Welcome to Siem Reap, the gateway to the famed Angkor Wat temple complex! This bustling city of tuk tuks and street stalls is the perfect place to kick off your 10-day Cambodia itinerary. 

Upon arrival, head to your accommodation and drop off your bags. Then, it’s time to explore! Siem Reap is full of cultural attractions and markets, so take your pick of what you’d like to do. Start with a stroll down Pub Street for a bit of nightlife, then make your way to the Old Market for souvenir shopping. 

Once you’ve gotten your fill of the city, spend some time at the Angkor National Museum. This world-class museum provides an interesting overview of Cambodian history and culture. Afterward, you can also visit some of the other nearby temples, such as Prasat Kravan and Banteay Srey. 

After a full day of sightseeing, grab dinner at one of the city’s many great restaurants. Whether you’re looking for traditional Khmer food or international cuisine, Siem Reap has something to satisfy everyone’s palate. 

End your evening in Siem Reap by catching a performance of Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus. This entertaining show features acrobatics, music, and other art forms unique to Cambodia. 

Finally, with its vibrant streets, fascinating attractions, and delicious food, Siem Reap is the perfect place to start your 10-day journey in Cambodia!

Day 2: Visit the Temples of Angkor Wat

On your second day in Cambodia, it’s time to explore one of the world’s most iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites: the temples of Angkor Wat. This archaeological complex is made up of hundreds of ancient Khmer temples, and it’s a must-see when visiting Cambodia. Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking for some stunning Instagram shots, you’ll be absolutely mesmerized by the grandeur of Angkor Wat.

Start your day by exploring the main Angkor Wat temple complex. This sprawling temple was built in the 12th century and is the largest religious monument in the world. As you wander around the complex, you’ll find intricate carvings, intricate stone figures, bas-reliefs, and stunning views of the surrounding jungle. You can also take a tour with a local guide to learn more about the history of the temple and get insider tips on how to make the most of your visit.

After you’ve taken in the incredible architecture of Angkor Wat, head to Ta Prohm, another breathtaking temple just a short drive away. This temple has been left in its natural state, with trees and vines growing through the walls, creating a picturesque and mysterious atmosphere. The temple is also known as the “Tomb Raider Temple”, due to its appearance in the popular movie franchise.

Finally, if you have time, don’t miss out on Banteay Srei, an intricately carved 10th-century temple with beautiful pink-hued sandstone. This smaller temple is a great spot for taking photos, and it’s sure to make your Instagram followers jealous.

At the end of the day, you’ll leave Angkor Wat with a newfound appreciation for this stunning complex. Visiting Angkor Wat is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you long after you depart Cambodia.

Day 3: Take a Boat Ride on Tonle Sap Lake – 10 Days in Cambodia

On day 3 of your Cambodia itinerary, you’ll get to explore Tonle Sap Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. This incredible natural wonder offers beautiful sights and is one of the most popular activities for tourists in the area. A boat ride on Tonle Sap Lake gives you a unique perspective on life in rural Cambodia, as you’ll get to observe the floating villages and observe fishermen doing their daily work.

You’ll also be able to visit Phnom Krom, an ancient temple located on a small hill overlooking the lake. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the local culture and history of the area. The best way to experience Tonle Sap Lake is to take a tour with a local guide who can show you the most interesting sights and tell you stories about the people living on the lake. You won’t want to miss out on this special experience during your 10 days in Cambodia!

Day 4: Visit the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

On day four of your Cambodia itinerary, you will visit the infamous Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Visiting these sites can be an emotionally difficult experience, but it is essential to understanding the history of this country. The Killing Fields is a series of sites in Cambodia where many people were executed by the Khmer Rouge regime during their reign of terror from 1975-1979. The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is a former prison where thousands of people were held and tortured. 

These locations serve as reminders of the horrors of the past and must be seen to understand the history and culture of Cambodia. The Killing Fields are located in Choeung Ek, a small village outside of Phnom Penh, while the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is located in the center of the city. Both are easily accessible by car or tuk-tuk and tours can be arranged in advance. 

Visiting the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum will give you a better understanding of the violence and suffering endured by the Cambodian people during the Khmer Rouge regime. By visiting these sites, you will gain a deeper insight into the history of Cambodia and its people.

Day 5: Drive to Battambang – 10 Days in Cambodia

On day 5 of your 10-day Cambodia itinerary, you’ll be taking the journey from Siem Reap to Battambang. Battambang is a lively and vibrant city located in the northwest of the country, just a few hours’ drive away. Firstly, the drive itself is beautiful, with the undulating roads of Cambodia’s countryside offering up stunning views of green hills, rice paddies, and small villages along the way. Later, when you arrive in Battambang, you’ll find a city filled with culture and charm. So take some time to explore the winding streets of the Old City, visit the bustling markets, and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Don’t miss out on the many incredible sights that this beautiful city has to offer, from traditional Khmer architecture to vibrant Buddhist temples. And finally, make sure to take lots of photos and soak up the atmosphere!

Day 6: Explore Battambang

The sixth day of your Cambodia itinerary brings you to Battambang, the second-largest city in the country. This bustling city is a great place to explore the culture and history of Cambodia. Start your day off with a visit to Wat Kor, a historic temple complex located in the heart of the city. Here, you can take in the beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere of this sacred site. 

Then, take some time to explore the local markets, which offer an array of colorful goods and delicious food. Stroll through the streets and chat with the friendly locals as you learn more about their daily life and culture. In the afternoon, hop on a bamboo train and take a short ride to enjoy the scenic countryside. For a unique experience, visit one of Battambang’s many bat caves and observe thousands of bats emerging from the cave each night. End your day with dinner at one of the many restaurants along the riverfront for a truly authentic experience.

Day 7: Drive to Kampot – 10 Days in Cambodia



On the seventh day of your trip, you will take a scenic drive to the charming coastal town of Kampot. Situated on the banks of the majestic Preaek Tuek Chhu River, Kampot has been a popular destination for tourists for centuries due to its stunning natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere. This small town offers plenty of things to do and see, from exploring limestone caves and paddy fields to sampling delicious Kampot pepper at the local markets.

The drive from Battambang to Kampot is around four hours, so make sure to leave early in the morning to maximize your time there. Along the way, you will have plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the stunning countryside scenery. Keep your eyes peeled for traditional Khmer villages, bustling markets, and tropical plantations. 

Once you arrive in Kampot, check into your accommodation and spend the rest of the day exploring the area. Don’t miss out on visiting some of the fascinating local attractions, including Teuk Chhou Zoo, Bokor National Park, and Phnom Chhnork Cave. In the evening, take a boat cruise on the river or enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the many riverside restaurants. 

Kampot is a great destination for those looking to experience authentic Cambodian culture and hospitality in an idyllic setting. Be sure to add it to your itinerary to create an unforgettable trip!

Day 8: Relax in Kampot



After a busy few days of exploring Cambodia, the eighth day of your journey is the perfect opportunity to slow down and relax in Kampot. Located on the banks of the Kampot River, this charming riverside city is the ideal place to kick back and enjoy some peace and tranquillity. Stroll along the river promenade, take a boat trip upriver, or just sit and people-watch at one of the many cafes and restaurants located along the banks. In the end if you’re feeling active, you can explore the city’s many temples, markets, and parks, or take a bike ride around nearby Bokor National Park.

There are also some beautiful waterfalls nearby that can be easily reached by bicycle. For a truly memorable experience, head out to the surrounding countryside for a night of glamping under the stars. Lastly, Kampot is the perfect place to soak up the laidback Cambodian lifestyle and recharge for the next leg of your journey.

Day 9: Drive to Kep – 10 Days in Cambodia

On day nine of your Cambodia itinerary, you will be making the journey from Kampot to Kep. Kep is definitely a beautiful coastal town located on the Gulf of Thailand and is known for its stunning views, delicious seafood, and laid-back vibes. To get there, you can either take a direct bus, hire a private taxi or drive yourself. Whichever option you choose, it’s sure to be an unforgettable journey!

As you make your way to Kep, you’ll surely be mesmerized by the beauty of the Cambodian countryside. From lush green rice paddies and vibrant flowers to winding rivers and cascading waterfalls – the scenery here is truly breathtaking. Additionally, keep an eye out for the wild monkeys, lizards, and exotic birds that inhabit this area too.

When you reach Kep, you’ll be welcomed by the stunning panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand. Spend the rest of your day exploring the quaint fishing village and indulging in some of the best seafood dishes in all of Cambodia. Whether you wander around the town’s markets, visit the iconic crab market, or take a stroll along the beach – Kep offers something for everyone. 

Furthermore, as you finish off your Cambodia trip with a relaxing evening in Kep, you’ll realize just how much you have seen and experienced in the past 10 days. You’ll look back fondly on all the amazing sights and activities, and be grateful for all the incredible memories you’ve made along the way.

Day 10: Depart Cambodia

As your 10-day Cambodian adventure comes to an end, it’s time to bid farewell and depart from this beautiful and historic country. Your time in Cambodia has been filled with ancient temples, stunning scenery, unique culture, and unforgettable memories. From the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat to the tranquil beauty of Kep, your journey through Cambodia will be remembered for years to come.

More than that, on your last day, take some time to reflect on the incredible experiences you’ve had over the past 10 days. The remarkable sights and sounds of Cambodia have made a lasting impression on you, and as you fly away, make sure to bring back some souvenirs to remember your time in this remarkable country. With its friendly people, stunning landscapes, and timeless history, Cambodia will always be a part of you.

To sum it up, we hope this 10-day Cambodia itinerary inspired you to plan your unforgettable holiday in this amazing country. From Siem Reap to Kampot and Kep, you’ll experience some of the most incredible sights and sounds that Cambodia has to offer. 

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So, go ahead and explore Cambodia – it’s sure to be an adventure you won’t forget!

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