Framey | Transform your dream photos into memorable trips

Transform your dream photos

into memorable trips

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Transform your dream photos

into memorable trips

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Explore the most beautiful places on earth


Transforming dream photos into reality has never been easier

Travelling to a new place? Just search for it and we will show you the exact spots from where you can take wonderful pictures. It can be a new angle for a well-known attraction or a hidden spot. Looking for your next adventure? Our app will allow you to create fully personalised itineraries starting with just one photo that you like.

Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Every picture has its own story. We want you to tell great stories through your pictures. Our mission is to let you discover the best spots from where you can take beautiful photos.


The world has so many incredible places to be seen. Let us guide you through some of the most beautiful hidden destinations on earth.

Advertise your local business

Do you have a great coffee shop? Promote it to people looking for photo spots near you. Or maybe you have one of the best interior designs in the town? Let people know they can visit your place and take some great shots.

Offer photo shoots

Do what you love. Take some beautiful portraits and let people know some interesting stories about the city from your point of view. Framey lets local photographers to sell their services directly through the platform.

Promote new destinations

Our platform is able to feature destinations through partnerships with travel agencies and local or national tourism boards. Work with us as part of your tourism management strategy, leading the tourism traffic redistribution.

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